Outfitting Society (Ratha)

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Outfitting Society (Ratha)
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice city
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 90
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Crafting shops, Outfitting shops, Room Rental shops
This store only accepts Lirums
  • Found in the city of Ratha on East Eslan Street, on the Second Tier. Located next to the Tailor Shop.
  • An Outfitting Master wanders the building for training and workorders.


[Ratha Outfitting Society, Reception]
Creamy marble with a mirror-like finish spreads across the floor underfoot, while a variety of animal hides and shields are displayed at various points upon the surrounding walls. A pair of brocade settees sit opposite each other at the center of the room, separated by a short oval table which is highlighted under the soft glow of the chandelier overhead. A S'Kra Mur clerk stands behind a nearby counter, making notes in a small ledger.
You also see some double mahogany doors leading outside.
Obvious exits: east, west.

  • This room contains the clerk for tool repair & storage. READ PLAQUE for details.
On the oval table
Item Price Done
a ceramic pot giving off the scent of rosehip tea 0   !!

Book Shop

[Ratha Outfitting Society, Book Shop]
Jeweled brass lanterns overhead highlight a mural of a magnificent palace that decorates one wall of the small book store. Flanked by broad potted palms, several shelves display a variety of books where patrons browse before making their purchases at the counter nestled in a nearby corner. You also see a young Rakash attendant and a large sign. Obvious exits: north, east.

A large sign reads:

"Welcome to our store!  We specialize in selling Outfitting instruction books.  Please ANALYZE and STUDY the books before asking for help.  You may 
ORDER merchandise at any time!"
Item Price Done
1). an apprentice tailoring book - A collection of easy instructions. Can be analyzed to learn how to use. 500   !!
2). a journeyman tailoring book - A collection of challenging instructions. Can be analyzed to learn how to use. 120,000   No
3). a master tailoring book - A collection of difficult instructions. Can be analyzed to learn how to use. 500,000   No
4). an outfitting work order logbook - With this logbook, you can ask the crafting trainers for work. 500   No
[You may purchase items from the shopkeeper with ORDER #]

Tool Store

[Ratha Outfitting Society, Tool Store]
A trio of gaethzen orbs hangs overhead, casting a soft glow over the area and a small counter along one wall. The store's perimeter is lined with colorful wicker bins, each piled high with various waxes, tools and notions essential to the local craftsmen. In a nearby corner, a large clay planter overflows with sweet-smelling, golden melilots, the redolent blossoms adding a pleasant touch to the otherwise utilitarian room. You also see an Elven attendant and a large sign. Obvious exits: south, northwest.

A large sign reads:
"Welcome to our store!  You may ORDER merchandise at any time."
Item Price Done
1). an iron yardstick - A necessary tool for making accurate measurements of fabric and leather pieces. 200   
2). some iron scissors - Used in tailoring to cut and arrange fabrics. 250   
3). some iron sewing needles - A set of needles used with thread to sew fabrics. 200   
4). a slickstone - A smooth stone used to flatten wrinkled garments prior to sewing. 120   
5). some straight iron pins - Useful for pinning back fabrics when the material just won't cooperate. 100   
6). an oak distaff - A forked pole used for spinning fabric fibers into threads. 200   
7). some knitting needles 120   
8). some tanning lotion 500   
9). an iron awl 120   
10). some sealing wax 250   
[You may purchase items from the shopkeeper with ORDER #]

Supply Depot

[Ratha Outfitting Society, Supply Depot]
A variety of animal hides decorate the walls of the small depot, a brass lantern overhead casting a soft glow over the area. Long tables line the room, each piled high with padding supplies and various leather hides, while nearby baskets overflow with an assortment of fibers. You also see a large sign and a S'Kra Mur attendant. Obvious exits: northeast, south.

A large sign reads:
Welcome to our store!  You may ORDER merchandise at any time.  All fibers and threads can be combined or marked to a number of yards, and then cut 
with scissors.  Please refer to the tailoring instruction booklets for more details!
Item Price Done
1). 30 yards of silk fiber 150   No
2). 50 yards of cotton fiber 148   No
3). 50 yards of flax fiber 134   No
4). 50 yards of wool fiber 107   No
5). 100 yards of jute fiber 161   No
6). 100 yards of cotton thread 777   No
7). 10 yards of linen cloth 600   No
8). 10 yards of burlap cloth 350   No
9). 10 yards of wool cloth 525   No
10). 10 yards of silk cloth 900   No
11). some cloth small padding 50   No
12). some large cloth padding 120   !!
13). 100 yards of wool yarn 500   No
14). 10 yards of rat-pelt leather 100   !!
15). 10 yards of cougar-pelt leather 700   No
16). a leather shield handle 100   No
17). a long leather cord 100   !!
[You may purchase items from the shopkeeper with ORDER #]

Additional Rooms

  • Off the eastern hallway are 3 arches with spinning parlors. Each room has a spinning wheel and a workbench for donations.
  • Off the western hallway are 3 arches with weaving halls. Each room has a loom, a hook & shelf for donations, and workbenches with various drinks.
On the simple workbench
Item Price Done
a frosted glass pitcher of iced mango fizzywater - in the oak arch 0   !!
a jug of iced tangerine juice - in the maple arch 0   !!
a bottle of chilled blueberry wine surrounded by several goblets - in the walnut arch 0   !!