Pointed Ramarck's

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Pointed Ramarck's
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396
Owner Ramarck
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Pointed Ramarck's]
Grass withers underfoot, killed by a combination of forge-heat and smoke. The atmosphere in the tent is musty and stifling despite the two hide walls that have been raised to let in air. A waist-high stand holds an array of spears and pole-arms, while tables and counters display other assorted weapons. You also see a padded leather mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits:

a padded leather mannequin
Item Price Done
articulated steel gauntlets adorned with golden spikes knuckles 3,500   !!!!
gilt-edged field plate armor with spike-tipped courdieres 125,000   !!
gilded steel armet helm ridged with wavy spikes running the front to back 4,250   !!!!
wide counter
Item Price Done
ornate steel sabre adorned with stylized enamel hounds 112,500   !!!!
basket-hilted matte black steel dueling rapier 15,000   
fragile steel fencing foil with cushion-cut blue sapphire on the cross-guard 11,250   
ebon-hilted steel baselard trimmed with repousse brasswork bands 7,785   
waste-high stand
Item Price Done
curving ash-hafted halberd embossed with knotwork vines 12,500   !!
thick-shafted white ironwood boar spear with a barbed bronze point 12,000   
copper leaf-bladed hunting spear adorned with cardinal feathers 15,000   DG
oak table
Item Price Done
jagged-edged flint dagger with a leather-wrapped hilt 2,750   
slender copper-inlaid stiletto with a stylized hawk as the guard 7,375   
fang-like curved steel dagger with a cabochon peridot pommel stone 10,250   
blackened flamberge-blade kris with a snarling oxyn wolf's head in the cross-guard 15,000   
polished steel short sword etched with gilt-traced knot-work patterns 6,500   No