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Using the PERCEIVE, CONCENTRATE, or POWER command, your character will attempt to perceive the mana available in the local area, or other magical qualities as specified. The result is based on the character's Attunement skill.


The default roundtime for perceiving mana varies between 8 and 12 seconds. Every 60 ranks of Attunement the minimum and maximum roundtimes drop by 1 second up to 300 ranks (3-7 seconds). Every 60 ranks after 300 the maximum roundtime drops by 1 second until 540 ranks when every perceive will take 3 seconds.

At around 100 ranks you can get a sense of whether the mana in a room over is hotter or colder than your current room. At around 300 ranks you will see the absolute mana value of the adjacent rooms (so instead of "it's better" you'd get "it's lambent").

For training, the timer on exp award for POW or PERC in a single area is 60 seconds.

Mana appears differently to different guilds:

  • Clerics see golden Holy mana radiating through the area.
  • Paladins see golden Holy mana radiating through the area.
  • Empaths see vibrant blue and white Life mana flowing through the area.
  • Rangers see deep green and blue Life mana flowing through the area.
  • Bards hear harmonious Elemental mana coursing through the area.
  • Warrior Mages see roiling Elemental mana coursing through the area.
  • Moon Mages see cold, white Lunar mana available for each spellbook.
  • Necromancers see black Necromantic mana oozing through the area.

PERCEIVE, CONCENTRATE, and POWER are synonyms and may be used interchangeably.


These options are available to all magic-using guilds:

  • PERCEIVE: Provides an overview of current mana, lists your active spells, and whether you are preparing a spell.
  • PERCEIVE AREA: Checks the room for active spells.
  • PERCEIVE SELF: Checks for active spells cast upon you, whether by yourself or others.
  • PERCEIVE ALL: Checks everything you are able to sense.

Bard Options

These options allow Bards to check their levels of elemental efficacy and require a minimum of 42 attunement ranks.

Cleric Options

Clerics also have access to more mana than usual in a room depending on their devotion.

  • PERCEIVE CORPSE: Lets you check favor and depart times
  • PERCEIVE <weapon>: Checks charges and blessing type on a blessed weapon

Empath Options

Empaths also have the ability to sense the life forces around them.

  • PERCEIVE HEALTH: Check Life Essences around you.
  • PERCEIVE HEALTH SELF: Diagnose yourself.
  • PERCEIVE HEALTH <PATIENT>: Diagnose a patient (requires persistent link).
  • PERCEIVE <creature>: Determine whether a creature is a construct and thus safe to attack. Empaths under the effect of the Absolution spell may attack undead without shock.
  • Living creature: You sense a life essence enlivening the <creature>.
  • Construct: Though somehow animate, this <construct> lacks any life essence.
  • Undead: A twisted and abused life essence animates the <undead>, even though it should be inert. A subtle ripple of pain dances across your senses at this encounter with the undead.

Moon Mage Options

Moon mages have special power perception options.

Paladin Options

Sacred Insight is a form of power perception for Paladins that is used to recover grave goods.

  • PERCEIVE <item>: The Paladin can discern who owns a grave good and where the owner is (in real time).
  • PERCEIVE THEFT: The Paladin can identify any tainted people who are in the room. This works on those who are (or were recently) in possession of grave goods.
  • PERCEIVE <person>: The Paladin can discern whether someone is in possession of a grave good, what that item is, and where the item is located (on the target's person). Even if the target is no longer in possession of the item, the Paladin can perceive the lingering taint of the grave for some time. However, he won't know which item the target used to have.

Trader Options

  • PERCEIVE <MOON>: Provides information about the state and mana contribution of a moon. Valid options are Katamba, Xibar, Yavash and Moons (for all of them at once).
  • PERCEIVE <SPELLBOOK>: Provides information available for spells from a spellbook. Valid options are Fabrication, Illusion, and Noematics.
  • PERCEIVE MANA: Provides information about the mana available for spells from all spellbooks.
  • PERCEIVE PLANETS: Provides information about the mana contribution from the Elanthian solar system.
  • PERCEIVE AURA: Provides inforamtion about your starlight aura.

Warrior mage Options

  • PERCEIVE FAMILIAR: Determine the owner of a familiar

These options allow Warrior Mages to check their levels of elemental efficacy and require a minimum of 42 attunement skill ranks.

  • PERCEIVE ELEMENTS <ELEMENT>: Checks the environmental factors affecting mana levels for spells of that element.
  • PERCEIVE ELEMENTS ALL: Checks the environmental factors affecting mana levels for spells of all elements.
  • PERCEIVE ELEMENTS HELP: Lists the factors that affect mana levels of spells of all elements.

Thief Options

You aren't trained in the ways of magic.

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