Piper's Vengeance

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Bard thumb.jpgBard Guild
Piper's Vengeance
Abbreviation: PIPE
Prerequisites: Abandoned Heart
Slot Cost: Unknown
Mana Type: Unknown
Spell Type: Unknown / Unknown
Difficulty: Unknown
Prep (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Skill Range (min/max): Unknown / Unknown
Valid Spell Target: Unknown
Duration (min/max): Unknown minutes
Description: While Piper's Vengeance will force anyone hearing it instantly to their feet, its purpose is far more malicious. The song is difficult to resist, and its victims sway and spin in uncontrolled waltzes and shaking slow dances, unable to maintain attacks or other activities. Though this can fatigue the victims beyond reason, they will be unable to stop as they lose their concentration and, if the Bard is skilled, their vitality to this endless dance.

It would take a supreme act of will on the dancer's part, but one might be able to dance from the area, out of the range of Piper's Vengeance, and slowly recover.

Example Messaging: Unknown