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PLAY (song) {mood} {ON} {instrument}
PLAY (Song) {mood} {ON} {instrument} FOR (TARGET)
() indicates a required field. {} indicates an optional field.

PLAY /PERFORM (message)
To use this option, you must be already successfully playing a song. If you aren't skillful enough for that song, /perform will not work.

To stop playing a song, use STOP PLAY.

Song types

From easiest to hardest: scales (ruff), arpeggios (rudiments), ditty, folk, ballad, waltz, lullaby, march, jig, lament, wedding, hymn, rumba, polka, battle, reel, elegy, serenade, minuet, psalm, dirge, gavotte, tango, tarantella, bolero, nocturne, requiem, fantasia, rondo, aria, sonata, and concerto.

Note: For percussion, ruff and rudiments replace scales and arpeggios. You may use either version -- it will default to the correct type for the instrument.


Off-key, halting, confident, masterful, slow, loud, quiet, quick, fierce, flashy, playful, solemn, mournful, wistful, excited, haunting, romantic, and cheerful

Off-key and halting styles will make all songs easier to play. Confident and masterful styles will make all songs more difficult to play.

Please be aware that not all 'moods' are compatible with all song types, and some combinations may result in unexpected play styles. In addition, certain combinations can make a particular song easier or more difficult to play. Except as noted above, this varies from song to song.

Song Learning Levels

This is my list playing on zills across multiple characters, should get the "slightest hint of difficulty" all the way up to 600ish or so, I'm not sure where Concerto gets easier and you'll have to start altering the style or moods to keep learning well. There's a lot of overlap so tweak the list as needed for your character.
0-39 Ranks = SCALES (You'll struggle with scales until about 30 ranks, it's the easiest song there's no way around this).
40-49 Ranks = ARPEGGIOS
50-58 Ranks = DITTY
59-69 Ranks = BALLAD
70-79 Ranks = WALTZ
80-99 Ranks = MARCH
100-124 Ranks= LAMENT
125-179 Ranks = HYMN
180-219 Ranks = POLKA
220-249 Ranks = REEL
250-299 Ranks = SERENADE
300-349 Ranks = PSALM
350-449 Ranks = TANGO
450-474 Ranks = BOLERO
475-524 Ranks = NOCTURNE
525-549 Ranks = REQUIEM
550-??? Ranks = CONCERTO

Special Bard Abilities

PLAY /DANCE (Song) {mood} {ON (instrument)} {FOR (TARGET)}
This will make any PLAYACT area into a temporary dance floor.
To use special dance moves on these temporary dance floors,use DANCE (person) (dance move) where the move can be TAP, TURN, DANCE, DIP, and more!