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Peeku StarStone


You are Rock Mage Peeku Starstone, Spellsword of the Order of the White Rose, a Dwarf. You have a square-jawed face with heavy jowls, silver-flecked violet eyes, a bulbous nose and dimples. Your dark brown-streaked auburn hair is very long and thick, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. You have tanned skin and a rotund build. A series of delicate kunzite roses with jade stems float lazily around your right forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin. You have a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip and a thick beard twisted into three long braids. You have a tattoo of a black dragon kneeling at the feet of a red-robed wizard on your face. You are in good shape.

You are holding an earth brown broadsword in your right hand and a platinum-brushed black ironwood spellbook case engraved with a rampaging dragon in your left. You are wearing an albredine crystal ring, a steel-edged plaited hide backsheath with a wyvern clasp, some earth brown gauntlets, a supple black leucro hide pack clasped with a gleaming silver fang, some well-worn leather miner's boots with steel toecaps, a wide dwarven mining belt of sturdy worn leather, a visored Dwarven mining cap, some singed amber firesilk robes clasped at the neck by an enameled pin, a sleek skirmisher's shield crafted from dusky black ironwood, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild and a leather thigh bag heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a king snake.

Quick Facts

Affiliations: Currently a member of the Order of the White Rose

Relations: Jennaria StarStone (Adoptive Sister) Marosla StarStone (Niece)

Religion: Peeku hold deep love of the earth feeling kinship to it and the heat adn fire it creates as such gives his Devotion to Hav'roth, even though he is a Dwarf. Close Friends: Samarah Riverhawk, Kenamer Maylan, and Somniumvisum LeoRudo

Marital Status: Single


Peeku was born in a small dwarven mining camp, though due to a tragic cave in 6 months after his birth hsi father died and a few months after that his mother took her own life sick with grief. Peeku was taken in by the camp foreman and taught the ways of a miner as soon as he could hold a pick axe. Peeku showed great promise as a miner as it seemed he could speak with the very rock, he always found the best spots to dig and avoided dangerous hazards of the earth. He found his home in the mining camp he was born in, till one day the mine was depleted and the old Foreman was retiring. he had watch Peeku through the years and noticed something odd about the young dwarf, the boy had magic. Strong Earth magic he told the boy as the packed up the camp. The old Dwarf told Peeku he should set out and learn his magic, hone it and one day he would bring much honor to the StarStone clan.

As He left the mine for the last time with a pack of food and an old pick axe slung over his shoulder he set out for a town called River Crossings. It was in the town the old Dwarf had told him, he would find a teacher that could show him how to harness his magic into a powerful force. As he neared the gates to the huge city some months later Peeku was in awe of the vastness of a large city and the diversity of people from all walks of life. Suddenly he felt a stabbing pain in his back and panicked as he felt his life's blood drain from the dagger wound a cut purse had just given him. As his world went dark he saw a young prydaen Cleric rush to his side.

When he awoke again he was lying in a strange place with holy men chanting and weaving strange energies around him. as he sat up the same young cleric smiled at him and welcomed him back to the land of the living. She apologized that she was unable to retrieve his belongings and coin the filthy cut purse had stolen but offered to help him back on his feet and show him around the strange and dangerous city. Unable to replace his trusty pick axe with the clerics help, her name being Jennaria, he purchased a nice broadsword and a set of Full plate armor. He loved the feeling of sturdy metal mined from the ground wrapped around him. It gave him a sense of home and a feeling of comfort. She then led him to the Warrior Mage's guild once she had heard his tale. Once there he found teachers from all walks of life and plunged himself into his studies. is spells of choice where earth and fire which seemed to feel as familiar to him as breathing.

After sometime and many lessons as well as adopting Jennaria into his clan the two met up one day to talk. She told him about an Evil Creature called Lyras who had breached a Great Barrier. she warned him to be careful as this Lyras commanded an army of Undead and sought only to burn the world and raise it as her person army. She told him of an Organization with in the city where he might find fellowship and be of use to the city that had taken him in. Then she told him the heartbreaking news that she was going to set out on a pilgrimage and did not know when she would return, she kissed his brow and asked him to look after her daughter Marolsa, should she turn up again. Peeku promised and kissed his sister good bye bidding her a safe journey. Then Peeku set out to find and join this Order of the White Rose.

Peeku fought many battles against Lyras' Undead forces ending up in the triage more often than not. But he was a stubborn dwarf an would go back out looking for others that had fallen in the battle with no regards for his own safety.

He is known as a very opinionated Dwarf for has had a run in with the Inquisition for voicing an unwelcome opinion which has soured his opinion of the temple even more than before. he currently resides in a home he shares with his roommate Samarah Riverhawk a close friend of Jennaria and himself. He still fights to defend the crossings while learning more and more about his Earth Magics