North Roads Inn

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North Roads Inn
Province Zoluren
Town Unknown
Map Ranik's Map 13a
Owner sour-looking Dwarf
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[North Roads Inn, Common Room]
The main room is almost cheery and cozy after the grim atmosphere of the surrounding areas. A small fire, carefully tended, dispels the worst of the chill and sheepskins cover several wooden benches to give a modicum of comfort. A stone table awaits the next meal and the air is full of the smell of roasting goat. The proprietor, a sour-looking Dwarf, makes a show of disdain, though he seems most surprised to actually have guests and bustles about, brushing off the worst of the dust from the seats. You also see the menu, a sour-looking Dwarf, and a quiet alcove.

Menu - Local Brews
Item Price Done
1 - Stinkwort Beer 25   !!
2 - Fermented Goat Milk 30   No
3 - Fresh Goat Milk 32   No
4 - Sourgrass Wine 27   No
5 - Spring Water 10   
6 - Crossing Ale 15   No
7 - Gor'Tog Golden Grog 16   
8 - Iron Hill Whisky 20   No