Northern Pride

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Northern Pride
Class: barge
Look: the barge Northern Pride
Rooms: 3
Fare: 65 Lirums
Route: Riverhaven

One of the massive cargo craft which service the expansive Langenfirth, this barge is typical of the oar-powered, double-level barges used in this region. Used to transport cargo and passengers between Riverhaven and the Northern regions, it is a slow, cumbersome craft with a modest, rustic charm.

["Northern Pride", Main Deck]
This is the only barge of its type to ply the waters of Lake Gwenalion. Ambitiously designed with an upper deck for passengers, its aft is completely given over to cargo. Built recently, everything about it smacks of economy and minimalism. You also see some wooden stairs.
Obvious paths: none.

Northern Pride
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven, Langenfirth
Owner Ditsworth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Game
This store only accepts Lirums

["Northern Pride", Upper Deck]
A white-washed wood railing surrounds the entire upper deck of the barge. The thin platform seating at the rails looks entirely uncomfortable, but nonetheless provides respite during the long journey across the lake. Near the center of the deck is a large, portable cart from which refreshments can be ordered for nominal coins. The cool air of the lake swirls and eddies around the smattering of passengers milling about. You also see some swinging doors, some wooden stairs and a menu.
Obvious paths: none.

Item Price Done
Northern ale 3   
Wildberry brandy 15   
Brute sherry 17   
Mudroot fizz 2   

["Northern Pride", Ditsworth's Floating Casino]
A large wheel draws the attention of the crowds that fill this lavishly decorated room. People gather with anticipation around the enormous table in front of the wheel, and their cheers and laughter follow every spin. Some here entertain themselves in quiet conversation over good drink, paying little or no attention to the wheel at all. An Odds Board sits behind the wheel just above an armed guard who watches everyone carefully. You also see a large banner and a large />Obvious exits: out.

  • READ banner

A large banner reads:
You play at your own risk! There will be no refunds or reimbursements! -The Management-

  • READ sign

The instruction sign reads:

* *
* Ditsworth's Wheel of Wealth *
* *
* 1 gold Lirum per play! *
* ========================= *
* *
* Play the 1,5,7,10,25,50 or 100 *
* "PLAY <number>" *
* *
* If the number you bet on comes *
* up on the wheel, you win that *
* much, plus your gold Lirums *
* *


  • Stays docked for 2 minutes.