Packrat's Paradise (2)

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Packrat's Paradise
Event Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Packrat's Paradise, Sales Floor]
Containers literally surround you in this tent, as used and battered ones have been sewn together to make a crude patched shelter in which to sell goods. Several lanterns of different makes hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. The warm light from the lanterns reveals shabby decor around the room and mostly secondhand fixtures. The items for sale resting on the furniture, however, are far from second rate. You also see a patched leather flap, a rickety rack with some stuff on it, a tarnished brass-edged trunk with some stuff on it, a discard box, a wide counter with some stuff on it and a crooked shelf with some stuff on it.

On the rickety rack
Item Price Done
sky-blue silk bag with a delicate white lace overlay 4,375   !!
cylindrical haversack crafted to resemble a giant tankard 937   !!
shopping sack painted with colorful gift boxes 375   !!
curved shoulder satchel crafted to resemble a ship 3,000   !!
small arm pouch with an embroidered strap 831   !!
blood-red thigh bag clasped with a curved ivory claw 34,275   !!
mottled reaver-hide sack with bone-tipped strings 1,677   !!
leather hiker's rucksack 4,278   !!
soft shoulder satchel covered with silken blossoms 3,000   !!
duffel bag with a woven leather strap 1,512   !!
grey goat-pelt sporran adorned with carved wooden buttons 1,875   !!
On the brass-edged trunk
Item Price Done
soft foraging apron embroidered with an assortment of colorful berries 1,677   !!
cylindrical lunch pail painted with stylized trees 1,000   
large soldier's supply sack reinforced with steel-studded leather strips 3,750   
"Each of these little things here gots at least one something in them, what it is, we ain't telling, you'll have to find out."
In the discard box
Item Price Done
dark leather harness painted with fluffy pink bunnies 6,875   !!
stained belt pouch crafted from a single sock 125   !!
dark oilcloth apron painted with a snarling red-eyed kitten 312   !!
patched backpack sewn from an old pair of trousers 1,250   !!
felt belt sack crafted from a faded jester's hat 750   !!
colorful thigh bag painted with a dancing orange frog 625   !!
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
soft leather talisman case set with an ivory goose 12,500   !!
soft leather talisman case set with an onyx panther 12,500   !!
soft leather talisman case set with a jade lizard 12,500   !!
soft leather talisman case set with an oak squirrel 12,500   !!
simple talisman case set with a copper clasp 3,750   !!
carved talisman case set with a bronze clasp 4,000   !!
dark talisman case set with a silver clasp 4,375   !!
fir talisman case set with a gold clasp 7,500   !!
On the crooked shelf
Item Price Done
simple white gift box with a bright red bow 312   No
colorful gift box painted with an assortment of candies 312   No
elegant velvet-covered gift box 1,250   No
golden gift box tied with a silvery bow 312   No
midnight blue gift box painted with silvery stars 312   No
tattered gift box topped with a crushed bow 125   No
heart-shaped gift box covered with red satin 312   No
"These boxes are empty. Fill them yerself."