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ODS House
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 31
Owner ODS
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Weapon shops, Game
This store only accepts Lirums


[Order of the Dragon Shield, Grounds]
Sprawling trees dot the vast, well-manicured grounds, lit only by the soft candlelight from the nearby windows. Along the white gravel path that winds its way through the darkness to the Order house's grand double doors, a hulking mass is poised amid a stately central fountain, encircled by a bedding of seasonal blooms that sway and taunt from their shadowy cover. In the distance, a fence borders off a small garden, while the opposing lawn bears a hedged area large enough to host a variety of functions. You also see a waste bin, a lance rack with a couple of things on it, some ornate iron gates and a lone donkey.

On the lance rack
Item Price Done
blunted lance festooned with royal blue and gold satin ribbons 150   !!!!
brass-capped tournament lance painted with royal blue and gold striping 150   !!!!


[Order of the Dragon Shield, Lobby]
Rich tapestries hung upon the off-white walls offset the dark marbled floors of the spacious lobby. Dominating the room overhead is a stained-glass dome which complements the broad, arched windows that overlook the grounds. Ornate candelabras cast a soft glow over the glass display case resting against a far wall and the elegant sofas provided for relaxation. Tucked into a corner near a sweeping staircase, a comfortable chair sits near a small oaken table, cordoned off from the rest of the area. You also see a darkened archway, some grand double doors and an elegant sideboard with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the elegant sideboard
Item Price Done
linen covered bamboo tray filled with dragon-shaped sugar cookies 0   
pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice 0   
urn of steaming hot coffee 0   
pitcher of iced Journelai mountain mineral water 0   !!
silver bowl filled with plump red strawberries dusted with powdered sugar 0   !!
crystal bowl filled with milk chocolate lotus petals 0   !!
plate of cinnamon crumb cakes drizzled with vanilla glaze 0   

Grand Banquet Hall

[Order of the Dragon Shield, Grand Banquet Hall]
Golden chandeliers hang from ornate medallions at measured intervals along the grand vaulted ceiling, bathing the room in a soft candlelit glow. Satin brocade drapes swept back with clusters of fresh flowers, cascade elegantly down the beamed dragonwood walls along the edges of the polished hardwood dance floor. Comfortable couches, each accompanied by a small oval table, dot the corners of the large room while soft music drifts from behind a silk screen. You also see a speaker's podium and a long buffet draped with a golden-hued tablecloth with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west

On the long buffet
Item Price Done
silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
massive oaken wine cask stamped with the crest of the Crystal Hand monks 0   
bottle of Blosu Lorel wine 0   
stout glass decanter of black suur 0   !!
large tray filled with slender goblets of starlight champagne 0   DG
platter of chocolate-covered banana slices 0   
large frosted glass bowl of cool dusk berry sorbet garnished with sprigs of mint 0   
slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
gooey humble pie with a lattice crust 0   
silver platter filled with cream puffs oozing raspberry filling 0   
platter of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   
several loaves of fresh honey-drizzled bread 0   
platter of blood wolf meatballs stewing in a garlic-onion sauce 0   
bowl of iced cucumbers sculpted into leaping dolphins with pomegranate-seed eyes 0   
platter of roasted crab claws garnished with parsley sprigs 0   DG

The Tankard

[Order of the Dragon Shield, The Tankard]
Thick oak beams frame the rough, white plastered walls which display a variety of weapons and mounted beast heads, while a gleaming suit of armor stands sentinel beside a nearby archway. Wooden trestle tables, surrounded by banded barrel chairs, overlook the grounds through a grand arched window and provide ample seating for those visiting the inviting pub to enjoy a refreshing drink and hearty meal. Redolent scents from the long bar mingle with the faint smell of fire-roasted fare that wafts through the air from the grand river rock fireplace.
You also see a single barstool tilted against the end of the long bar, some framed bar tabs hung upon the wall, a buxom barmaid, a sturdy oak beam with a two-colored dartboard on it, a vibrant tapestry hung high upon the wall, a chalkboard menu hung behind the bar, a serving cart with several things on it and a large portrait of a burly Gor'Tog hanging above the fireplace.

The dartboard in this room is a game.

The Order of the Dragon Shield
Welcomes You
Item Price Done
1 - Dragonshield Schnapps 10   
2 - Dark Mule Red Tequila 15   
3 - Dark Fratvarit 15   
4 - Baron's Best White Rum 15   
5 - Golden Dragon Brandy 20   
6 - Carleen's Thick Beer 20   
7 - Dwarven Ale 25   
8 - Froofy Pink Umbrella Cocktail 25   
9 - Iced Tea 5   
10 - Hot Cocoa 5   
11 - Sparkling Strawberry Water 5   
12 - Spicy Tomato Juice Refresher 10   
13 - Steamed Oysters 200   
14 - Fettucine in Wine Sauce 200   
15 - Hearty Triage Stew 200   
16 - Spicy Wyvern Medallions 200   
17 - Carved Roasting Stick 0   
GET ITEM FROM LONG BAR if you are having a syntax issue with the BAR and the BARSTOOL
On the serving cart
Item Price Done
A small note card reads:
First, make sure the fireplace is filled with logs.
Second, LIGHT the fireplace after you've PUT some logs inside.
Third, ORDER a stick from the bar menu;
grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.
Finally, WAVE your stick to start your toasting adventure!
Don't forget to clean the fireplace when you're finished.
plump marshmallow 0   
red pepper 0   
fresh shrimp 0   
large mushroom 0   
seasoned chicken 0   
marinated beef 0   
cherry tomato 0