Ponthilas IV

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Ponthilas Lucaid
Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Ponthilas IV
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Ponthilas Lucaid, ruled as Ponthilas IV

Emperor around the time of the formation of the Celestial Compact.

Summarized from A Brief History of the Guild of Moon Magic

In the age of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star, the seven races of the Empire were united. Peace came to the lands and allowed the people of that time to lift their gaze from the battlefields to the skies above them.

At the request of Emperor Ponthilas IV, a small group of astrologers gathered at the imperial court. This band of seers became known as the Celestial Compact. The members of the Compact dedicated themselves to spreading knowledge of the moons and stars and to recording empirical information about the movements and the influences of the astral bodies.

As the moons are in constant motion, so too did the political landscape change for the Celestial Compact with the death of Ponthilas IV. His untimely passing brought to power a new emperor, Saranell II. Saranell had no use for astrologers and the Compact feared all their work would be lost due to this lack of support. The leader of the Compact, Jares Braun, frustrated at the rejection of the Board of Wizardry in allowing the Compact to become a recognized guild, took a bold step.

From the Imperial Chronology

594 BL Jares Braun appoints advisors to Ponthilas Lucaid
593 BL Reign of Ponthilas IV, a Human, begins
592 BL Construction begins on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory
590 BL"died::" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value -590. --Ponthilas IV is killed by an arrow during a hunting trip
--Reign of Saranell II, a Dwarf, begins
589 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory is halted