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Outfitting is the crafting skill related to the creation of worn items.


Outfitting is divided into three disciplines:

  • Artistry: is not yet released. Artistry will cover the complex embellishment and decoration of items.
  • Jewelry Making: is not yet released. Jewelry Making will create complex multi-material jewelry items.
  • Tailoring: the creation of armor, clothing, containers, accessories, and shields from cloth and leather.


Training the Outfitting skill is accomplished by creating Outfitting products within each discipline. Players can choose to knit clothing from yarn or sew products from cloth or leather. Work orders within the released disciplines can be obtained from a Master/Mistress within each Outfitting Society, giving players the option of being compensated for their work in this skill.

The Tailoring player guide provides an overview and steps needed to produce products.


Tailoring products are made from yarn, or by sewing cloth/leather with thread. Yarn can be purchased from an Outfitting Society, or spun from fibers also sold in a Society building. Thread can be purchased or spun from fibers also sold in a Society building. Cloth can be purchased, woven from thread, or found at festivals. Leather is primarily obtained from skinning, scraping, and curing hides, but can also be purchased.

The crafting materials page has a listing of cloth and leather types along with their properties.


The primary tools necessary for Outfitting include knitting needles, sewing needles, yardstick, slickstone, scissors and awl. These tools can be purchased in an Outfitting Society or crafted using the Blacksmithing and Carving disciplines. Pins and sealing wax purchased in a Society building are consumable.

In addition to the primary tools, a hide scraper is needed to clean leather and tanning lotion to cure it.

Spinning wheels and looms are stationary tools available for creation of thread and cloth within the Outfitting Societies. A distaff can be carried and used in place of a spinning wheel, but will create less thread or yarn at a time.

See crafting tools for an in-depth explanation on the tools related to Outfitting disciplines.

Spells and abilities that boost Outfitting

Spells and abilities that decrease Outfitting

  • None