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Peer at yourself, others and at adjacent room locations.
PEER <self>

You see: Peer at yourself? A little vain, no?
Others see: <Player> is admiring herself again.

PEER <player>
You see: You peer quizzically at <Player>!
Target sees: <Player> peers quizzically at you.
Others see: <Player> peers quizzically at <Player>.

PEER <item>
You see: You peer closely at <item>, but see nothing of interest, maybe if you EXAMINEd it closely, you would see more.
Others see: Nothing.

Additional Usage

PEER <direction>
PEER also works to LOOK into an adjacent room. Others will not see you peering when you peer in a cardinal direction, but they may see you peering in other directions.

PEER DOOR (while in a home)
Others see: <Player> peeks through a peephole in the door.

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