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Neithrel Silverfrost
Status: Unknown
Guild: Bard
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Malik
Relatives: Savrin, Silverfrost

Neithrel Silverfrost

Bard that led an army against the Dragon Priest Empire.


155 BL The fugitive Neithrel is captured by the Empire


3 BL --Dzree dies
--Neithrel escapes from his imprisonment
--Baron Falstad of Therengia and King Baulsir of Kwarlog lead a united army against the Dragon Priests in the north
--Ferdahl Alec leads the Elotheans against the Dragon Priests in the south
2 BL --The Dragon Priest hierarchy begins infighting for the throne
--Neithrel joins with Savrin and rallies a force against the Empire
1 BL The Dragon's Empire crumbles

Another timeline

-194 Neithrel is captured
1 Neithrel makes an alliance with the northern Tog barbarians, leads them against the remnants of the DP's
0 Neithrel vanishes

From The Legend of the World Dragon

Her greatest opposers were the Bards of Elanthia. Their leader, an Elf by the name of Neithrel Silverfrost, lead an army against Dzree, but was defeated. Dzree began a war upon all Bards at that point, and the songsmiths became prime targets for sacrifices to the World Dragon. All guild houses were destroyed beyond repair, and the ways of the Bards lost save to the Bards that remained in hiding. Neithrel himself was taken captive as Dzree's personal slave and scribe, and was kept chained at the foot of her Throne, with the command to record all that transcribed within her chambers. Consumed by hate but compelled by truth, the bard could do nothing but what she ordered.


While Dzree had been mad, she had still kept a tight reign on her empire. With her death, the great undulating snake of the Dragon Priests became headless. Contenders rose for the Blood Throne, but each consumed the other, leaving the empire thrashing in its death throes.

An uprising, lead by Dzree's former slave Neithrel and a young Elven warrior named Savrin, wiped out the remnants of the empire, toppling its bloody fist. Together, Neithrel and Savrin sought out the various former royal houses of the realms and, where they did not exist, set up good and wise people as leaders. An alliance was forged between many clans during this time, and an unsteady peace descended soon after.

Savrin removed herself from the public eye soon after the downfall of the Priests, fearing for herself and her children's life at the hand of former members of the Dragon Worship. Neithrel began the restoration of the Bards, passing on much of his knowledge to his daughter by Savrin, the Bard known only as Silverfrost. Soon after, Neithrel vanished, and has remained unseen since then.

So it is that history has brought itself up to now, with the Dragon Priests defamed but still lurking, and all the lands recovering from shattered promises.