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Myya Za'Haaden
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Prime


You are Shopkeeper Myya Za'Haaden of Elanthia, a Prydaen Trader.
You have pointed ears and cat-slitted slanted sapphire eyes. Your white-streaked grey mane is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a delicate butterfly orchid haircomb set with large geshi pearls. You have black fur with grey points, a curving tufted tail and a svelte figure.
You are slightly under average height for a Prydaen.
Some blue-grey damaryn pearls accented by sapphires float lazily around your neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your fur.
You are a shadow-prowler.

You are wearing a gracefully pointed earcuff of etched animite draped with fine silver chains, a woven platinum necklace with a solitaire teardrop black sapphire, a silver double-strand baleora with opalescent blossom pendant, a single drop of dragon's blood crystal suspended from a slender animite pendant, an elegantly tailored velvet traveler's cloak, an elegant azure tidal lily, a spray of sjarta flowers entwined around budding Watermist roses, a gift bag decorated with a stormy sea in shades of blue and grey, an indigo watersilk leine embroidered with a pattern of silver lotus flowers, a loose white muslin tunic embroidered with desert roses, a somber black mourning armband depicting the plight of the Prydaen, an elegant white silver charm bracelet, a platinum ring set with a perfect trillian cut twilight sapphire, a black map case etched in gold, an elegant silver mesh pouch clasped with a white jade dragonfly, a twisted blue gold tailband adorned with moonstones, a low-slung pair of billowy white gauze pants gathered close at the ankles and a pair of raised-heel white spidersilk boots with rows of animite snowdrops at the edges.

Myya's Miscellany

Myya is proud to be a shopkeeper in the beautiful Crystal Plaza in Shard, located 1 west from the bank. Her shop in the Plaza can be found by going N, NE once inside where you will see the door for Myya's Miscellany. She currently carries a nice selection of forged armor and weapons crafted by Anuind, unusual festival, quest & raffle items, rare base metals (please contact Anuind directly for offers and requests on the base metals) and will soon be carrying Remedies crafted by local empath Kythryn.
Her shop inventory can be found off the Plaza Shop Browser Search Page