Once Possessed (2)

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Once Possessed
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Once Possessed, Accessories]
Piles of used items are stacked around the room covered in translucent black material making them appear to be dark rolling hills. Papier-mache tombstones stick up on the piles with skeletal hands planted before each, reaching upward like possessed beings rising from their graves. Various branches hang from the metal ceiling, covered in mosses, dim lanterns, and stuffed ravens with deep red marble eyes. You also see a poorly constructed wooden coffin with several things on it, a skeletal mannequin with a few things on it and an exit door.
Obvious exits: east

On the skeletal mannequin
Item Price Done
dirt-stained funeral shroud with a chipped bloodfire shell clasp 3608   
worn black cloak with a tiny frayed bloodlace rosette 3608   !!
gauzy black dress stitched from a multitude of tattered scarves 992   
On the wooden coffin
Item Price Done
bloodstained steel-toed boots with tarnished skull buckles 856   
bloodstained leather mask crafted to resemble a skull 811   
dried wolf spider eyes dangling from tarnished silver earrings 802   !!
ragged doll with a tiny yarn noose around its neck 180   !!
rusted iron skull suspended from a battered leather cord 360   !!
woven necklace of faded velvet lilies 135   !!
chipped mist glass vase filled with dead dusk roses 902   

[Once Possessed, Furniture]
Old broken furniture rests around the room, mingling with pieces that still look functional. Partially blocked by the furnishings, an odd mural is painted around the top half of the metal walls depicting skeletons and zombies sitting in chairs and lounging in beds. You also see a sullen-looking clerk dressed as a skeleton.
Obvious exits: west.

Item Price Done
scuffed pedestal table with a carved base 40000   !!
creaky white pine chair assembled from carved bones 20,000   
dark wood bed with posts carved to resemble leaning trees 130,000   No
coffin-shaped trunk with rusty hinges 110,000   
dusty wreath of dried greenery and dead flowers 613   
yellowed wall covered in dried blood spatters 10,000   
battered wood floor covered with dried blood spatters 10,000