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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Associates: Bradyn, Zasele
Tasks: craft

Poltu was first seen at the Hollow Eve Festival 414 & has been available at each Hollow Eve festival since with the exception of 436 & 439. He gives out tasks that use the Forging system to complete.

You see Dealer Poltu, an Elothean.
Poltu has an angular face, amber-flecked sea-blue eyes and an aquiline nose. His sludge-black greasy hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and a wiry build.
He appears to be an adult.

He is wearing a stained sailcloth tunic with a charcoal-grey sash, a copper signet ring displaying a cracked skull, some loosely cut black pants with brass rivets and some slouched black boots with thick leather soles.

Task Requirements

This is for the Hollow Eve Festival 447 (2023) event: For a fee of 5 gold kronar, Poltu will provide you with one of the instructions below and direct you to return with 5-8 completed items:

* note: you can check TASK to see your progress when you've accepted a task.

In exchange for these items you will receive a woven sack which will include some coin, some common gems and some crafting materials.

For requests from previous years, see the archive page.

Random Crafting Material Rewards

Ask Poltu about Poltu

"My name is Poltu," he says. "I'm an adventurer, much as yourself. I do questionable things for questionable people and expect heaping rewards for my troubles. I ain't for seeing no heaps very often, but I like to think I'll get lucky some day. Don't you go gettin' no ideas about getting any heaps from me, either!"

Ask Poltu about Orphans

Poltu snorts, then catches himself. "Don't confuse me with that other Elothean askin' folks to work. I ain't for caring about those who can't care for themselves. With some good hard work, or a good head, anyone under Berengaria's morning gaze can find a place in the world without relyin' on others to do for 'em."

Poltu says, "Me? Eh? I've got a good head, of course. I got somethin' you want, and so you're here for doing what it takes to be gettin' it."

Ask Poltu for Task


Dealer Poltu blinks and stares at you for several moments. At last, he squints and says, "You wish to help? Huh. Maybe I'm not drunk enough yet."

He lets out a loud belch and wipes something from the corner of his mouth. "Right. Ok. Here's my terms. You give me 5 gold Dokoras. It's, er... well let's just say it covers my expenses, yeah? If you agree to this, just ask again and I'll write you down as a right honorable Elothean."

Poltu rubs at his eyes and sighs. The smell of booze somehow isn't lost among the many other foul odors accompanying it. He adds, "You'll have to provide your own materials, of course. I've, er... I acquired some little somethings I can offer you as payment for completing this. Or a lesson."

He shrugs. "You give me coin, make me stuff, and I'll see if I can, er... reward you for it. Sounds about right. Yeah?" He scratches his head and turns away.

[ASK POLTU FOR TASK again if you agree to his terms.]


Dealer Poltu guffaws and slaps his knee. "You're serious? You want to take me up on this? Well alright, then. You ain't a half bad Elothean, I suppose. Let's just make sure you caught all that before. Last chance to back out, fancy pants."

Poltu says, "You'll need to make [6-8] bits of gear for my boy... er, clients, for my clients to use in their most noble deeds." His jaw twitches, as if he's biting back something. "I don't want none of that soft cloth junk. I need big weapons, large or two handed blades or blunts oughta do. Chain or plate armors should fit most of us... er, my clients." He nods. "I might take some blacksmithing or engineering tools, too, just to make sure we can repair it all and such."

Poltu adds, "We need reliable stuff now, you hear? It needs to be well-made or better, and you should use at least six volumes of material so I know it's not not going to fall apart when Blanchee sneezes. Don't try giving me anything you want to keep -- what's mine is mine, you hear? I ain't promising this to be profitable to you, either. There some fuss or another last time with the suppliers, and we ain't for having that again. I'm sure you're the charitable, hard working type, just looking to make the world a better place, aye? It ain't 'bout the money." He smiles, and the stench of booze again assaults your sense of smell.

Poltu concludes, "If you proceed, I'll be asking for that fee and will set you to work."

[You may accept by typing ACCEPT TASK, or decline by typing DECLINE TASK]


Dealer Poltu sniffs, tilts his head up and peers down at you through squinted eyes. He holds out a hand and says, "I'll have those 5 golds now.".

Dealer Poltu snatches the coins and quickly pockets them as his expression turns from sour to beaming in the blink of an eye. He jingles his pockets and nods. "Aye, aye. That'll do it. Now you go get to work. Don't bring me nothing you stole or 'found', ya hear? I don't need the law breathin' down my neck. You make it with your own hands, all honest like. I've got our contract right here."

He pulls out a piece of paper you hadn't seen before and flashes it in your direction, but retracts it before you can read anything from it. Poltu says, "Just like we agreed. Don't forget the fine print -- if you don't bring it to me before this here spider crawls back into its hole, I don't owe you nothing. No refunds neither." He nods and moves back towards a shadow near the wall.

[You can check your progress with the TASK verb.]

You look in your task journal and see the following entry:

Dealer Poltu from the metal spider wants you to craft some wares for his efforts. You think 6 more will satisfy his request. He was quite insistent that only your hands should do the work, and that he would only accept things that were well-made or better in quality. These types of crafted wares will satisfy his requirements:
(see the Hollow Eve Task Rewards for each years' requested items)

He was particularly insistent that you use at least 6 volumes of material in your finished product.