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Status: Alive
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

Bladesmith Naviet had his first public appearance during Hollow Eve Festival 428.


Bladesmith Naviet, Gnome Tinkerer of the Forge.
Naviet has an angular face with delicate high cheekbones, viridian eyes and a crooked nose. His dark brown hair is shoulder length and wavy. He has deeply tanned skin and a bent but muscular body with a powerful build. His hands bear several raised scars and burns.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pair of forging goggles with retracted lenses, a thick leather forger's apron, a toolbelt with numerous quick access pouches, some loose fitting rough-spun canvas pants and some iron-toed workman's boots.


Naviet says, "I am principally concerned with matters of the blade. Edges, cutting, stabbing if needed. I will only work on things that are bladed, whose intent is to cut, to stab, to render."

Naviet says, "I'm not a leather worker. I can do simple wrappings, maybe an embossing or similar, but don't expect anything from me of note with cloth or leather."

Naviet says, "I work in metal, and I work on blades."

Naviet says to Felicini, "Glaives. I will work on spears provided the shaft or head are metal."
Naviet says, "If the spearhead is already pointed, I suppose I could do some things with it, but I need to be clear. I am a Bladesmith. I work with blades."

Navesi asks Naviet, "Would you by chance work on armguards?"
Naviet says to Navesi, "If they already have blades, I will work on those parts of them that are bladed."

Naviet says, "I will not change the properties of the weapon or implement, only the appearance."