Pirate Hideaway

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Pirate Hideaway
Event Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 431
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Thief shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Juggling shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Lirums

[Pirate Hideaway]
Strung from netting that covers the roof, precisely placed tzgaa orbs provide a dim lighting to this underground area. Dirt walls secured by boards surround the stuffy area that is littered with several surfaces. A grimy-looking Rakash pirate keeps a close watch over the scattered wares.
You also see (some parts censored), a crooked driftwood table with several things on it, an oyster shell shelf with a braided spidersilk climbing rope on it, a short brass pedestal with a spherical black leather-wrapped bottle on it, some taut netting with a few things on it, a stone shelf with an oil-darkened flamewood sword case with polished brass hinges on it, a wobbly endtable with a stained burlap gem pouch on it, a dented steel rack with several things on it, a coral stand with several things on it and a rusty hook with a tattered black cloak on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the crooked driftwood table
Item Price Done
A scribbled note reads:
"~ Everything on this table can hold things inside. ~"
black contract case 11,730   
battered black duffel bag 1,980   
polished silver and gold contract case patterned with platinum coins 346,400   
dusky ironwood contract case 6,150   
tidy white cookie bag with silk drawstrings 1,000   
dark silk apron with "LEAVE ME ALONE!" embroidered across the bib 6,400   
roughened leather locksmith's apron 660   
silver leather pouch with shiny blue heron-feather tipped drawstrings 2,100   
locksmith's toolbelt fashioned from darkened leather 1,140   
black leather armband embroidered with a barely visible image 800   
small weathered pack 3,520   
small black vial realistically painted with a skull and crossbones 800   
On the oyster shell shelf
Item Price Done
braided spidersilk climbing rope 24,000   
On the short brass pedestal
Item Price Done
spherical black leather-wrapped bottle 2,640   
On the taut netting
Item Price Done
A crumpled parchment reads:
"~ Everything within the netting may be juggled with enough skill. ~"
oversized lockpicks 2,500   
painted wooden gemstones 750   
On the stone shelf
Item Price Done
oil-darkened flamewood sword case with polished brass hinges 41,820   
On the wobbly endtable
Item Price Done
stained burlap gem pouch 180   
On the dented steel rack
Item Price Done
sleek black baton 2,080   
masterfully engraved bloodwood crossbow dyed in varying shades of green and brown flora 84,000   
battered black leather hood 1,400   !!
darkened hemlock short bow with a worn leather grip 4,050   
heavy steel bolt box 640   
rusty fork 500   
polished ebony crossbow with a black steel boltplate 24,000   
jet black leather thigh quiver 1,200   
black silk backsheath with crossed leather straps 7,520   
On the coral stand
Item Price Done
A flowery perfumed placard reads:
"~ I'm just pretty. Don't expect much from me. ~"
tarnished silver and jet ring 562   
heavy steel chain held together by a thick iron padlock 100   
filthy canvas beggar's blanket 200   
black blindfold 169   
On the rusty hook
Item Price Done
tattered black cloak 1,650