Pischic's Pearls

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Pischic's Pearls
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
Owner Pischic
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Pischic's Pearls]
Polished wooden apothecary cabinets hold row after row of tiny drawers along the far side of the shop. Between the cabinets is a shallow workbench padded with soft velvet. Soldering irons bristle amidst the coals of a brazier, kept hot until required for use. Tendrils of smoke rising from the fire give the air of pleasant fragrance. At the front of the store, an assortment of jewelry is displayed atop a dark case. You also see a six-fingered ceramic hand with some stuff on it, a painted white head with some stuff on it, and a silver tree with some stuff on it.

On the dark case
Item Price Done
pearl and enamel mermaid brooch 4,937   
polished sana'ati tree comb with dangling malachite leaves 1,875   
pink pearl eardrop swaying from a gold stud 6,250   !!
amber and sunstone comb 3,750   !!
On the ceramic hand
Item Price Done
polished sandalwood wristcuff set with cabochon amethysts 21,250   !!
narrow amber band set with a dangling black pearl teardrop 11,250   
dainty gold ring set with an Eluned's tear sapphire 23,125   
delicate peach cameo ring surrounded by tiny seed pearls 2,312   
octagonal blue coral signet ring in a copper setting 1,562   
twisted copperleaf bangle resembling a coiled serpent 7,687   !!
antiquated water opal thumb ring in a heavy silver setting 15,000   
filigree ivory pinky ring inlaid with delicate coral aenemones 7,500   
On the white head
Item Price Done
golden wedding torque with carved ivory swans holding a baroque pearl pendant 26,250   
large pearl circlet with a dangling water opal teardrop in front 31,250   
baroque pearl earrings swaying from red gold anemone studs 18,750   
On the silver tree
Item Price Done
delicate necklace of soft pink coral roses strung between silver briars 3,937   
necklace of carved coral anemones suspended between tiers of silver waves 3,500   !!
triple-tier freshwater pearl necklace with carved gemstone seahorse charms 28,750