Neristan Keep

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The fortress of Hvaral, a small formerly Dwarven town in northwestern Therengia. It is from here that House Dacawla rules their lands.

Contains a library.



[Neristan Keep, Inner Bailey]
The outer wall looms to the north, its continuity breached by the gate leading back to the town, the gate guarded by a now-raised iron portcullis. To the south, the fortress itself climbs forth from the mountainous earth, the only entrance seeming to be a pair of thick double oak doors reinforced by bands of iron. Trapped between the two beasts, a small stretch of yard tries to eke out its meager existence.
Obvious paths: east, west.

[Neristan Keep, Inner Bailey]
An odd group of knights looms here, in this section of the keep's yard -- their bones of wood, their flesh of sackcloth, their blood of straw -- ready to take arm against the house soldiers for training exercises. Leaning against the keep, a spruce rack, currently chained and locked, holds numerous practice weapons.
Obvious paths: west.

[Neristan Keep, Inner Bailey]
The rounded bulk of the keep's west tower rises here, leaving little space in this section of bailey for wandering about. The ground cover is patchy, its grass growing sparsely where it grows at all. Surrounded by the tower, the keep, and the outer wall on three sides, the yard leaves only one route of exit: back to the east.
Obvious paths: east.

[Neristan Keep, Entry]
Iron candelabra, of a height nearing the neck of a Human, cast flickering light across the entry hall of Neristan Keep as they flank on either side a set of wide double doors, oak in make and metal-strengthened. The grey stone of the keep's corridors stretches off in various directions, and the only decor of any significance is the artwork etched in the doors.
Obvious exits: east, south, west.

[Neristan Keep, Corridor]
Large granite blocks fuse and merge together to craft the cold, heavy walls of the monstrous keep. Near the far wall, a narrow stairwell burrows into the deep reaches of Neristan. Oil-soaked reed torches burning in recessed wall sconces illume the chain stretched across the stair barring all save those intended from entering the barracks.
You also see a chained up archway leading to a recessed stairwell.
Obvious exits: west.

[Neristan Keep, Corridor]
The hungry granite-block walls of the keep seem to consume all sound and color that should pass through their depths. Valiantly, one color-flecked tapestry stands like a lone knight holding the line by radiating splotches of brightness here.
Obvious exits: east.

[Neristan Keep, Corridor]
To one side of the hallway, a heavy steel door, sealed up quite thoroughly, marks the entrance to the keep's armory and its storehouse. Few are allowed entry beyond, save during emergencies. Further down the corridor, a high, vaulting arch rears over the floor, the splendor of the Great Hall visible beyond. Niches along the wall hold burning torches, to provide both light to the traversers and warmth to the lifeless stone.
Obvious exits: north, east.

[Neristan Keep, Keep Archives]
A few shelves fill this small room, most of them loaded with records of personnel, stores and arms, and the treasury. They are all cordoned off by glass encasements to prevent tampering. On the other side of the room, though, a case with several volumes lies exposed for the casual reader. Between the case and the records shelves stands a small writing desk, likely used by some official in the service of the keep.
You also see a wooden sign.
Obvious exits: west.

[Neristan Keep, Great Hall]
Benches and tables occupy much of the large Great Hall with its high ceiling. In one corner, a massive fire burns, making the valiant effort to fill the cold, dull stones with a semblance of warmth that would otherwise be lacking. Many colorful tapestries, depicting epic stories or just stray images, hang along the length of the hall, but the largest and grandest by far are the two banners hanging over a dais at the far wall, displaying the crests of the keep's lord and his sovereign.
You also see a vaulted archway and a closed narrow door leading to the kitchens.
Obvious exits: none.