Ocan's Bait and Tackle

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Ocan's Bait and Tackle
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Ocan
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Fishing Supply shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ocan's Bait and Tackle]
Large fishing nets of varying meshes drape the walls and ceiling of the small hut, each entangled with dried starfish, sea shells and an array of underwater finds. Crates, barrels, and racks line the perimeter while a bamboo counter displays additional items. At the back of the room, several buckets of iced fish rest beside a beaded curtain that leads to a private area of the shop, while Master Fisherman Ocan Zendall oversees the staff and daily operations.
You also see a crude fish-weighing scale hanging from the ceiling on a frayed jute rope and a make-shift blackboard hanging on a nearby wall.
Obvious exits: out.

In the salt-stained barrel
Item Price Done
collapsable bamboo fishing pole 902   !!
collapsable rattan fishing pole 902   !!
collapsable mangrove fishing pole 902   No
collapsable tulvora fishing pole 902   No
In the slender water-stained case on a bamboo counter
Item Price Done
simple lemicule wand 2,164   !!
In the rattan basket on a bamboo counter
Item Price Done
pearlescent black clamshell - Size 5 45   No
pearlescent yellow clamshell - Size 10 45   No
pearlescent white clamshell - Size 20 45   No
pearlescent blue clamshell - Size 30 45   No
pearlescent green clamshell - Size 40 45   No
pearlescent orange clamshell - Size 50 45   No
pearlescent tan clamshell - Size 60 45   No
pearlescent maroon clamshell - Size 70 45   No
A crumpled note card reads:
~ Each clamshell in the basket contains a set of hooks ~
In the cracked clay pot which is on a bamboo counter
Item Price Done
shallow grey box - dead fish 27   !!
wide purple box - live grasshoppers 27   !!
lopsided red box - tiny minnows 27   !!
small white box - fish eggs 27   !!
In the willow tray which is on a bamboo counter
Item Price Done
speckled brown clamshell - Type 5 Line 45   No
speckled pink clamshell - Type 10 Line 45   No
speckled chartreuse clamshell - Type 20 Line 45   No
speckled grey clamshell - Type 30 Line 45   No
speckled ruddy clamshell - Type 40 Line 45   No
speckled azure clamshell - Type 50 Line 45   No
speckled magenta clamshell - Type 60 Line 45   No
speckled periwinkle clamshell - Type 70 Line 45   No
A scrap of torn parchment reads:
~ Each clamshell in the tray contains some fishing line ~
In the rough-hewn crate
Item Price Done
straw fishing hat 135   No
wide-brimmed fishing hat 135   No
rolled up canvas fishing pants 162   No
plaid fishing shirt with rolled up sleeves 162   No
sweat-stained fishing shirt with rolled up sleeves 90   No
On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
braided reed fishing creel 117   No
salt-stained willow fishing creel 117   No
frayed canvas fishing creel 117   No