Necromancer Symbols - Log 7/15/2009

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Main Article: necromantic symbols

This log of events took place on 28 Nissa (day 388) 394 and included the explanation by Zamidren of the necromantic symbols drawn in the Crossing, and the capture of Kalavuul in Dirge by Khurek.

Gweth Log

This took place over the course of thirty minutes or so prior to the meeting at the monastery.

[Zamidren] "My child.. the Crucible. The Bards saw a village being burned, yes?"
[Cyiarriah] "Yes."
[Zamidren] "Very good. Thank you."
[Caelumia] "Have you examined the other three already, Zamidren?"
[Karissa] "Annieka, Hello"
[Zamidren] "Yes, I have, my child. I confer with my notes now."
[Caelumia] "What have you made of them?"
[Annieka] "Hey Karissa! Where are you at?"
[Zamidren] "Copies."
[Caelumia] "I suppose the Temple will finally be able to clean them off."
[Zamidren] "My child.. the Failure. The Bards saw the death of the child there, yes?"
[Caelumia] "Yes."
[Xzean] "Yes."
[Zamidren] "I see. Thank you, my children."

Monastery Meeting

[North Turnpike, Farmland]
Stone gives way to ruddy brick where the field-fencing wall adjoins the high walls enclosing the monastery complex. A reddish patch on the monastery wall resolves into a bricked-up doorway. At just about human eye-level, one of the bricks protrudes noticeably from the rest. You also see a speckled turtle and a sapphire-eyed black panther that is sitting.
Also here: Screecher Ignifera, Gardener Travalon, Gambler Jycanth, Scholar Xzean, Desperado Powerhaus, Legian, Steel Heart Cyiarriah, Zamidren who is sitting.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Powerhaus casually observes the area.

Powerhaus nods to Zamidren.

Ignifera smiles.

Cyiarriah nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

Zamidren says, "I was about to ask your friend to fetch you."

Xzean bows to Zamidren.

Zamidren nods to Cyiarriah.

Zamidren gazes at a sapphire-eyed black panther.

Cyiarriah pets her black panther.

Cyiarriah nods.

A white-tailed leopard is soaked.

You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.

Zamidren says, "I.."

Totenus says to Zamidren, "Good evening, Mr. Boook."

Zamidren frowns.

Zamidren says, "I believe I know the intention."

Xzean grins at Totenus.

Cyiarriah asks, "Oh?"

Ignifera raises an eyebrow.

A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

Caelumia steps out of the Moongate, which collapses immediately behind her.

Powerhaus folds his arms across his chest.

Jycanth smiles at Caelumia.

Ignifera asks, "A map, then?"

Caelumia gestures.

Zamidren gives a slight nod.

Zamidren says, "The last symbol.. it was the key."

Powerhaus appears to be concentrating intently on something.

Xzean gazes at Zamidren.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Cyiarriah asks, "So, what did you learn?"

Caelumia takes a sip of her julep.

Ignifera says, "Markers, like you've seen before, only in a cluster."

Ignifera nods.

Ignifera says, "Makes sense."

Legian nods.

Powerhaus gets a vial of naphtha from inside his traveler's rucksack.

Powerhaus puts his naphtha in his utility belt.

Caelumia gestures.

Powerhaus gets a glass of Katamba-black whiskey from inside his traveler's rucksack.

Caelumia gestures.

Caelumia gestures.

Cyiarriah inventively demonstrates how to use the Targeted Magic skill to best advantage.

Powerhaus moves a glass of Katamba-black whiskey to his left hand.

Powerhaus gestures.
Sparkling crystals of ice appear and coalesce into a long hafted scythe of jagged black frost which flies through the air at him!
The frost-bladed scythe flips while on its path toward Powerhaus, and flies securely into his right hand.

Powerhaus leans on his scythe.

Xzean slings a gnarled ebony staff hung with several cracked runestones off from over his shoulder.

Caelumia scans the sky from horizon to horizon.

Xzean leans on his staff.

Caelumia stares at the sky for a few long moments.
She breathes deeply of the air and faces the wind.

Powerhaus gestures at the frost-bladed scythe, which glows briefly.

Powerhaus begins to carefully examine a long hafted jagged black frost-bladed scythe.

Caelumia gestures.

Caelumia gestures.

Legian turns his gaze to the sky for a few moments.

Legian squints.

Legian glances up at the sky. After a few moments he lowers his gaze.

Powerhaus guzzles down some of his whiskey and then smacks his lips and wipes them with his sleeve.

Powerhaus stretches his arms.

Caelumia takes a sip of her julep.

Legian puts his deck in his leather haversack.

You notice as a speckled turtle adjusts the fit of its shell on its back.

Powerhaus leans on his scythe.

Legian stretches his arms.

Powerhaus whistles low.

Legian closes his eyes and grows still.

Powerhaus casually observes the area.

Zamidren says, "The final symbol, near the prison..."

Zamidren says, "I have seen it before."

Ignifera nods to Zamidren.

Caelumia raises an eyebrow.

Powerhaus ponders.

Caelumia puts her julep in her suede haversack.

Xzean mutters something into the air about knew it.

Legian blinks.

Cyiarriah glances at Zamidren.

Ignifera asks, "Did you find in your notes as to where it was before?"

Zamidren gives Ignifera a slight nod.

Zamidren says, "I had dismissed it."

Zamidren says, "The where is the final bit of the map, allow me to provide my thinking from the beginning."

Legian nods.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Ignifera says, "Of course."

Powerhaus nods.

Powerhaus takes a seat.

Xzean says, "We are all at your disposal, Sir. Please share your wisdom."

Powerhaus stands up.

Zamidren says, "The symbols were largely ignored. Until they were actively searched for."

Powerhaus gestures, and a smooth eruption of rock rises from the ground with a low rumble, shifting and flowing fluidly before settling into a seat of stone. He walks over to it and sits down.

Zamidren says, "While they may appear to be a bold and brazen act.. I think the opposite."

Xzean raises an eyebrow in Zamidren's direction.

Legian nods to Zamidren.

Zamidren says, "As I mentioned to the young lady on our first encounter with them.."

Zamidren motions to Cyiarriah.

Zamidren asks, "How many simply wandered by the symbols without a second, or even first, glance?"

Cyiarriah nods in agreement.

Xzean says, "We have no way of knowing, honestly."

Xzean shrugs.

Zamidren says, "Once we were actively LOOKING for them... they stuck out."

Ignifera says, "One would think at least one of them would have been found while still wet, really."

Xzean nods at Ignifera, obviously agreeing with her views.

Zamidren asks, "Would they?"

Zamidren raises an eyebrow.

Zamidren says, "We are creatures of habit."

Ignifera says, "There are so many people in this town."

Caelumia says, "Given the gap between the vision and their discovery..."

Caelumia shrugs.

Powerhaus pulls down the hood of his longcoat.

Caelumia says, "They were in back alleys and whatnot. And from far away, dried blood doesn't look all that morbid."

Xzean asks, "Let us hear all of the good Monk's conclusions before we debate them, yes?"

Xzean raises an eyebrow.

Zamidren says, "We wander in our daily doings expecting to see certain things."

Zamidren says, "We look for those things."

Zamidren says, "Often times looking beyond the abnormal in search of that we know."

You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.

Zamidren says, "I look at that blasted sign in front of the bank everytime I pass. It is a marker. I expect it to be there."

Zamidren says, "Rarely do I look at the bank wall next to it."

A shimmering mirror of shadows appears momentarily in the air above, briefly revealing Vansiil's face.

Powerhaus gets a crystal glass of Darkstone's Private Reserve from inside his traveler's rucksack.

Powerhaus takes a sip of his Reserve.

Zamidren asks, "Does the example suffice?"

Ignifera nods.

Xzean nods.

Powerhaus nods.

Zamidren gives a slight nod.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Zamidren says, "Making sense of the symbols was... frustrating. There was no coherent pattern evident."

Caelumia gets an elegant leather-bound research notebook from inside her velvet bag.

Caelumia opens her small notebook.

Zamidren says, "The visions did not match the symbols."

Zamidren says, "The history the Bards saw, that is."

Legian ponders.

Zamidren says, "I know the Lunar mages tend to frown on others having what is commonly referred to as visions."

Caelumia says, "I would be surprised if they were intentional though."

Zamidren says, "So let's make that clear."

Zamidren nods to Caelumia.

Zamidren says, "Indeed. So taking them completely out of the equation..."

Zamidren says, "Start with the last symbol.."

Zamidren says, "An introduction."

Powerhaus nods.

Zamidren says, "Rather than the ending, a beginning."

Powerhaus takes a sip of his Reserve.

Cyiarriah ponders.

Zamidren opens his leather journal.

Zamidren flips a few pages in his journal.

Xzean leans on his staff.

Zamidren says, "Some of these are likely interchangable...."

Powerhaus props his elbow on the arm of his stone seat and rests his chin in his hand.

Powerhaus takes a sip of his Reserve.

Zamidren says, "But let us simply go in the reverse order that they were found."

Zamidren says, "NExt we have the formula."

Caelumia turns a page in her small notebook.

Zamidren says, "The subject of our 'letter' or map."

Legian glances up at the sky.
After a few moments he lowers his gaze.

Powerhaus glances up at the sky.

Xzean nods.

Zamidren says, "Followed by the next. Blood staunching. Or coagulation."

Zamidren says, "An invitation."

Ignifera raises an eyebrow.

Powerhaus nods.

Caelumia tilts her head, clearly curious about something.

Zamidren says, "Coagulation is the blood coming together."

Ignifera nods to Zamidren.

Caelumia gets a silver and glass swan feather quill from inside her velvet bag.

Powerhaus scans the area briefly.

Ignifera says, "Indeed, congealing or binding into a whole."

Xzean says, "Yes, I see it."

Zamidren says, "It is unlikely that these symbols were meant to be taken at their literal meaning, so we must move into more subjective viewing."

You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.

Caelumia gestures.

Legian says, "Like most writing."

Caelumia gestures.

Zamidren says, "That brings us to the failure, or unexpected result."

Ignifera smiles.

Zamidren says, "I will admit that my understanding here is..."

Ignifera nods.

Zamidren furrows his brow.

Jycanth raises his hand in a quick salute.

Gambler Jycanth just went southeast.

Zamidren says, "Not nearly as confident as the others, let us say."

Xzean says, "Please do not let it stop you from sharing, Sir."

Zamidren says, "I think it merely a continuation of the formula. What the searcher will find."

Powerhaus ponders.

Notable Paschein's group just arrived.

A morose Shadow Servant trudges in, following its master.

Powerhaus nods to Paschein.

Paschein nods.

Paschein smiles.

Powerhaus holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Zamidren says, "IF we swap the Failure and Coagulation.... it makes a bit more sense."

Xzean asks, "How so, Sir?"

Zamidren says, "The continuation isn't broken by anything."

Legian ponders.

You notice as a sapphire-eyed black panther sniffs the ground.

Zamidren says, "I have no means to understand what order they were meant to be found in, or if there is a system in place for their communication. Go to this type of place first, this second, for example."

Zamidren says, "So the order is mere conjecture on my part."

Xzean nods.

Zamidren says, "And finally, the Crucible."

Powerhaus grins.

Zamidren says, "The first, and the last are what tied it together for me. Without knowledge of the first symbol... I'd have largely been unhelpful."

Zamidren says, "My guess is that they do have SOME sort of system to communicate, even if they are largely solitary."

Xzean says, "I have always said so."

Xzean nods.

Zamidren says, "The crucible.. a flame within walls."

Powerhaus takes a sip of his Reserve.

Caelumia says, "A great trial."

Caelumia puts her quill in her velvet bag.

Zamidren says, "Knowing that I've seen the introduction in Dirge... which houses its own flame within the city..."

Powerhaus ponders.

Cyiarriah raises an eyebrow.

Ignifera raises an eyebrow.

Xzean blinks.

Powerhaus asks, "The temple?"

Zamidren says, "After His Majesty destroyed the construct."

Zamidren frowns.

Zamidren says, "I dismissed it, assuming the sign had to do with them. That it had been taken care of."

Xzean says, "Gurglesnout."

Zamidren says to Cyiarriah, "My child. You should inform the Inquisitor. He might still remain there. Though with the knowledge of his signs publicly known..."

Zamidren frowns.

Xzean peers quizzically at Zamidren.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Ignifera asks Zamidren, "Xerasyth?"

Powerhaus takes a sip of his Reserve.

Powerhaus puts his Reserve in his traveler's rucksack.

Xzean exclaims, "Xerasyth!"

Legian raises his arms skyward, chanting.

Zamidren says, "I cannot know. I only saw the symbol, not the beast."

Zamidren says, "And.. investigated no further."

Zamidren frowns.

Legian gestures.

Ignifera says, "Just when you mentioned Dirge..."

Ignifera shrugs.

Legian gestures.

Xzean says, "Xerasyth was active a few days ago. I went hunting for him, to no avail."

Xzean gets a simple black compendium from inside his messenger's satchel.

Cyiarriah nods to Legian.

Powerhaus ponders.

Zamidren says, "I wish I'd thought to delve deeper, rather than simply making a note."

Zamidren says, "Never would I have expected so many..."

Zamidren frowns.

Powerhaus ponders.

Zamidren says to himself, "Always by themselves. Never multples."

Zamidren furrows his brow.

Powerhaus asks Zamidren, "Can the symbols be removed now?"

Xzean says, "Until now."

Ignifera asks Zamidren, "What did you see in Dirge? The same symbol as the 'introduction'?"

Powerhaus scratches distractedly at his beard.

Zamidren nods to Ignifera.

Ignifera nods.

Cyiarriah asks, "Is that the only other one you've seen, besides the ones in town?"

Zamidren says to Powerhaus, "I have no more need of them. I've copies."

Light snow begins to fall from the sky.

Zamidren says, "In the recent year... yes."

Xzean puts his compendium in his messenger's satchel.

Zamidren nods to Cyiarriah.

Powerhaus nods to Zamidren.

Zamidren stands up.

Powerhaus stands up.

Powerhaus says, "Khurek might be.."

Powerhaus asks, "Pleased?"

A stone seat collapses back into the ground.

Powerhaus ponders.

Powerhaus leans on his scythe.

Zamidren says, "Do not wait for me... join the Inquisitor, tell him what you know. I will be along behind you."

Caelumia gestures.

Caelumia gestures.

Caelumia frowns.

Xzean frowns.

Cyiarriah ponders.

Rainea scowls.

Ignifera nods to Zamidren.

Caelumia gestures at Zamidren.

Cyiarriah nods to Zamidren.

Xzean says, "If we must."

Powerhaus ponders.

Zamidren whistles a few warbling notes. A moment later, the arched doorway slowly swings open. Zamidren hastily steps through as the door swings closed with a solid *thunk*.

Dirge Cleansing

A group of people gathered in Dirge with Inquisitor Khurek and went to the crematorium.

[Crematorium, Workroom]
Tucked behind the massive retort, this was once the workroom and storage area. A few sacks of coal, now split open and scattered, still remain. A rusted and broken shovel rests beneath a massive pile of ash and bone fragments that seem strangely fresh and undisturbed by the passage of time. You also see a ghoul, a crazed madman, a crazed madman, some bronze coins, some copper coins, some bronze coins, some copper coins, some bronze coins, some copper coins, a sturdy copper caddy, an intricate symbol painted on the wall in delicate strokes and some junk.
Also here: Legian, Scholar Xzean, Gardener Travalon, Steel Heart Cyiarriah, Desperado Powerhaus, Vahlissa, Notable Paschein, Amazon Szrael, Fateweaver Caelumia, Temple Inquisitor Khurek, G'nar Pethian Vansiil.

Lots of people study the symbol.

Khurek searches around for a moment.

Khurek says, "I saw someone."

Khurek's group moves around searching the area.

Paschein says, "Could have been the pickle fellow."

Khurek says, "Nope, not the lunatic."

You hear the voice of Kalavuul say, "YOU."

Khurek slings a dinged lochaber axe off from over his shoulder.

Khurek says, "Come out."

Kalavuul reveals himself.
Kalavuul gestures at Khurek.
Khurek's ethereal shield crackles with energy!
Kalavuul's eyes flare with a whorl of black energy as his gaze turns upon Khurek.
You notice Khurek's eyes blacken very briefly.

Khurek points at Kalavuul, ruining his hiding place.

Vahlissa gestures at Kalavuul.
Kalavuul collapses as if dead.

Khurek says, "Go to Aldauth, filth."

Xzean exclaims, "Wait! We need information!"

Moving with incredible power and control, Khurek chops a dinged lochaber axe at Kalavuul. Kalavuul fails to evade, taking the full blow. The axe lands an extremely heavy hit that cleaves off the top half of the skull, exposing the brain!
* Kalavuul is slain before your eyes!
Kalavuul twitches several times as the ridges encompassing his form recede and vanish.
A panicked scream pierces the air. "Murderer!" You notice the nearby citizenry staring at Khurek briefly, before most quickly run off in fear.
"Stop right there!" The shout reverberates through the area as the guard charges towards Khurek. "You're under arrest!" Khurek seems to be in shock as the guard binds his hands and he is led off.
The guard returns afterwards, looking around sternly as if to showcase the fate of all lawbreakers.

Caelumia says, "Are we kil..ah."

Xzean laughs!

Xzean exclaims, "Damn!"

Szrael exclaims, "Abomination!"

Powerhaus says, "His eyes.."

Caelumia says, "Butcher's Eye."

Powerhaus gestures at Kalavuul.
A bolt of jagged black lightning blazes out of the sky toward Kalavuul's corpse!
Kalavuul's corpse jerks horribly as the bolt lances through him.

Szrael exclaims to Kalavuul, "Where is Xerasyth!"

The ghostly laughter of Kalavuul echoes through the room, sending a shiver down your spine.

Caelumia observes Kalavuul with fascination.

Xzean exclaims, "Yes, where is he?!"

Caelumia chortles softly at some secret joke.

Caelumia says, "No..."

Caelumia asks Kalavuul, "Where is the Old Man?"

Szrael says, "He must be ended, and so must you."

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "I am not the only, or the last."

Caelumia says, "We know."

Vahlissa says, "Course not. That would be too easy."

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "Run along.. leave me. I will depart your fine lands."

Caelumia says, "I am very interested in meeting this old man though."

Caelumia cocks her head at Kalavuul.

Xzean exclaims, "Where is the Monk, damnit!"

Szrael says, "You befoul the very ground you lie upon, blasted and barren as it is."

Kalavuul sighs and appears to relax.

Paschein asks, "Someone want to gate the Inquisitor back up there eh?"

Temple Inquisitor Khurek just arrived.

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "Land you ignore... land you do not wish."

Paschein says, "Ahh there he is."

Xzean says, "No need, apparently."

Khurek lets out a scream of rage!

Khurek says, "Someone is going to suffer for that.

Caelumia asks Khurek, "May I suggest starting with him?"

Vansiil asks, "Falsely accused, eh Khurek?"

Khurek squints at Kalavuul.

Khurek fixes Kalavuul with a heavy, ponderous stare.

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "Your own people disagree with you. Move against the Inquisitor now, while you can. Overpower him."

Khurek says, "Quiet, filth."

Caelumia says to Kalavuul, "He doesn't stay dead. Speaking from experience."

Szrael turns away from Kalavuul and angles her tail toward the ground, then deliberately flicks it disdainfully at him.

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "I can show you ways..."

Khurek says, "You will be able tell me everything you want soon enough."

Szrael says, "Would that we had the power he has, to free the land of your perverting influence."

Khurek says, "Too bad I don't have time to take the heads of a few Dirge guards with me right now."

You hear the ghostly voice of Kalavuul say, "Yes.. I can make them stop.. all of them."

Khurek mutters to himself.

Caelumia says to Kalavuul, "You died too easily to be some great necrolord capable of what you say."

Khurek asks, "Would a moongate to the temple beacon be possible?"

Caelumia gestures.
A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

Khurek says, "Unless anyone wants to drag this thing all the way down the trade route."

Khurek peers through the Moongate.

Khurek says, "Excellent."

Vahlissa just went through a blue Moongate, dragging Kalavuul's body with her.

Temple Inquisitor Khurek's group went through a blue Moongate.