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This list includes visions from the [[Moon mage]] [[Prediction#Other prediction types|event prediction]] ability.  
This list includes visions from the [[Moon mage]] [[Prediction#Other prediction types|event prediction]] ability.  
Also included are ad hoc visions experienced without the use of the {{com|Predict}} command. These latter visions can be experienced by any moon mage as long as they're logged into the game environment when the vision is distributed. Generally these visions signal incipient invasions or immediate developments in an ongoing event or storyline.
Also included are spontaneous visions experienced without the use of the {{com|Predict}} command. These latter visions can be experienced by any moon mage as long as they're logged into the game environment when the vision is distributed. Generally these visions signal incipient invasions or immediate developments in an ongoing event or storyline.
Moon mage visions stem directly from their prophetic link to the [[Plane of Probability]] and connection to Fate.
Moon mage visions stem directly from their prophetic link to the [[Plane of Probability]] and connection to Fate.
Revisiting previous portents can at times yield insight into the meaning of new prophesies.
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2020]]===
{{Visions|date=4/20/2017 12:36:04 CDT|vision=
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2019]]===
Exhaustion crushes down on you, mingled with a sense of failure so profound, movement itself feels impossible.  Through half-open eyes, you gaze at a crumbling stone floor with a few shards of greyish metal.  The vision fades as you draw a deep breath, but the sense of a life destroyed lingers.
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2018]]===
|sub= |rep= False}}
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2017]]===
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2016]]===
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2015]]===
{{Visions|date=4/20/2017 10:57:27 CDT|vision=
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2014]]===
Rising from within the normal sounds that surround you, a haggard male voice calls out.  The words "No more!  Please, no more!" ring in your ears, each time identical.  After what seems like endless repetitions, the voice finally fades with a quiet sob.
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2013]]===
|sub= |rep= False}}
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2012]]===
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2011]]===
===[[Moon Mage vision list 2010]]===
{{Visions|date=4/18/2017 17:52:35 CDT|vision=
A dull ache in your side blooms into full-blown agony, your normal senses falling to the wayside as you are thrown into another vision!  A humanoid shape morphs and bleeds into numerous forms before you, each melting into the next to become a blur of fur, skin, scales, and barbs.  Just for a second, you think you see an enormous set of wings begin to sprout from the creature, but your vision is cut short by a blinding light!  As your sight returns, it becomes clear that you are oriented to the mundane world once more.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/17/2017 20:40:20 CDT|vision=
Disorientation overwhelms you as you find yourself in the grip of another vision!  Your swimming head begins to settle and you find yourself looking upon your husband and children, their faces wracked with fear as the militants drag them from your grip, yet they say nothing.  You are both proud and enraged at this, but you too hold your tongue though every fiber of your being screams in defiance against the atrocities being forced upon your people ... and those that you will be forced now to do to others.  The vision fades and your consciousness is again your own, yet a profound sense of despair and rage lingers on.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/17/2017 19:10:16 CDT|vision=
A wave of dizziness washes over you.  The sound of music and laughter rings in from somewhere nearby, accompanied by the heady aroma of fresh baked goods and the savory scent of roasted meat.  With all your senses enticed to seek out the gathering, you lean forward as if to take a step.  Chains that bind you to a cold stone wall rattle and bring you to a reality where your yearning for a friendly face competes with your hunger for edible food.  Disappointment overwhelms you as the vision fades and the world you know returns.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/15/2017 21:49:09 CDT|vision=
A sudden, sharp pain signals the coming of another vision!  As your head begins to clear, you see brief snippets of shadowed figures gathered together and talking in hushed, conspiratorial tones.  Though you re unable to make out what is being said in articulable words, you are left with the distinct impression that the group intends to cause some sort of magical disturbance.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/14/2017 13:07:14 CDT|vision=
A veil descends over your sight.  It parts to reveal a pair of green eyes.  Drawing back further, a blue-scaled face framed by long raven-hued hair comes into view.  A slender lock falls free and curls over the woman's face.  Tossing her head to return it fails, so she winks flirtatiously before raising a razor-clawed hand to brush it back.  The slow smile she flashes seems friendly enough, but those eyes hold a hint of menace in their depths.  As she opens her mouth to speak, the veil closes and your surroundings return to normal.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 11:08:26 CDT|vision=
Echoing within your consciousness, a youthful voice chants a spell reminiscent of Moongate, yet subtly wrong.  The casting is interrupted by an occasional muttering, and the rustle of paper.  As the sound drones on, the voice changes, imbued with maturity and confidence.  A sudden silence is shredded by a deafening crackling and a triumphant howl that cuts off abruptly.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 17:35:39 CDT|vision=
Darkness overtakes your mundane vision, and you feel as though you are falling into an endless void -- your form, your very self becoming meaningless as it mingles with the sheer profundity of the nothing that engulfs you.  Your mind teeters on the edge of dissolution, and, as you slip into the finality of unbeing, the darkness shifts into a fetid green!  With a panicked lurch, your true mind snaps back to the fore, and you find yourself once again in the here and now.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 06:44:27 CDT|vision=
Darkness replaces reality, creeping in from the edges of your vision like fog.  Paler figures emerge from the murk, moving toward an unseen goal.  A sense of uneasiness washes over you as a single blue eye flashes into view over them.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 06:41:34 CDT|vision=
Exhaustion crushes down on you, mingled with a sense of failure so profound, movement itself feels impossible.  Through half-open eyes, you gaze at a crumbling stone floor with a few shards of greyish metal.  The vision fades as you draw a deep breath, but the sense of a life destroyed lingers.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 06:40:32 CDT|vision=
Your vision gradually darkens from tiny pinpricks of shadow, as if a flock of approaching birds were slowly blotting out the light from above.  In the moment before everything fades to complete darkness, a blinding explosion erupts beside you, sending you careening backward and flipping end-to-end like a ragdoll.  As your head slams against the floor you instinctively tense and startle, only to blink and find yourself as you were before the vision took hold.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 06:33:17 CDT|vision=
The world shifts around you and you find yourself in a cluster of your peers, laughing heartily.  With enormous glee you raise your arms up with your fellows and the world dissolves, you along with it.  Your last thought is that of righteous joy before you are wrenched by a sudden burning sensation!  Almost at once, though, your flesh cools, and you find yourself as you were before the vision came.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2017 06:20:29 CDT|vision=
The sound of children's laughter rings in from somewhere nearby, drawing your attention to a small group of children.  A game of tag has them out of breath from giggling as much as from running.  One girl stands off to the side, her citrine-hued eyes darting from one child to the next.  In a clear voice, she calls out to one child, then another, her words muted with distance, but her commands clear as the runners change course at her instruction.  There's something strange about the children, but the vision fades before you can place it.
|sub=Geva, elpalzi |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/6/2017 16:45:58 CDT|vision=
As a faint prickling sensation tickles the back of your neck, a vision forms.  Entombed in a dimly lit cell, your very essence is as cold as stone.  A shaft of brighter light spreads along the floor as the door creaks open, but hope has been dead too long to raise your shackled hand.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/6/2017 10:53:30 CDT|vision=
Wavering before your mind's eye, a sumptuous scene appears.  Surrounded by rich tapestries and finely crafted furnishings, the profile of a crowned figure stands gesturing grandly at something seen through a window.  Seated nearby, quill in hand, a Human man writes steadily, filling a page with notes while glancing at the speaker from time to time.  During a lull in the speech, the writer reaches toward an intricate insignia at his shoulder, brushing something from one of its curves.  A smile crosses his face as the vision fades.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/6/2017 09:54:16 CDT|vision=
Darkness replaces reality, creeping in from the edges of your vision like fog.  Paler figures emerge from the murk, moving toward an unseen goal.  A sense of uneasiness washes over you as a single blue eye flashes into view over them.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/6/2017 08:47:44 CDT|vision=
Between one blink of your eyes and the next, a face takes shape, hovering in mid-air.  Crystal blue eyes in a greyish face gaze into the distance.  A certain coldness in their expression turns more menacing as the eyes narrow in rage.  As quickly as it formed, the face vanishes.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=4/5/2017 19:02:08 CDT|vision=
Your vision gradually darkens from tiny pinpricks of shadow, as if a flock of approaching birds were slowly blotting out the light from above.  In the moment before everything fades to complete darkness, a blinding explosion erupts beside you, sending you careening backward and flipping end-to-end like a ragdoll.  As your head slams against the floor you instinctively tense and startle, only to blink and find yourself as you were before the vision took hold.
|sub= |rep= False}}
Your senses blur and twist, leaving you reeling for a moment.  As you stabilize yourself, you see an emaciated female with pale skin and fiery hair.  Her dark robes swirl, and you find yourself lost in their blackness, falling as if into the Void itself.  Just when you feel as though your soul might be torn asunder, you awake from your vision with a jolt!
|sub=Void |rep= Unknown}}
Out of an ill-omened night appears a starlight sphere -- frigid beauty and constellatory power whittled down to a width of two fingers.  As you silently pay homage to the occult patterns and equations that make such things possible, a talon tip of living shadow reaches from below, through unwholesome probabilities, and pops the sphere.  The night is then painted a violet bloodier than that of the Nightingale.
|sub=Starlight Sphere, Shadow Creatures |rep= True}}
Something begins to think aloud in your own voice.  Although you know that the voice is not you, not even Human, you cannot bring yourself to feel any alarm.
"The high temple calls it the Misenseor Tragedy."
"Not too long ago, the abbey was a lair of sin, where dark monks committed atrocities not so different from the necromancers they reviled with zeal.  They lived like fat spiders in the middle of a web of wilderness, preying on the people of two provinces.  I do not remember being there, but I must have been.  How else could I know all this, recognize every monastic cell and every long-dead soul in it?..."
|sub=Misenseor Abbey |rep= True}}
Something begins to think aloud in your own voice.  Although you know that the voice is not you, not even Human, you cannot bring yourself to feel any alarm.
"...Today I am surrounded by new monks.  Children, compared to those wicked intellects of old, but good children nonetheless who bear my Ichor.  Although they carve patterns into their spirits in my image, those are faulty and arid things that sleep far too much.  My dearest Kylshun says that I am matchless, that none can see so deep as I.  I understand that now, just as I understand he used to be one of the sinners.  And yet he saw the error of his ways; moreover, he reforged his error into the greatest Good this plane may ever witness.  I have forgiven him.  I would forgive him anything.  We are, after all, one and the same."
"They call it the Misenseor Tragedy, when in fact there was nothing tragic about it.  They all died, we all died, and it was divine."
"It was the day of my birth."
|sub=Kylshun, Misenseor Abbey |rep= True}}
Nervous babbling fills your mind.
"Things were going so well.  Nobody suspected, and they probably still don't, but that can't last long now.  We're ruined, thanks to my...colleague."
"My work has been quiet and benign as can be: sundering weak aetheric forces through application of para-elements.  But Liao... He has found something bigger.  Worse, he has done something to himself.  If I didn't know better, I'd call it unholy, Meraud save me.  That's impossible!  I'm not sure how much longer I can hide him.  They say there's a Grovekeeper disguised among us, which terrifies me beyond reason.  If he or she finds out...  Oh Liao, Liao!  They do not forgive!"
"I don't know what to do, who to turn to.  Liao isn't quite himself.  So much fear and paranoia have sapped my appetite, and I feel sick all the time.  Gods, I've even lost my beard.  I can't go to an empath.  I must lie low and pursue my own breakthrough before everything comes crashing down."
|sub=Hylomorphic Sorcery, Grovekeeper, Liao |rep= True}}
A women clad in tan robes sits in quiet contemplation, a silvery moonblade resting in her lap.  Her fingers flow over the surface of the blade, carefully inspecting and manipulating the currents within.  A frown briefly crosses her face as the blade dances with shadowy imperfections.  She makes a rapid correction to stabilize the pattern before continuing with her study.  "He's right ...it's possible, at least in theory."
|sub=Moonblade |rep= True}}
An angular elf races along the shore clutching an inky black moonblade.  Silver-gilt hair and black robes flows like waves as he closes on his prey - an anthropomorphic blur of garish colors.  His blade flashes and crimson sears the air.
"I know of your secret, your shame.  And I enjoy tearing it away from you."
The sun settles onto the horizon, igniting the sand with auburn hues.  The elf stands over the blood-crusted corpse, his moonblade crackling with purple energy as he stares contemptibly at a dozen colorful foes.
"Tsk tsk.  What would they think if they knew?"
Your eyes linger on the lone symbol adorning his robes --  a blacked oak shrew.
|sub=Karosti |rep= True}}
You hear a shrill cry from behind, and as you reflexively turn toward the sound the world around you shifts into an alternate scene.  A golden-haired Elothean, wide-eyed and disheveled, stands before an elegant archway which is blocked by a stocky Dwarven woman.  The Elothean points her finger beyond the egress and exclaims, "The dove calls!  We must answer she who is the Mother of lasting peace -- move aside!"  Grunting with dissatisfaction, the Dwarf says, "Child, I've had enough," and with a brief invocation and light touch, her companion falls unconscious.  The image slowly fades as the Dwarf shifts her guard from the exit to the body on the floor.
|sub= |rep= }}
At the sound of a distant sob, a vision forms before your eyes.  Huddled by the leg of an enormous dead spider, a dark-haired Gnome gazes up at a cloaked figure.  His expression reveals abject despair as tears stain his face and the front of his vest.  Though nothing about the wearer of the cloak is clear, the stance is that of someone caught up in a gale of laughter.
|sub= |rep= }}
An off-key whistle slides along the edge of your nerves, phasing in and out of time with an unevenly timed tapping.  After a moment, it slows to a halt, and you feel the sensation of fetid breath at the back of your neck.  The scent of something earthy with a coppery brightness wafts over you, then fades.
|sub= |rep= }}
Heat embraces you from nowhere, leaving a prickling sensation along every nerve.  A rough voice whispers, "Of course, I should have known.  But how could I know?"  A soft sob interrupts the voice, but the whisper returns again and again.  After a dozen or more repetitions, the voice suddenly stops, then shouts, "Silence!" as a blast of chilled air surrounds you before everything fades into your mind.
|sub= |rep= }}
An icy chill assaults your body, running swiftly from head to toe as if water had been poured onto you, while your vision grows dim.  Blurry shapes like driftwood floating amid emerald depths are all you can discern for a few moments after the initial shock.  Slowly, you manage to make out the shapes more clearly, and come to recognize the grizzly remains of many unfortunate victims adrift in the sea amid shattered flotsam.  Your vision focuses with clarity enough to glimpse a large island in the distance, as storm clouds quickly gather above the large, tiered city perched upon its southern shore.  With a jolt you find yourself snapped back to the here and now, left with only the memory of what you have seen.
|sub= Invasion, Ratha, Drogor |rep= }}
Searing white light momentarily blinds your vision!  When it begins to clear into hues of sea foam, you glimpse the ghost-image of a cog plowing through the sea, just off the shore of a large island, its multi-tiered city receding slowly into the distance.  With the vision continuing to fade, you watch the ship dashed by a monstrous wave and scattered to flotsam before the approach of storm clouds descending upon the city.  With another blink of your eyes, the vision has faded entirely.
|sub= Invasion, Ratha, Drogor |rep= }}
Warmth washes over you and you feel your attention slipping away to a cloudy day at the beach.  Waves wash up on soft sand below the sky of grey, and sea birds call out.  Suddenly, under the sand, something stirs.  A fin appears and heads right toward a small group of children building a sand castle.  Their parents, on a nearby veranda, don't notice.  Until the screaming starts.  Your eyes snap open and the world you know returns.
|sub= Invasion, Crossing, sharks |rep= }}
Matte eyes, dark as night itself,  flash before yours.  The dark face surrounding the eyes is nearly devoid of features, though it is sticking its very red tongue out at you.  Then, the tongue drops to the ground with a soft splat.  The eyes move closer, focused on your mouth before a breeze blows them away.
|sub= Hollow Eve |rep= }}
Counterpoint to the noises around you, faint footsteps and the whisper of fabric dragging along the ground capture part of your attention.  The sound draws off and fades away to silence, leaving you with nothing but a slightly uneasy feeling.
|sub= |rep= }}
Darkening slightly, your vision is drawn to an image of several constellations. The Adder and the Weasel slowly circle each other as the Spider at the center spins a web. When the Spider is done, all the other stars are enrobed in webbing and their lights begin to dim. The Spider flashes reddish fangs as the scene fades from your sight.
|sub= Asketi, Huldah, Harawep |rep= }}
A hallway filled with package-laden shoppers fills your field of vision, cheerful faces and happy voices abound.  Drawing back, the scene shifts.  A Gnome stands in a field, gently stroking the leg of an oversized arachnid.  As the scene fades, you hear his voice crooning a lullabye.
|sub= Hollow Eve |rep= }}
A shift in your mind's eye allows you the vantage point of a bird, soaring near a vast temple complex.  As you float past a window, a scene inside captures your attention.  A priestess in simple robes of fine dark silk wanders along a hallway with her attention fixed upon a scroll in her hands.  She does not notice the heavy strand of spider silk that rises before her foot to send her sprawling.  As the scene fades, a dry chuckle echoes through your mind.
|sub= |rep= }}
"Bones, bones, bones!"  The words dissolve into giggling and the sound of running feet.  So very many running feet!  A sickly meow turns into a yowl that fades into the distance.  It takes a moment to realize you haven't moved.  But, maybe you should...
|sub= Invasion, murder doll, Riverhaven |rep= }}
Bright before your eyes, a vision forms.  A wide field on a mountain side, green against the grey, holds crowds awaiting something.  As you observe, something brushes against the side of your head.  Step, step, step, it creeps to your forehead, then takes one more step onto the center of your pupil.  At your involuntary blink, the vision snaps shut, but your eye continues to burn for a while.
|sub= Hollow Eve |rep= }}
Unbearable itching at your eyes leaves you with no remedy but to close them tightly and rub.  Opening them at the first sign of relief, you realize that your vision has fractured.  Fragments of the things you recognized a moment ago swirl and swoop as you turn your head, inducing nausea and disorientation.  After a few blinks, you see normally again, but leave you with a lingering headache.
|sub= Invasion, Asketi, Crossing |rep= }}
Your vision momentarily dims, and you could swear you hear a faint "Tick. Tick. Tick." in the periphery of your hearing. Just as your vision begins to clear, you see the ominous image of a shadowed street with small, malevolent figures scampering in and out of what little light there is. Abruptly, your sight and hearing return to normal.
|sub= Invasion, murder dolls, Fang Cove |rep= False}}
Gurgling, almost like a hungry belly, echoes around you. The air thickens with a cloying humidity as a dark shape floats toward you. Cold as blued steel, an eye stares at nothing just before jagged ivory teeth flash into view. A thud at your very core takes your breath away as the creature engulfs you, but as you blink again, your world returns to normal.
|sub= |rep= }}
Glancing down, a network of shiny lines comes into view. Trying to follow one leads you into a spiral of glistening pattern of black and dark blue that pulsates around you. Something clammy and moist drags itself along your ankle just as your vision returns to the world you know.
|sub= |rep= }}
Hunger striking your belly like a hammer forces you to hunch forward. As you try to stand, a noticeable shift in your surroundings is evident. People run screaming at your approach, and mingled with your confusion is the distinct desire to rip them apart and tear their very souls out. As you get a victim in your grasp, you find yourself back in the world you know, with a lingering ache in your abdomen.
|sub= |rep= }}
A sense of urgency washes over you, and you catch sight of an ironwood drawbridge being hastily drawn closed.  Shouts and the frantic waving of guards at something just out of sight fades as the drawbridge closes.  Those cries are soon replaced by the sound of moving water and the intense scent of salt on the air.
|sub= invasion, Drogor, Therenborough |rep= False}}
An unusually warm raindrop lands at the back of your neck and slowly trickles down. A swirling pattern appears in the air overhead, pale spots on iridescence. Undulating slowly, an eel coalesces into the air, silvery eyes focused intently on your face. A sense of paralysis holds you as the eel drapes itself over your shoulders, cool and slick around your neck. Tighter, tighter, then suddenly gone, leaving a lingering chill that slowly fades.
|sub= |rep= }}
Between one breath and the next, your vision turns inward. A sunrise sky, filled with opalescent hues, frames a single tree. Drawing nearer you notice that the deep green leaves carry veins of red and orange. A shrike perched on a branch sings, but falls silent as you observe. Suddenly, a cloud of butcherbirds descends. Just before they reach the shrike, the everyday world reforms around you.
|sub= |rep= }}
A child's giggle catches your attention, and you find your attention drawn away to another vision. A pair of Olvi children in ragged clothes play with dolls made of sticks. They turn as one at a scraping sound, and shriek with delight as a doll drags itself into view. Rust-colored streaks along its face and hands, combined with the madness in its eyes, leave no doubt as to its identity, but the children only see a doll, and rush toward it. Just as they stretch their hands to grasp it, a flash of light distracts you and you are surrounded by the world you know.
|sub= |rep= }}
Warmth and wetness engulf you, bringing a sensation of suffocation. The world is unchanged except for a translucent membrane that resists your frantic clawing. Dimly, from overhead, the sound of hoots and shrieks rise in volume. The sound you'd like to make only results in an air bubble, slithering up the inside of the skin you're in. Your senses fade until only a single point of light remains in your field of vision. As that blinks shut, your normal surroundings return.
|sub= |rep= }}
Exasperated hissing envelops you, close enough to feel the exhalation against your face.  As the sound ends, a pair of mismatched eyes waver into sight, staring from a skeletal S'Kra Mur woman's face.  Her expression reflects a mingling of disappointment with a hunger so intense it leaves you feeling hollow.  Reaching toward your throat with a skeletal, clawed hand, she fades just before making contact."
|sub= |rep= }}
Creeping along your spine despite the warmth of summer, a chill pulls your attention to another vision.  A massive stone gate leads into a city.  On platforms above, Gor'Togs and Dwarves move to defend it.  Just as a shadowy mass approaches, you are snapped back to the real world.
|sub=Invasion, Hibarnhvidar |rep= False}}
The world suddenly fades to shadow around you.  A tiny mote of sickly green light emerges from the darkness, hovering eerily in a self-repeating, circular pattern.  Your perspective rapidly expands, as if you were being shot into the air, and the image of a four-pointed crystal star surrounded by a ring of water is visible below you, circumscribed by the ominous green nova.  The light explodes into four snaking lines that streak toward each tip of the star.  A piercing wail echoes in your mind as your vision returns to the here and now.
|sub= Asketi, Invasion, Shard |rep= False}}
A vivid blue burst of light blots out your mundane senses, and you suddenly find yourself floating above a sea dotted with tiny bits of brown and green.  The scene dissolves as suddenly as it came on, though now it is a churning sanguine-tinged red that dominates your vision.  You barely make out what appears to be flailing limbs within the ever-changing whorls before you are jolted back into the here and now by a wet thud against your head!
|sub= Drogor, Invasion, Ratha |rep= False}}
A violent crushing blow slams into you, blotting out your mundane senses as you find yourself in the grip of a vision!  You reel from the impact and begin to steady yourself when a sudden overwhelming chill permeates your body.  Frozen in place, you become dully aware of writhing forms all around you, flashes of black and brown highlighting the movement. A sharp pain snaps you back into reality before you can discern much more, but you are left with a lingering unease that goes beyond mere physical sensation.
|sub=Slender Ribbon Adder, Invasion |rep= False }}
Your vision blurs for a moment and the light of Xibar is diminished by countless fluttering wings.  A gust of wind disperses them and leaves your skin feeling frostbitten.  A voice as bitter as the cold whispers, "Soon, Khal Gwaerd."
|sub=Hibarnhvidar, Invasion, Khal Gwaerd |rep= False}}
Your vision spins as you feel the forces of Fate and Probability pulling you into yet another vision!
Darkness.  A voice call to you, soft and shadowed like Mother's.  It must be Mother's.  Your body undulating, you take heed and make your way into the waking world once more.
The velvety caress that had ensconced you is suddenly ripped from your body, and you find yourself back in the here and now, albeit with a lingering dull headache.
|sub= |rep= False}}
A blur of jumbled sights and sounds rushes to overtake you, assaulting your senses with potentiality!  You steel yourself against the onslaught, trying to hold on to even the briefest coherency.  As the vision passes, you find yourself with lingering thoughts of blood falling from the sky upon a weeping lion that holds both day and night within its mighty jaws.
|sub= |rep= False}}
Mists swirl about you, coalescing into a pair of figures pouring over a cluttered desk.  Though the words are distorted, it is clear they are engaged in a passionate argument.  One, an older Elf, points towards his chest before pounding a fist on the desk.  This causes the Elothean to jerk away from the table, a look of disgust on her face which she quickly suppresses.  Shoulders slumped she claims a single slender volume from the desk and walks away.
|sub= Taramaine, Raelyka, Braun's Conjecture|rep= True}}
Soot and smoke suddenly assault your senses of sight, smell, and taste.  Through the oily blackness, you glimpse a dragon-headed man striding confidently across a battlefield, spewing bright scarlet flames wherever he goes and swinging orange-yellow fists at silhouetted enemies between breaths.
|sub= |rep= True}}
You find yourself dangling over the edge of a sheer rockface, gripped at the scruff of your neck by a transparent hand.  You struggle and claw, but your flailings only meet empty air.  Instead of simply dropping you, your captor flings you out with such force that the vision itself jars violently, coming to an end, even as you hear your own frightened yell trailing off in the distance.
|sub= |rep= True}}
Solid shadows roll before your eyes, becoming twelve glass marbles laid out on a swath of dark blue satin.  From the edges of the fabric a purple smolder encroaches inward ever so slowly.  With callous patience, you watch it reach one of the marbles and cause it to fall into a black, burnt hole, only then feeling a twist of grief in your heart.
|sub=Planets |rep= True}}
You see a pair of glowing blue hands with slender fingers and lacquered nails.  As you watch, water slowly pools up in the cupped palms, tinted metallic blue by the glow.  However, you notice that the water does not behave like water at all: it sporadically climbs into the air in little forked tendrils, passes through the flesh of the hands without dripping below, and froths over with sparks.  After several seconds, the hands begin trembling and throw away the strange liquid, which crackles into nothingness.
|sub= |rep= True}}
You see an oaken arrow flying straight and true through the air.  Abruptly, the arrow slows down in its flight and starts curving upward.  Within seconds the arrow has bent into a circle without cracking and sits rigidly suspended in space.
|sub= |rep= True}}
Darkness engulfs you as you find yourself lost to another vision!  Emerging from a cave, a massive Gor'Tog warrior snarls as he raises his weapons, shaking blood from both them and the bear hide he is wearing.  The man stomps and howls as the ground beneath his feet morphs into a pile of Elpalzi corpses!  Your vision dissolves into a sanguine mist and the once-deafening sounds of rage subside, leaving you with only but a whispered phrase repeating in your mind -- "Drathrok's Duskruin."
|sub=Drathrok, Gor'Tog, Elpalzi |rep= False}}
Your worldly senses are overwhelmed by an onslaught of jumbled images and sounds!  For the briefest moment, the chaos solidifies long enough for you to make out the image of a giant bear supporting a field of valiant fighters training upon its massive back.  Gladiolus blossoms sprout from the pooling blood of their fallen enemies just as the preternatural scene fades away, leaving you in the here and now once again.
|sub=Drathrok, Elpalzi, Zoluren |rep= False}}
You hear a voice, commanding and charismatic, ring in your ears, "For too long we have been alone.  For too long we have been reviled.  For too long we have been a footnote of history!  I will not see my people decay and fade away.  There shall be a terrible renaissance and I shall show you the way!"
|sub=Alret, Elpalzi |rep= True}}
You see an oaken arrow flying straight and true through the air.  It strikes a pane of glass suspended rigidly in space and goes straight through.  The glass cracks and shatters, but the pieces do not move.
|sub= |rep= True}}
A shadowy haze descends upon your surroundings as your vision shifts.  As you adjust, a decaying fort comes into view, though it's little more than burned wood and mounds of mud and rubble.  Ancient soldiers that no longer draw breath, each wearing uniforms of a forgotten time, rise up only to be blasted into oblivion by robed mages.  As your surroundings return, you hear a faint whisper, "Lord Alret will rule all, you know."
|sub=Alret, Elpalzi |rep= False}}
Your sight is suddenly snatched away by an intense vision, but you first hear a scream of feral anger rather than see it.  The image of the Faldesu river appears, quiet at first but then beginning to churn and boil.  Skeletal figures rise from it, dancing at the hands of an unseen puppet.
|sub=Necromancer, Puppeteer |rep=}}
A strange, oily sensation creeps across your flesh and you feel as if you are falling. The world around you grows dim and distant, and you become aware of the disjointed elements of a scene that is both here and not.
A corpse lays before a furious Prydaen man, its form shifting so rapidly that it's impossible for you to make out any details save for a heavy, hooded cloak. As if ash, pieces of the body's flesh flake away until all that is left is a sooty cloud. Carried upon a fierce wind, the ashen mass first swirls over water teeming with fish, then continues to pass by a crystalline sculpture before settling to reform in the shadow of a great mountain.
A flock of birds bursts forth in flight to obscure your vision, and just as you begin to note the variety of colorful plumage, you see each of the creatures crushed by an invisible force!  You duck your head to avoid their twisted bodies as they fall, and when you look back up, find yourself reoriented to your surroundings, the jumbled images all but a fragile memory.
|sub= |rep= }}
Reality seems to shudder and strain under an enormous weight as your vision goes white.  Against the pale backdrop you see the silhouette of an Elf, walking along a path of black tar sprinkled with ivory.  The Elf stops and performs an elaborate gesture, causing the path around him to change.  Tendrils of blue energy, half-cloud and half-lightning, first snake along then envelope the path in both directions.  In a final display the now bright path folds in upon itself, the line becoming a circle.
|sub= |rep= }}
Your vision darkens briefly as the silhouette of a great crystal tower rises before you.  The three moons slowly orbit around its apex where a faint light begins to pulsate at the heart of the top story.  With each steady pulse, the illumination grows more intense until the entire structure is overwhelmed by an explosion of light that forces you to turn away.  Before you can fully recover your senses, the world snaps back to reality.
|sub=Moon Mage, Mortom, Shard, Nimbus |rep= False}}
Your vision darkens and blurs, resolving once again into an urban scene.  A woman, cloaked in tan and crimson robes, approaches a well-to-do man from behind.  The robed woman surges forward and locks the man in a neck hold!  The steel of her jagged knife glints with unnatural light as she holds it above the man's struggling chest.  Just before the knife violently falls, the woman whispers into the man's ear, "Your hands... so strong, so flexible.  Perfect.  I must have them."
|sub=Necromancer |rep= False}}
A faint smell of smoke tugs at your senses.  As you focus on it, a murky haze settles upon your vision.  A strong voice that commands attention calls into the miasma, "Set the smiths to work at once.  Arm and armor us, and instruct all to seek their favors for battle.  We will not wait for them to come to our doorstep."  Blinking through the increasingly thick haze, your vision suddenly returns to normal, and the smell of smoke is gone.
|sub= |rep= True}}
You pause and turn at the sound of stone rolling across stone.  A murky haze settles, accompanied by a weak smell of smoke.  Great mounds of crumbled stone and metalwork loom before you, and a fire blazes high into the sky from some other place apart from the rocky debris.  Uniformed figures, each bearing a plain steel-hilted broadsword at their side, march steadily towards you.  As quickly as it came, the vision is gone, but the sound of marching feet echoes quietly in the memory.
|sub= |rep= True}}
A murky haze descends over your vision.  It grows thicker, and a noxious stench of smoke overwhelms you.  The clash of steel on steel rings out all around, and cries of battle from man and beast alike echo ominously in the chaos.  A distinctly unpleasant voice whispers behind you, "You will not stand in our way."  Your vision flashes with searing pain as something sharp pierces your back!  With a gasp, the vision vanishes and your surroundings return.
|sub= |rep= True}}
A vast view from a high cliff overlooking a small community built upon a beach flows up before you. A dark-skinned Human woman stands at the top as a bald, amber-eyed Gnome approaches.
"What news is there, Witch?"
"The consciousness is nearly complete.  I've begun communications.  It is primative."
"They didn't ask for anything complex.  I won't expend the time, materials or funds to develop something more than what was asked and paid for."
The Gnome mutters. "Not my concern. We'll need to position it in a secure location so that it can observe the comings and goings. Have you found such a place?"
"Allow me a few days to notify the Council. Unless you hear from me again, move it into place and activate it."
"Of course. I can move it when you're ready."
"Are we going to tell the Estate Holders? It might come as a shock for them to suddenly hear its thoughts."
"Again, not my concern.  If the Council wishes to explain it, they can do so.  It poses no threat, merely to observe and report.  Unless that changes, our role was to construct and activate it.  We have done so.  Our part is done."
The Witch flashes a mischievous grin. "So grumpy! It is an interesting experiment. I wonder what sort of future projects it could lead to."
"Very well." The Gnome turns and departs, leaving the Witch alone once again. She turns and gazes down at the locals going about their daily business, each oblivious to the changes ahead. "Such a small thing, but the potential for so much more. Where will it lead?"
She pulls a milky stone from a ring on her finger and gazes intently at it. "And you shall record this moment for everyone..."
|sub= Keishalae, Fang Cove|rep= False}}
A red haze clouds your vision, warping and distorting the world around you.  As it begins to clear somewhat, you feel overcome with a sense of indignant rage that is not your own, and yet guides your every motion, pushing you ever forward.
Far now from your home waters, still you go on.  You will not stop, you CAN not stop -- not until every last one of them trembles in His name!
Regaining your own senses, the sanguine film dissolves from your sight, leaving you only with a profound hunger that lingers in its wake.
|sub= Drogor|rep= False}}
A creeping dread seeps into your psyche and permeates your thoughts, leaving you with the feeling of damp ocean air tinged with squamous remains clinging not only to your body, but also your very soul.
|sub= Drogor|rep= False}}
With a waft of briny air, your senses warp and shift, leaving you consumed with fury, though you are not sure of the cause.
The Captain is arguing with you, telling you to change back to his original course, threatening you with the lash, telling the others that they will have your share of the platinum coins when he dumps your ungrateful corpse into the drink when he is through.  He does all of this, and yet they don't cheer and holler for him to have at you, but simply gaze at you both with unblinking eyes.
The eyes of the deep.
You stop talking, stop trying to explain why the course must change.  With a single thrust, the dagger finds its mark.  He lays bloody on the deck for only moments before the others rush forward, drawn to the smell.
The vision recedes from you, leaving you back in the here and now.
|sub= Drogor|rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=09/13/2014|vision=A series of visions assaults your senses, rendering you numb to your actual surroundings for what seems an eternity!<br>
First, three scales gleam in the Sun, wet and smooth and sinuous in their movements all the same, yet each differing in colour -- pearled white, placid green, and darkest grey.  Next, you feel neglect leading to despair, leading to rage, leading to vengeance.  A coldness unmoved by pain or reason.  Finally, rivulets of blood intertwine then coalesce, massing themselves into a rough approximation of life!  Just as you begin to think you can make out the shape of what the new being has become, the visions leave you.<br><br>You feel drained and utterly empty as you realize that but only the briefest moment has truly passed.
|sub= Drogor|rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=08/02/2014|vision=An old man sits in darkness.  Alone.  In his hands rests a cracked crystal that softly glows with a sterile light, illuminating his frosty eyes.
He remains silent, his mind bent inward.
The crystal shatters.
|sub=Tiv |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/02/2014|vision=Fate hangs heavy on you, almost tangible as it drags at your thoughts and actions.  Your existence sends infinite ripples into the world about you, chaotic and unpredictable.  Imperfect.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/02/2014|vision=The world darkens and you find yourself watching a bustling crowd in monochrome hues.  Interspersed among them, seemingly unnoticed by the crowd, are a handful of beings swathed in vivid purples.  Delicate chains of smoldering silver thread through the crowd, binding the interlopers together.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/01/2014|vision=You find yourself shivering on a frozen landscape, the air thin and inhospitable.  Snow piles several feet deep about you and rough stone walls rise in every direction.  You trudge thoughtlessly through the snow seeking warmth and therefore life.
You eventually reach a cave that offers sparse shelter, however it is currently occupied by a shaggy donkey.  Perhaps it will offer enough warmth for you to survive the night.  Or at last meal.
Fortunately the vision fades as night sets in.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/01/2014|vision=You glimpse a gigantic shell swarmed by living shadows.  Magic crackles in the air though the vision fades before you can properly orient on the source.
Your vision pulls back revealing utter pandemonium.  Mage battles mage and massive arcane constructs crash through towering wards.
Around them all the shadows grow closer.
|sub=Taisgath |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/01/2014|vision=A voice, tired yet powerful whispers through the air, "He will pay for that.  Prepare yourself, this will not end without more sacrifice - but I do not intend to splay myself across an altar for that beast."
A youthful echo, "I will not disappoint you."
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/01/2014|vision=A figure floats before you, draped with a a pleated robe formed of overlapping blue, crimson and black triangles.  It clasps its sleeves before its chest and the hem of its robe trails along the ground.  Where a head might be expected, it has none instead a featureless disk of fuliginous cambrinth bobs gently above its stiff collar.
It carries no badge of office or coat of arms, but nevertheless it radiates order and absolute authority.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=08/01/2014|vision=Soft grey mist fills the air and you find yourself facing an ancient human, her cropped hair whited by age but her cat-slitted eyes remain alert.
Addressing the mist she says, "I have no fear of you, but I am tired.  Do what you've come to do, it is my time.  On that we agree." As if in afterthought she adds, "And give her my regards."
The mists ignite and as the woman slumps lifelessly.
* Demosel's fate has unravelled.
An elderly Halfling sits in a stone-walled study, squinting over a gilded scroll through thin silver spectacles.  An errant breeze draws her attention as it tussles her hair.  She gazes upwards, "She wasn't enough for you?  No, I suppose not.  Nor will I be.  I've seen it in the cards, that and so many other things.  But that's just the problem, isn't it?"
* Amiss's fate has unravelled.
You find yourself gazing out over a forest, your arms draped casually on the balcony rail.  Next to you is an elderly human with long snowy hair that frames a sleepless face.
He argues passionately with an unseen opponent, his words muddled but his intent and frustration clear.  Apparently, he is losing the argument as he flinches slightly before lashing the air with sickly purple energy.  An unearthly howl breaks the silence in response, ramping in intensity as the arcane forces dance through the air.
He topples over the rail.
* Ealuik's fate has been torn asunder.
Fate hangs heavy on you today, almost tangible as it drags at your thoughts and actions.  Your existence sends infinite ripples into the world about you, chaotic and unpredictable.  Imperfect.
|sub=Demosel, Amiss, Ealuik |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=05/17/2014|vision=An elderly S'Kra Mur gazes towards you, his empty eye sockets burning with arcane power. Your unconscious mind screams out a warning, pulling you away from these threads of fate before you can examine them further.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=05/17/2014|vision=Halls of marble surround you and shattered crystal panes fill the sky above.  An eerie silence hangs over the halls, broken only by the soft flutter and twitter of tropical birds.  Indistinct mutterings you're your attention and you turn to find an emaciated gnome wandering the halls.  His grey eyes are continually downcast dull, and scant wisps of black hair remain to him.
|sub= Tozu, Shard|rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=05/17/2014|vision=An obelisk stands before you, crafted of some translucent material and shimmer slightly with an internal light.  Square at the base, it tapers as it rises to height of nearly fifteen feet.  Shadows swirl within the monument, slowly drowning out the light.  As the final glimmer is extinguished the obelisk explodes into a hail of molten shrapnel.
|sub= Taisgath|rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=05/17/2014|vision=Fragments of prophecy slide into your mind unbidden A grey haired man stands on the field of battle.  Bodies surrounding him and his crimson robes hide much of the blood and viscera shed this day.  A handful of mages rally behind him, none entirely hale, but the shadows are approaching for another assault.
|sub= |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=Chanting filled the air, as dozens of voices overlapped into a faint rhythm of muddled words.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=I found myself amidst a small gathering of dusty scholars clad in purple robes. They huddled about a modestly large excavation in the sunbaked ground chattering animatedly. Several brass spokes jutted from the dig, each capped with a differently colored sphere.
|sub= G'nar Pethian, Su Helmas, brass orrery |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=The world darkened and I found myself watching a bustling crowd in monochrome hues. Walking among them, seemingly unnoticed by the crowd, was a sharp featured woman swathed in vivid purples. As the crowd carried her away I noticed several more figures awash with purple.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=An elderly Halfling sat in a stone-walled study, squinting over a gilded scroll through thin silver spectacles. An errant breeze drew her attention as it tussled her hair. She gazed upwards, "She wasn't enough for you? No, I suppose not. Nor will I be. I've seen it in the cards, that and so many other things. But that's just the problem, isn't it?"
|sub=Amiss |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=Soft grey mist filled the air and I found myself facing an ancient human, her cropped hair whited by age but her cat-slitted eyes remained alert.
Addressing the mist she said, "I have no fear of you, but I am tired. Do what you've come to do, it is my time. On that we agree." As if in afterthought she added, "And give her my regards."
The mists ignited as the woman slumped lifelessly.
|sub=Demosel |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=An old man sat in darkness. Alone. In his hands rested a cracked crystal that softly glowed with a sterile light, illuminating his frosty eyes.
|sub= Tiv |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=A voice filled my mind, "I see you Defiler. I claim you."
|sub=Pelag ai Aldam |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=I saw nothing of the future. No visions formed. No knowledge flooded my mind. It was only after several long moments of observation that I realized the shadows about me were lengthening, deepening and a persistent unease burrowed into me.
Moments after I became aware of the phenomenon it faded away.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=I glimpsed a gigantic shell swarmed by living shadows. Magic crackled in the air though the vision faded before I could properly orient on the source.
|sub=Taisgath |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=04/25/2014|vision=I found myself soaring through the air, a crow accompanying me on each side. The wind tugged at my clothing as a sense of freedom filled me. I heard a cry to the left causing me to look towards the crow on that side. Crimson dribbled from its peppered brown feathers as its flight grew increasingly erratic.
It fell in silence.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=02/03/2014|vision=Silvery threads stretch delicately in every direction forming an impossibly complex web.  A thin haze of smoke overlays the vision as several nodes slowly smolder.
|sub=Web of Fate |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=02/02/2014|vision=An elderly Elf, angular of face with silver-flecked eyes, gazes out over a forest landscape.  His vision seems locked on a distant mountain peak.  "I will need to answer this, you know.  They won't.  They lack the resolve."
A quiet voice behind you replies, "They'll blame us.  They've never understood, even the few who try."
"Let them.  It changes nothing."
|sub=Karosti, Children of Kalestraum |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=02/02/2014|vision=Five towers of light spring into being about you. They are aglow with chilly starlight, solid and seemingly eternal. Yet as you watch, fissures, dark as the void, spiderweb through each of them, causing one to explode in a shower of searing fragments.
The remainder resist. For a time. Until the top of another tower implodes, leaving naught but a ragged stump behind.
The remaining three continue to struggle, though the fissures are now a vast network of absolute darkness, until, they too, can stand no more and crumble into motes of dying light.
|sub=Moon Mage |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=02/02/2014|vision=A figure suddenly appears before you that of a skinny Human with pale skin and short red hair.  His hands are awash with blood that slowly pools around his feet as he stands motionless.  His eyes slowly focus on you and a slight sneer creeps onto his face.
"So easy.  So foolish.  One has fallen already and we've barely begun.  Go ahead, look towards your prophecies.  This only ends one way."
|sub=Pelag ai Aldam |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=01/14/2014|vision=Your vision shifts, and you find yourself soaring high above your mountaintop home.  Lights sparkle in a large circle somewhere to the east, proven to be fine hunting grounds filled with fat and delicious creatures.  Though many strange holes in space have been opening to other lands, you consider this home.  The pale but delicious creatures begin to climb up your home, some of them wielding sharp metal sticks and strange magic.  You turn to release your flame upon them to char them to cinders, when your vision suddenly returns to normal.
|sub=Wyvern |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=01/12/2014|vision=Your senses spin and warp as a vision fully overcomes you. Unsteadily, you lurch forward upon the unnaturally smooth ground, your talons marring it with deep furrows as you do. The creatures make soft mewling noises as they rush past you, disintegrating into sweet, wet squishes and sharp crunches between your jaws. The food comes right to you here! You stretch your still-weak wings, testing them once more. Not yet. Soon. Eat more. Eat more. Eat more. Eat more. A sharp pain disrupts these thoughts, and, as you regain your senses, the vision dissipates, though faint echos of a great hunger linger.
|sub=Wyvern |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=01/11/2014|vision=Wind rushes past your wings, warmed by the blasts of fire you let loose upon the tiny, squirming, pale things far below. Your young ones squeal as they bite into the toasted remains. Soon they will be the ones soaring as you do, and for them you venture out like this. Every mother must teach her children! You swoop in low, modeling the hunter's form as you snap off a warm bit of flesh from some being you barely register as having been alive. Its blood fills your jaws, hot and metallic, and you know deep within you that this is your purpose. Suddenly the euphoric blood-lust is ripped from you and your vision snaps back to the mundane, though a faint iron-like tinge still clings to your tongue.
|sub=Wyvern |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=01/10/2014|vision=A chill suddenly travels down your spine as your sight is seized by prophecy, and the sound of leathern wings fills the air. The city of Shard lies in flames, its streets and walls set upon by massive wyverns ranging in size from a horse to a house. One breathes a huge jet of flame at the sturdy gates, filling your sight with fire. Suddenly the vision abruptly ends, leaving you a bit shaken.
|sub=Shard, Wyvern |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=10/24/2013|vision=A slender S'Kra Mur woman lies supine in a cavernous hall of green basalt.  The barest echo of a sibilant melody hangs in the air for a few moments until all is silent.  The woman looks small in the vastness of the cavern, her form pale and still.  An archaic man approaches, bald and tanned, a nightingale perched upon his shoulder.  At his approach, a shrike dives and shrieks, attempting to drive him off, but the nightingale takes flight, distracting the other bird.  The man kneels at the woman's side, torches limning his features with ruddy, red light.
|sub=Peri'el, Phelim, Dergati, Tiv |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=10/17/2013|vision=Darkness. Distortion. The world warps and shifts and you find yourself watching your scaled body from a distance you can't quite place. Space and time mean nothing, there is only pain. Pain, and the knowledge that what was begun must not stop. You feel your power slipping, something you never once before felt possible, and yet it is so. A great sadness washes over you and you sink farther into the darkness, left only with the sound of claws upon stone as you snap back to your more mundane senses.
|sub=Akul'tiz |rep= False}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=You find yourself gazing towards the heavens through a crystal dome.  Naught but inky darkness resides in the sky, though etched into your bones is a certainty that your sight is directed towards the sun red, swollen and unseen.
|sub=Crystal Hand fortress |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=You find yourself gazing down upon the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow as shadows assault it. A black haired man stands before it clad in deep crimson, his brow creased in concentration.
Tendrils of shadow briefly withdraw when confronted with his magic but they are numerous and he is but one man. You watch in horror as the shadows drag him, and Observatory, into the churning earth.
|sub=Observatory of the Southern Crossbow, Kssarh |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=You find yourself soaring through the heavens, stars strewn about you like grains of sand, gazing down on the radiant lands of the Dragon. Tremors of ecstasy pass over you as shadows boil from the depths of the earth to crash over the land.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=A field of silvery-blue towers stands before you, their upper levels interconnected by shimmering filaments. Amidst them is a single spire of obsidian, alike but apart.
Without warning or sound, a bolt of red and shadow sears into a silvery-blue tower, disintegrating a large portion and toppling the remaining towers with the shrapnel.
|sub=Children of Kalestraum |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=You are only able to snatch a fragment of prophecy, a single still of red-veined darkness oozing down a massive stairway flanked by stone dragons.
|sub=Throne City |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=Prophecy trickles through your mind, manifesting as a masculine voice, "You have so much more power than you know. In ignorance you bludgeon about, oblivious to the consequences. You will learn."
|sub=Pelag ai Aldam |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=Seven androgynous figures approach you, each illuminated by a pale nimbus of starlight. One speaks, "Knowledge" and crumbles away. The next, "Power" and it too crumbles away. "Freedom", "Unseen", "Unity" as they too pass into darkness.
Only two remain before you and they share a wordless glance. One bows its head slightly and fades away leaving the last, alone, to address you. It stares at you, mute, as the sun brushes the horizon igniting the land in a reddish sunrise.
Bathed in this ruddy hue the figure whispers, "Serenity", and walks away.
|sub=Moon Mage sects |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=Vortices of brightly colored energy, each a different hue, rapidly twirl a few hand spans beneath your feet. Sprays of burning light are constantly ejected from the spinning energy, sending prismatic arcs flying through the sky. A pillar of swirling light rises up into the flickering sky from the center of the vortices.
A shifting melange of light swirls up to the flickering sky. The colors and textures of the light change from moment to moment, yet the pillar as a whole never wavers or shifts from its spot among the vortices.
...until it does; violently. Crystallized shadows burst from the pillar, scattering its light and dispersing the colors.
|sub= |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=Several tropical birds flutter about your head, plumed in vivid reds, greens and blues. One suddenly bursts into a flaming downward spiral, a doom which quickly spreads to the other birds.
|sub=Shard |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=Hands and white-robbed bodies press against you, a tide of shattered serenity. You crash through the towering obsidian doors and watch in detached horror as one of the figures trips in their haste, tumbling down the stone stairs in a broken tangle. The tide presses onward, trampling their fallen comrade, carrying you with them.
An earth-rattling boom echoes from behind you causing an involuntary glance over your shoulder. Robed figures continue to pour from the now shattered doors, flames clinging to many of their robes. Above the doors the crystalline hand's foundation gives way under the shock and heat, plummeting into a fleeing monk.
|sub=Monks of the Crystal Hand |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/11/2013|vision=A man dressed in pure white robes, belted with a broad red sash, stands on a small platform suspended in darkness. He is of an indeterminate age, his almond skin smooth but deeply wrinkled about his amber eyes.
Raging around him is an inferno of flame and shadow, though neither can breach the serenity of his platform.
|sub=Tiv |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/09/2013|vision=A horned shell rests in the palm of a monstrous hand.  The gnarled fingers slowly crush the shell to dust which mixes with the scarlet blood now oozing from within the clenched fist.
|sub=Taisgath |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=10/09/2013|vision=You hear a chill voice float through your mind, "Why do you pursue this?  It is not your place.  You, more than any of us, should know."  "Because it is my place!  It is my only place!" responds a second, deeper, voice. "They made me so."
|sub=Pelag ai Aldam, Arbiter in Darkness |rep= True}}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=You run and run, the wingbeats of your pursuers falling behind, then you abruptly plummet into a pit of dark bluish jelly!  As you struggle to unstick yourself, you realize with fright that the 'jelly' is in fact a vast mass of huddled slugs!  Inch by inch, you are drawn to their midst below, where all your five senses come under assault by the heinous little bodies.
Even after the vision ends, you have vestiges of a slimy taste in your mouth, your skin clammy.
|sub= |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=A sonorous, lulling song reverberates through your bones, accompanied by a sense of mountainous pressure.  Sibilant melodies from an otherworldly throat meld with pristine notes plucked from a distant khurmary as they rise and fall sweetly.  Shimmering, an inscribed stone stela wavers into view:
"Honor be to blessed Peri'el, for Her lullabies quell not only the World Dragon, but lesser horrors of the subterranean depths as well."
|sub= Peri'el, World Dragon|rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Your vision suddenly fractures like glass, and a distant, blurry image arises.  A bubbling fountain hovers amid a wasteland of nothingness, overflowing with a night-black nectar.  Lustrous droplets of it trickle into the waiting mouths of chicks in a nest.
|sub= |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Leaves rustle in the darkness, and your eyes find a towering bush, backlit by a feeble light.  Its woody, purple-black stems are laced with green veining which radiates outward from long, thin thorns.
Barely visible among the plant's large incarnadine blossoms is the lifeless body of a gypsy marauder, skewered on a stake-like thorn.
Leaves rustle again as a newcomer is brought, this one a squealing Human, and impaled next to the gypsy.
|sub= |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Your surroundings shift to a cavernous jungle of myriad garish mushrooms aglow with violescent traceries.  The bulk of the fungal infestation appears to have clustered upon and around a desolate sana'ati sapling in the center, feasting on its essence.  A narrow, circular walkway provides arduous navigation about this eerie garden, but you are unable to find an exit, besieged by mushrooms from all sides.
|sub= |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Squatting beside your snoozing son on a cold stone floor, you pat his shoulder fondly.  The child soon opens impossibly large, livid pink eyes.  Your vision-self is somehow not surprised, but very terrified all the same.  Still, you know you must defend him from those who will hate him!
|sub= Chrysalis|rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Stark white mists spin tightly in front of you, soon resolving into the silhouette of a large, walled house atop a grassy hill.  Scores of colorfully banded serpents slither toward its open gate, chased by cartwheeling shadows at the periphery of your vision.
Dread approaches from behind, but you cannot bring yourself to look over your shoulder, and so you simply shut your eyes, disentangling yourself from the scene.
|sub=|rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=You see a strongly built, uniformed man on his knees, his weapon discarded nearby.  Soundlessly, he is weeping burning tears of chartreuse that seem to melt his cheeks as they run down.  You blink the sad picture away. |sub=|rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=You find yourself seated at a polished mahogany table among a handful of dark-robed monks.  Another monk, hands clasped over her heart, paces around the table while addressing the congregation.
"...The Akul'tiz Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes, brothers and sisters.  Who knew the decrepit Nomad's talent was so unerring!  Yes, brethren, the northerners have protected it better than any of us could, and now it's too late for them."
The diffident responses of the others fade away along with the glimpse of foresight.
|sub=Akul'tiz |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=9/16/2013|vision=Five slivers of sickly green twitch across your sight.  Garishly lacquered fingernails click slowly against a rock wall, each tap gouging sizzling marks upon it.  Their unseen owner takes an audible, strong breath and warbles, "Praise!  Praise to the Humans!" |sub=Humans, Akul'tiz |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=7/26/2013|vision=A flash of bright light invades your vision for a brief moment, and when it clears the constellation of the Archer is before you.  The stars in turn each illuminate themselves in the shape of the bow wielding woman, before blinking out again in the same bright flash of light that proceeded the vision, leaving you blinking away spots. |sub=Lirisa, Archer_(constellation) |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=7/26/2013|vision=A halo of bright light permeates your vision for the briefest of moments.  When it clears, you find yourself as if flying down through Ilithi where you recognize Catherine's Court.  There you see a wavering, but distinct vision of a glass tympanum.  The figure in the tympanum, an Elven woman seems to smile at you briefly before the vision disappears again in a flash of pure white light leaving you blinking spots out of your eyes.|sub=Ilysia |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=4/14/2013|vision=Six towers of light spring into being about you.  They are aglow with chilly starlight, solid and seemingly eternal.  Yet as you watch, fissures, dark as the void, spiderweb through each of them, causing one to explode in a shower of searing fragments.
The remainder resist.  For a time.  Until the top of another tower implodes, leaving naught but a ragged stump behind.
The remaining four continue to struggle, though the fissures are now a vast network of absolute darkness, until, they too, can stand no more and crumble into motes of dying light.|sub=Moon Mage guild |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2013|vision=A figure suddenly appears before you that of a skinny Human with pale skin and short red hair.  His hands are awash with blood that slowly pools around his feet as he stands motionless.  His eyes slowly focus on you and a slight sneer creeps onto his face.
Something feels wrong about this vision, though you are unable to identify the source of your unease.|sub=Pelag ai Aldam |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=4/11/2013|vision=Darkness fills your mind, pierced only by a flickering torch carried by a middle aged human.  A faint wind tugs at the flame, causing shadows to dance across her weathered face and her cropped honey brown hair.  She pauses to study the stone walls, which are elaborately painted in faded pastels, as a voice whispers, "Welcome home."|sub=Cherulisa |rep=True}}
{{Visions|date=4/10/2013|vision=A middle aged Elothean stands before a horde of faceless foes.  Though she tries to fend them off with staff and shadow, one eventually pierces her defenses and at the first touch of the blade she simply turns to shadow and melts away.
The scene changes and you find yourself watching the same woman, apparently unharmed, but also seemingly unaware that a crow perches on each of her shoulders.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{Visions|date=4/9/2013|vision=Before you is a long banquet table set with a veritable feast.  Food from every culture is represented here, each dish a culinary masterpiece, and each tainted by rot.  Scampering amongst the food, nibbling at their pleasure, are numerous little shrews.|sub=Children of Kalestraum |rep=True }}
{{Visions|date=4/9/2013|vision=You find yourself standing on a barren plain, the land dead and desolate as an oppressive sun looms above.  Something brushes your leg and you glance down to find a serpent twining itself between your legs.  It appears to be molting, as pale skin covers its body and blinds its eyes.  As it rubs against you, a few flecks of skin break off revealing brilliant purple scales beneath.|sub=Prophets of G'nar Peth, Blasted Plains |rep=True}}
{{Visions|date=4/9/2013|vision=A beautiful Halfling stands before a familiar sixteen-sided building.  She stares at it thoughtfully while a nightingale flits about her head.|sub=Observatory of the Southern Crossbow, Gylwyn, Phelim |rep=True}}
{{Visions|date=4/4/2013|vision=Your sight wavers for a moment, then clears enough to see a hooded figure in robes, bent near the ground. He carves something into a rounded stone then walks off into invisibility. An oozing darkness fills the air, settling as something malignant pours forth. As the vision pans outward, you see an image of the islands just before your sight returns to normal.|sub=Invasion of shadowy black death spirits and vile plague wraiths on Aesry and Ratha, unknown summoner |rep=False}}
{{visions|date=3/11/2013|vision=Your mind's eye is captured by the image of an unnaturally thick fog bank. There is something profoundly unsettling about the fog its sickly humidity, perhaps, or the way dense patches cling and move as though alive. Despite this, you see an old Human man in simple garments stroll through the cloud, paying it no heed.|sub=Old Man |rep=False}}
{{visions|date=2/19/2013|vision=Color bleeds away from the world, leaving the area grey except for writhing purple magic that dances through the air around you. Several unnerving moments pass before muted colors slowly return to the world.
Reality shudders slightly as a you glimpse a S'Kra Mur standing before a towering obelisk, his eyes locked in a look of intense concentration.
A second vision of the S'Kra Mur assaults your mind. He stands before the obelisk, a hand pressed to its surface, as the shadowy image of a shrew grows beneath the surface.
The visions continue, pulling back to reveal the Obelisk standing on a small island. The shadow of the shrew continues to grow, swallowing the entire island.|sub=Hhstin, Taisgath,Children of Kalestraum}}
{{visions|date=2/2/2013|vision=The world beneath your feet pitches and you blink hard as black spots blur your view.  As vertigo threatens to overwhelm you, the darkness grows, obscuring your vision until everything goes completely black.  After many long moments the shadows shift until you can make out a sheer cliff towering before you in the night.  Guttering torchlight partially illuminates a pair of shadowy figures pushing a heavily laden haywagon through a large door, currently blasted open.  On either side of the opening, tall sentinels loom silently, scorched black by some fearsome power.  With a jolt your vision snaps back to normal once again, leaving you momentarily dizzy.|sub=Elpalzi, Stone Clan}}
{{visions|date=2/1/2013|vision=The world around you blurs as a searing flame suddenly spans across your visual horizon. A small army of women that appear to be on fire rush towards you with incredible speed. Just when they're about to collide with you, the image shifts and you see a brief image of a scaled hand reaching towards a fire maiden before the vision suddenly ends.|sub=Shard, Wipka, Adan'f, Fire Maiden invasion}}
{{visions|date=01/18/2013|vision= The smell of ash and brimstone filled my nostrils, the acrid reek disorienting me.
Acres of ruined farmlands stretch out on either side of the road that I stood on.  Dead and buried, they lie under ragged sheets of once-molten rock that is now chill and barren.
To the north, a massive, smoking crater snapped into existence, then just as abruptly disappearred.  The crater continued to stutter in and out of reality, each appearance a hammer-blow to my mind.
The vision slowly bled away, along with the acrid reek.  |sub=Hand of Meraud |rep= True}}
{{visions|date=1/16/2013|vision=A baleful howl tears through your mind as it ripples through probability.
Shadows scurry through your mind, reminiscent of small woodland creatures miscast from the Immortal's mold.
|sub=Hand of Meraud, invasion of various animals}}
{{visions|date=1/15/2013|vision=Darkness fills your mind. Ever so slowly a speck of light forms before you though it rapidly grows until it encompasses your entire vision. Flames leap and dart across the molten surface of your mind forcing you to withdraw to the comfort of the darkness. As you flee, an infinite expanse of stars unfurls before you, struggling against the darkness. Your mind continues to drift outwards until you find yourself standing alone holding the icosahedron of darkness and light.
|sub=Hand of Meraud
You are staggered by an intense blast of light. Your vision swiftly returns, however, the afterimage of a Gnome is indelibly etched into your retinas.
|sub=Hand of Meraud}}
An insane cackle flutters through the air as shadowy bats briefly swirl about you.
The susurrus of shadows infiltrates your thoughts. Though you do not know the words you sense that they are afraid.
|sub=Hand of Meraud}}
{{visions|date=01/13/2013|vision= A young man stood before a counter, an array of tools lined up in a careful row:  a hammer, a scythe, an awl, a pestle and a sword.  An older fellow stood by the young man's side, his face lined and careworn.  The young man's hand hovered above the counter for a few moments, then came to rest on the hilt of the sword.
The older man shook his head.  "The sword?  You disappoint me."
He continued, "A sword has only one purpose, my son."  |sub= |rep= True}}
{{visions|date=1/11/2013|vision=A wave of dizziness crashes over you as your mind is gripped by a vision.
A figure stands in a lush library, cloaked from head to heel in midnight black, its face hidden in the depths of a deep cowl.  A wolf paces restlessly to and fro, searching for an exit.  The figure lowers its hand with a soothing sound, but the wolf bares its teeth in a savage snarl, dancing away from the comforting touch.
The vision subsides, but your stomach continues to roil with nausea.
|sub=Hand of Meraud}}
{{visions|date=1/11/2013|vision=A wave of heat caresses your face as your mind is gripped by a vision.
A massive shadow looms against a rough sandstone wall, the figure that cast it shrouded in darkness.  The hooded and cloaked being reaches out, its hand small and delicate, straining toward a ball of flickering fire.
Light blossoms abruptly.  The figure staggers into full view, wreathed in light and flame.  The being is small and forlorn now, beating futilely at its burning vestments.  No sound reaches you as the figure convulses in agony.  The reek of burning hair and flesh is thick upon the air.
The light grows brighter and brighter, erasing the scene in a blaze of brilliance with a wave of force that rattles your teeth in your skull and sends your senses reeling.
You feel the beginnings of a headache behind your eyes as the vision releases its grip.
|sub=Hand of Meraud}}
{{visions|date=12/16/2012|vision=Your vision goes hazy and you find yourself looking at a village with a large gathering of Elpazi.  A small group has broken off, and looks to be standing away from the bigger cluster.  From the large group, one, clearly an elder steps forward and says, "No.  We want peace."  Your view changes, and you find yourself looking at the smaller group, all appear to be younger and angrier.  One of them, his piercing crystal blue eyes blazing, spits on the ground before the small knot turns their backs and disappears from the village. |sub=Elpalzi, Alret}}
{{visions|date=12/15/2012|vision=Your vision blackens momentarily, and you find yourself in a dark room, a young Elpazi tinkering with some sort of explosive device, with cages of various small animals stacked behind him.  The last thing you see is a pair of Elpazi hands removing a spitting and hissing cat from its cage.  The vision ends. |sub=Elpalzi |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2012|vision=A young mage dressed in black and silver gazes up at the obelisk, unconsciously fiddling with his pewter shrew amulet.  A calm voice ends the vision, though the message lingers in your mind, "Be gone, your kind is not welcome here." |sub=Children of Kalestraum, Taisgath |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2012|vision=Silvery threads stretch delicately in every direction forming an impossibly complex web.  A particular strand catches your eye as it begins to smolder. |sub=Web of Fate |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=Late October 2012|vision=A Y'shai stands nearly motionless, weapon at rest, with eyes ceaselessly scanning the shadows.  Without warning his hand darts into the shadows to grab a skulking figure.  He decrees, "That is enough from you." and dispassionately drags the struggling figure away. |sub=Y'Shai, Throne City justice system? |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=Late October 2012|vision=An elderly but remarkably well aged man strides through darkness.  Every step, every gesture, every motion he makes is done with conviction and accompanied by swirls of crimson.
A pair of massive bronze doors stands in his path, but they smoothly swing open at his approach.  Eventually, he reaches a long marble table lit by an unseen light and ringed by a wide assortment of people, all finely dressed.  Most seem unnerved by the man's approach, though several are visibly pleased.
Only as the man steps into the light do you notice the disfiguring scars that mar the man's face.  He places his right hand on the table, for his left sleeve hangs empty, and gazes at the crowd in euphoria, "Let us begin."
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/08/2012|vision= Accosted by a sudden, unfamiliar equine sensation, you open your eyes to a snow-covered world passing rapidly by you as you gallop mightily.  Hazy shapes appear in front of you, only to be mowed down like so many wheat stalks.  Soon, the snow is painted a holy red as far as the eye can see, yet you cannot slow down. |sub=Asketi's Ride |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/06/2012|vision= You open your eyes to a vision, but only see a giant snake staring back maliciously.  Immediately, it strikes at you with a tremendous force that jolts your foresight painfully and disrupts your concentration. |sub=Asketi's Ride |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/06/2012|vision= From a distance, you see the indistinct skyline of a sprawling city -- burning and half-destroyed.  The cloudy image of a pair of frosty blue eyes dominates the night sky from horizon to horizon, causing your spirit to shrivel. |sub=Asketi's Ride |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/05/2012|vision= Clad in peasant garb, you are thrown to the side of the road by a passing rider.  Although you feel no pain, your wretched inability to stand back up suggests a severe wound.  Your ragged plea for help to a nearby woman dies in your throat when you notice her long, smoke-like black hair billowing about a face of even deeper blackness. |sub=Asketi's Ride |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/05/2012|vision= You stumble through icy terrain, lost in a bleak blizzard and knowing that your companions are already dead.  A banshee scream begins in the distance and draws nearer.  Tears flood uncontrollably from your eyes, only to snap-freeze on your face, as your will to live is inexorably smothered by the cruel sound. |sub=Asketi's Ride |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/05/2012|vision= Monstrous creatures and dark-clad humanoids pour down a foggy mountainside, while a lone silver-haired woman stands before them all on their path.  Her one hand is raised in an imperious gesture as if to halt them, but her head is bowed in humble resignation.  The chaotic armies rumble past the woman, forking around her at a respectful distance. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/05/2012|vision= You suddenly find yourself at the bottom of a dry well, sheer stone walls rising around you.  High above, what appears to be a sickle dangles over the well's mouth.  Blood drips endlessly from it, drenching your helpless body and filling the well at an unreal rate.  The vision dims away just before you drown. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= You feel your heart begin to race, a surge of battle-fury wracking you.  The need to *know* throbs in your breast almost as urgently as your heartbeat.  You stand before a Human woman with pale blue eyes.  You fix her with your gaze and grate, "Tell...me..."  The urge to wrap your hands around her pale white throat is almost uncontrollable, but you keep yourself still with an effort.  The woman smiles at you, her eyes full of sadness.  She shakes her head silently and opens her mouth.  You recoil in horror. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= You see an austere classroom overfilled with people.  Robed men and women of different ages -- even a few elders and astute-looking children -- are seated at rows of desks, poring over pristine parchments.  The instructor scrawls numbers and formulae on the blackboard, pausing often to strike through something and rewrite it.  A thick sense of frustration exudes from everyone but the children.  |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= Darkness folds upon darkness, and you are suddenly standing beside a large white table.  Someone is lying atop it, shrouded by the shadows.  For some reason, you can only focus your vision on their arm -- a strong, tanned arm.
Devoid of hesitation, you draw your lancet deeply across the upper arm.  Instead of blood, what looks like multicolored ink spills out in distinct ribbons -- white, yellow, blue, green and others.  Only once they are out of the body do they begin to mingle, congealing together into a revulsive muck that sticks to your hands.
You shudder, slowly coming to your senses.  |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= As you gaze at the heavens, deep in contemplation, an unusual rainbow somehow bearing more colors than it should streaks from horizon to horizon.  A second rainbow, this one of regular colors, *slithers* across the sky from another angle, far underneath the first.  Your mind's eye is suddenly blinded by a tearing sensation, and you never get to see the third rainbow that was beginning to coalesce. |sub=}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= A small masked figure crouches before a round door of diamondique-reinforced steel, radiant tricolor runes running along its circumference.  He or she reaches out to each rune, in seemingly random order, and white lights burst at the touch, extinguishing the runes one by one.  As the last light fades away, you notice the figure rubbing its hands together with unmistakable anticipation. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/19/2012|vision= You find yourself on a vast stretch of steppe, between a herd of antelopes and several skulking pards that approach fast.  Without warning, all the animals in sight are startled as if by a whipcrack inaudible to your vision-self.  The antelopes dash in one direction, and the pards in another. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date= 07/27/2012|vision= You see a line of statues against the background of a starlit night, each made of sleek black marble.  The hems of a pair of ragged grey robes sweep past your vision, accompanied by chatter in disconcerting, throaty voices. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=07/27/2012|vision= A Human woman stands silent and unmoving, her features hidden in the depths of a deep cowl.  A S'Kra Mur female approaches briskly, touching the Human almost tenderly on the arm.  The cloaked figure leans forward and gently detaches her own tongue, placing it unflinchingly in the other's hand.  The S'Kra Mur gazes at the organ distastefully, tossing it to the ground.  Taking the Human by the elbow, the S'Kra Mur woman leads the cloaked figure away into the surrounding darkness. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=07/27/2012|vision= The world turns hazy and indistinct as your consciousness is pulled elsewhere.
Your vision clears and you find yourself looking down upon a dry lake bed in the middle of a small island.  A trio of adventurers catches your eye as they cautiously explore the area.  Unseen by them is a swarm of lurking armadillos preparing to attack.
Before the carnage can begin you find your vision drawn back to the here and now.|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=07/03/2012|vision= An elderly Halfling woman sits at a table covered by a blue tablecloth.  A vase filled with bellflowers sits among the remains of a gracious breakfast.  A tall Human woman with dark brown skin occupies a larger chair, hands folded in her lap and spine as straight as a fencepost.
The Halfling takes a dainty sip of tea from a delicate bone-white teacup.  Gazing up at the Human, she says, "Yes, she will be dealt with, but first we need more information.  That will be your task, dear."
The Human woman gazes down at her hands, expression unreadable.  She says in a neutral tone, "How forceful do you wish me to be in my inquiries, Khalo?"
"Goodness, child, there's no need yet to think of such extremes.  If we silence her too vigorously, people will believe we fear what she might say.  Bring your report to me first."
The Human woman rises, smoothing the dove-grey fabric of her silk blouse.
"As you say, Khalo." |sub=Wyllen, Asrea |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= High overhead, the ruby light of Yavash gazes down, turning the wave-filled sea below you a bloody crimson. The wind shifts and the entire world seems a rumbling, unstable mess. Just as it all settles...
Yavash is snuffed.
The sky is snuffed.
The stench of hot breath fills the air, pressing in on you from all sides. Where the red moon once poured its light, a seemingly endless stream of liquid crashes down into the sea below. Scared and confused, you skitter back from the intrusion, carefully repairing a broken section of webbing before hunkering in a nearby crack. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= Swirls of muted color occlude your sight, throwing your surroundings into quiet chaos. You find yourself in a peaceful village tinged by the foul deceit of death. A small boy's eager hand clutches your fingers, forcing you to focus.
Underneath a blanket of stars, a Gor'Tog and Elf share a conversation from the doorway of a whitewashed inn. You push the boy further behind you, a vain effort to protect him from the ghastly sight of the putrefied, venom-riddled corpse marring the otherwise tranquil scene. Only a handful of words escape their tete-a-tete to reach your ears.
The red-haired Elf pauses a moment before flicking her head toward the slain Elpalzi. The Gor'Tog approaches the corpse and unfolds a tarpaulin. Feebly, the boy whimpers, and the woman's eyes instantly settle on you with a fierce gaze.
Tears well up as you move to guard the boy. With one blink, they spill from your eyes and return you to the present. |sub=Parnore |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= All around you is darkness.  The whisper of a cold wind caresses the back of your neck, and you shiver involuntarily.  From the distance you hear hooves thundering, causing the earth to tremble.  As the sound draws closer, the cold wraps its icy tentacles around your whole body.
The darkness fades with the cacophony of the unseen steeds, leaving you with an intense feeling of foreboding. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= A bright summer sun blazes down, illuminating the calm water below.  High above, at the edge of your world, a massive shadow comes into view.  The great dark shape plunges toward you, falling from the sky.  Landing with a splash, the object just as quickly returns skyward, taking its newly gathered cargo with it.  Nonplussed, you return to work wrapping your latest victim in a shroud of fine webbing. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= Through the haze of time, an indistinct scene unfolds before your eyes.  Two nervous women wearing plain dresses, Elven and Elothean, confront a large bald man, whose jaw drops at something they say.  He bellows in rage, but becomes smaller and smaller in stature.  The last thing you see is the Elothean cowering behind the Elf before the vision is engulfed in haze. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/25/2012|vision= You see a line of statues against the background of a starlit night, each made of sleek black marble.  The hems of a pair of ragged grey robes sweep past your vision, accompanied by chatter in disconcerting, throaty voices.|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/04/2012|vision= You see a pair of towering Elpalzi warriors striding purposefully toward you, blue eyes blazing.  One of them growls, "It's time, Parnore.  Time for you to step down.  Time for our people to take back Zoluren."  You stand quietly staring at them, unmoving.  The pair grin fiercely as they draw small blades and begin circling you. |sub=Parnore, Alret, Garhal |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/04/2012|vision= The great expanse of a bright blue sky passes slowly in front of your eyes.  You ache all over, every bump and jostle from the road you're being dragged across sends piercing bolts of pain into your back and abdomen.  Just when the pain becomes unbearable, your journey stops and you are uncerimoniously dumped before a town well.  Townspeople scurry by, all but ignoring your bleeding body as it drains its vital fluids from the stab wounds in your belly.  Just as the vision fades, you hear a small girl screaming. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=Early January 2012|vision= You see a ragged Human underneath the night sky.  He sits on a large rock at the crest of a hill, his tri-color robes torn and bloody.  In front of him is a tall creature, Human in basic shape but formed by flat planes of white light.  Coldness radiates from the creature, forming a frost in the surrounding grass.
The Human, his face in his hands, asks, "Why?"
The creature responds, "You inherited a debt.  Your kind claimed the majesty of the heavens as their own.  It is not without price.  It is not without obligation.  Yet even that... even those who know they are called, fall victim to your hands."
"You are the children of foolish, but prideful men.  When did you start needing gods to come tell you good from evil?    Celestial or cthonic freedom or fate.  You wield your ambivalence as a shield.  You were called, and you have not answered."|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/13/2011|vision= Shadows resolve into a funeral procession moving quietly through a cemetery surrounded by massive edifices.  The apprehension of the participants grows visibly when they spot the large, cowled man awaiting them ahead.  As the coffin is placed on the ground at his impatient gesture, he begins ministering the burial rites in a deep monotone that sounds awfully bored. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= Feeling oddly avian, you hear your own wingbeats as you speed through the streets of a large, bustling city, finally coming to a stop at the entrance of a squalid alley.  There, two cats circle and tear at each other ceaselessly with primal ferocity.  You mentally push the vision away, your head numb from all the mad yowling.|sub=}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= Your vision is shrouded by white mist accompanied by roaring silence that drowns out any other sounds.  With each breath, you suck some of the fog into your lungs and the world around you becomes slightly more visible.  The cursed air sinks into your stomach, balling into a malevolent tumor, and every second, a chilled tendril reaches out from this core to spread across your body, infecting each of your muscles.  Eventually, you have sucked in enough mist and are able to tell that you are on a ship.  Blurred figures stand on the deck, dark holes where their eyes should be, staring into the fog, gaping holes where their mouths should be, emitting grey steam instead of sound.
The boat lurches suddenly, and the jolt returns you to yourself. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= Your foresight paints the world with the color of a tropical blue sea, alit with glorious sunlight refracting from the surface.  A small white jellyfish sways gracefully in the waters, perhaps a mysterious dance to the songs of Eluned.  Your vision changes angle, and you see that the cute jellyfish is gliding closely over the deck of a shipwreck.  It approaches a humanoid body, bloated by now, and swiftly disappears into its mouth with a watery slurp.  As the corpse begins to squirm, the sea scene flakes all around you. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= Darkness overcomes you, but your eyes see again as if a Tenebrous Sense has just manifested of its own accord.  You are dwarfed in front of what looks like a monolithic idol in a cavern.  Behind you, large blue reptiles lounge around rocks rimming an underground lake.  They are unaware of your wraithlike presence, and you gratefully fade away. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= The steep walls of a pit rise around you, faintly transparent and juxtaposed over the real world.  Nearby, a Human priestess slumps in the mud, yet her sunken eyes burn with dedication.  She appears to be wiping intently at a huge mound of dirt with her hands.  Watching this tedious work slackens your mind after a while, causing the scene to fade away. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= You see a weary Human priestess leaning on a rickety shovel, smiling at something behind you despite her sorry appearance.  Her once-regal caftan is smeared with dirt, her hands are scuffed, and locks of greying hair have escaped her elaborate, gold-clasped braid.  After a while, she blinks slowly and turns her unbroken smile to you.  You suddenly realize you are holding an orb in your hand, its glass emitting a wavering glow. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=11/13/2011|vision= Right in front of you is a sumptuous slice of pecan pie with butterscotch topping.  As the vision zooms out, you see that it is being held at arm's length by a thin, venerable Human man.  He eyes the dessert with a mix of surprise, longing and extreme suspicion.  Finally steeling his resolve, he throws away the pie and walks onward, out of your sight. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Bright light shines down from above, uncomfortably warm, though a gentle sea spray brushes over your burned skin. In spite of the pain that surges with even the slightest of movements, the beach scene around you is peaceful. Grasses sway in the breeze, the smells of cooking foods are strong and sounds of people happily talking to one another are easily heard. Shattering the serenity, a frantic voice shouts out from an unseen speaker, "You're back! Quidan! Lavieska! Council! Ali..." The vision abruptly ends. |sub=Quidan, Fang Cove,  |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Blinding brightness overwhelms your senses, and your badly burned skin aches as a salty spray splashes over you. As you adjust to the painfully intense light, a gaunt Gnome with a lengthy beard comes into focus. A table covered in colorful shells sits behind him, while tall grasses and a clay bank obstruct the view beyond. Indistinct muttering draws your attention back to the figure. With a short stick, he scratches complex figures into the sand, studies them, then curses and wipes his work away. The call of a gull overheard heralds the vision's immediate end. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= A high-pitched buzz like that of a pesky gnat sounds near your ear and ever so slowly rotates around your head. As you focus on it, your surroundings dim until only a confined area immediately before you isn't concealed in a black void. A gaunt Gnome with a lengthy beard seems to be staring intently at you, shouting something you can't quite make out. Though you turn about to see if he may be speaking to someone else, there's no one there. A single word finally pierces your vision-induced haze, startling you and drawing your attention back to the Gnome as the vision fades: "ALIVE!" |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= The world around you falls away, leaving you hovering, weightlessly in blindingly bright void. Sounds begin to pierce the veil, slowly and quietly at first -- a gull calling, waves upon a shore, the crackle of a flame, the thunks of knives cutting swiftly. The light dims at last, leaving you standing at a window looking out on crude, wooden dock while the work of a kitchen takes place behind you. A cry of alarm outside grabs your attention and heralds the vision's end. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Bright light momentarily blinds you. The sounds of a beach overlap those of a small community working their daily routines -- hammers banging, bellows being pumped, a few young kids playing with one another. A burly, green-eyed Gor'Tog standing outside a crude structure is the first thing you see as your sight slowly returns. Severe scars mar both of his arms. A young man runs up to him and says something that you can't hear from this distance. The Gor'Tog's eyes go wide as he vanishes inside for only a moment before dashing out and away carrying an armful of furs. You feel a tap on your shoulder, but when you turn, the vision ends and your surroundings return. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Deep darkness descends, cloaking your surroundings in ominous shadows. An unseen voice speaks into the stillness before you, "It's time. Give the order." A second voice speaks nervously from behind, "As you wish, sir." A brief moment of whispering fabric as they move away follows before the latter voice is heard again. "Er, sir? Won't someone notice them being..." A brief, nearly silent scuffle ends with a soft bump as a body falls to the ground. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Darkness descends, cloaking your surroundings in ominous shadows. "You will not question my instructions. Your role is not that of inquisitor. Your role is to deliver my messages to those who need them. Do you understand?" A secondary voice quickly answers, "Aye." An uncomfortable silence stretches for what seems an eternity before the first speaks again with a chuckle, "Well done." |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Deep darkness descends, cloaking your surroundings in ominous shadows. A lamp pierces the darkness, revealing a young, but otherwise nondescript face. A whip cracks as a beast-drawn wagon trundles noisily across a bridge stretching overhead. The figure nods and immediately banging rings out into the cloaked night, drawing your attention away. Metal being torn apart shrieks out into the night. As quickly as it began, the torturous sounds stop. Turning back, you realize the youth has vanished, though the light of a lamp that wasn't there before shines down from a bloodwood building above. |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= Darkness descends, cloaking your surroundings in ominous shadows. As you try to get your bearings, the location shifts, and you find yourself looking down at a table before a roaring fireplace. Four figures sit across from one another, and pipe smoke hangs heavy in the air. One says, "He did well. They left nothing behind. The reports I've seen question the vandalism, but nothing more. I assigned our man to guard things. He'll make a little something on the side while maintaining nothing's afoul." |sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/06/2011|vision= The lingering echo of a past vision nags at the edges of your senses. The more you try to bring it into focus, the more fleeting the memory is. A single, whispered word finds its way into your thoughts: "unnatural."|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=Originally appeared 08/04/2011, disappeared 01/07/2012, reappeared 09/15/2012|vision= A severe hissing sound fills your thoughts as your mind is gripped by a vision.
You realize that you can sense the life essences of everything around you, centered on a large, ruddy seed that you grasp firmly in your left hand. The lush greens of a forest swim before your eyes, but your mind reels with the overwhelming feeling of struggle, as everything around you fights to live and thrive. The sensation grows and grows, your nerves singing with the agony of life. As you feel yourself slipping toward unconsciousness, an older Human with a scarred face steps toward you and takes your arm.
The Human says, "Khalo..."
The hissing sound fades along with the vision. |sub=Shock_Quest |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/04/2011|vision= A leader-clad male Dwarf stands before a Human woman with long black hair and pale skin criss-crossed with scars. She gazes at him coldly, only her violet eyes and her combative, poised stance betraying her fury. The Dwarf makes a sweeping gesture with his arm, bringing it up towards the sky and down towards the ground. With a slurping sound, a massive torrent of red and green goo rains from above! The Human, unaffected, steps closer to the Dwarf, ensnaring him with her gaze. The Dwarf falls to his knees, a look of total bewilderment gripping his features as the vision fades. |sub=Annael |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/10/2011|vision= Darkness surrounds you, followed swiftly by the sound of some large, hollow material clattering together.  A sticky substance begins to drip over your body, noxious fumes filling your nose and mouth.  The suffocating sensation sends you into a momentary panic and you reach out to get a sense of your surroundings.  Your hands meet thick vertical posts almost immediately, calling the mental image of a cage to mind.  Trapped in the cramped cell, you only vaguely hear a laughing voice shouting somewhere in the distance, "Yes!  An army of behemoths at my command!  Let the white walls tremble at my approach!"  You feel certain you are going to pass out, choked by the horrendous, thick mucus, when all at once the world around you returns, the chilling sounds and sensations disappearing.
|sub=Lhars |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/07/2011|vision= Suddenly your vision turns black and you can feel that you are standing in water up to your knees.  Reaching out, you feel wet, moss-covered stones.  As you look up, you can barely see the night sky through what seems like a small pinhole.  You feel panic starting to creep up your spine as you realize you are at the bottom of a deep well.  You begin to scream when suddenly you are back where you started, hoping that no one heard you.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=01/07/2011|vision= You see a soldier encased from head to toe in polished plate armor.  He stands over a black-robed form that lies obscured in the mud, while fresh blood drips off his brandished sword.
An elderly farmer calls out from the side, "What was his name?"
The soldier replies, "Why does it matter?"
"Well, if you don't know his name, what are you going to put on his tombstone?"
"Tombstone?  Who are you?"
The Old Man dismisses the question with a brushing gesture, "I fancy myself an expert on the creation and destruction of monsters."
The soldier takes a step forward, his shining boot planted firmly among the mud and gore, "Why are you here, then?"
The Old Man stares morosely at the soldier and says, "I reckon at least one of those just happened."
|sub=Old Man |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=02/07/2011|vision= Your vision momentarily blurs.  As it clears, you find yourself bathed in a brilliant blue light.  A sense of joy fills your being... at first.  Slowly and painfully you start to disintigrate, each tiny bit of what was once you floating high up into the light.  Just when you think the pain couldn't possibly get worse the vision ends, leaving you whole and slightly dazed.
|sub= Xibar topaz|rep=False}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= Low chanting fills your ears.  Looking around you find yourself inexplicably sitting at an oval-shaped table with a dozen or so hooded monks, all reciting the same phrase.  The words seem strange, and as you attempt to focus on them you feel your sanity slowly slipping away.  Erupting into a fit of maniacal laugher, you abruptly awaken from the strange dream, feeling somehow changed.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= Dark skies roll in overhead, followed by inky waves of a sea surrounding you.  Aboard a violently swaying ship, you find yourself at the center of a great, oceanic maelstrom.  Back and forth the deck tilts, the angle growing more and more severe with each great wave.  Suddenly a loud *CRACK* pierces through the din, and you look up to see the mast snapped, falling directly toward you.  Just before you are crushed, you notice a stout, bearded fellow leaping into the waves, cutlass in hand.  The vision fades.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= You find yourself at a fisherman's wharf, screams and pandemonium breaking out among a throng, with people running in all directions and pushing and shoving through the crowd.  A moment later, a massive suckered tentacle rears up from beyond and comes crashing down, sweeping dozens of victims into the churning waters of the harbor.  Ship's masts rock to and fro as more of the huge, flailing tendrils wend their way up on shore, wrapping around some and crushing others.  The horrible image fades in a blink, leaving behind only a disturbing memory.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= Darkness envelops you briefly, and as your vision clears you see a beautiful woman with angelic features, head covered with a shadowy hood, stalking behind a large drunken man walking in the shadows.  Suddenly, she draws a knife and begins to quietly move closer to the man.  Before you can protest, she has stabbed the man multiple times in the back.  She searches his dead body, finds what appears to be a deed of some sort.  After pocketing the object, she drags the corpse into an alley just as your vision returns to normal.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= A faint drone fills your ears and your sight blurs.  With a sudden snap, your vision flashes to a well-traveled road.  A young lass dressed in finery is accompanied by a small entourage traveling at a relaxed pace.  Suddenly, a loud *THWACK* rings out as a piercing arrow hits its mark.  A bloody red haze encircles the vision as chaos ensues, the lass falling into a crumbled heap.  Deafening screams echo across the road and the image of a lion flashes before you, just as your mind's eye snaps shut, leaving you breathless.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= Bands of wavering color wash over your vision, fading into a vibrant forest scene.  A female archer with blonde hair and green eyes steps from the foliage, her Human features complimented by pointed ears.  She holds one hand up to silence you, and then points to the south.  You follow her fingertip toward the distance, hearing her say, "He is coming."  Before your eyes can focus on where she is indicating, the vision fades.
|sub= Lirisa |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/30/2010|vision= You see a man without eyes, crossing the desert.  He walks with a staff in hand, face turned always towards the sun, bare feet shuffling through the sand.  Coming to a valley with a three-spired ridge along the edge, red rocks jutting toward the sky, he stops and raises his staff into the air.  "Come forth, my minions!"  After a moment, the sand of the valley begins to rumble and shift, but the vision is already fading.
|sub= Lhars, Cadaverous Yeehar |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/29/2010|vision= As your vision twists you see a tattered old man surrounded by a pile of bones that appear to be Human and Elven.  The man searches aimlessly through the bones until he finds the one he is looking for.  He grins, and as he does, you can see bits of flesh hanging from his teeth.  Setting the bone to the side he says to himself, "That will be for later!"  Your vision returns to normal, but the image of that man will always remain.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/29/2010|vision= Stern features spring to life in front of you, a dark-skinned Human with short black hair dominating your field of vision.  His displeased gaze turns to an enraged snarl and he shouts, "No!  For the last time, no!  Good gods, you are entirely useless!"  Without warning you find yourself upside-down and sailing out through the nearby window.  Thankfully, the vision fades before you crash to the ground.
|sub= Kssarh|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=12/29/2010|vision= A starry sky races past you suddenly, familiar constellations sliding away to be replaced by more and stranger formations.  Clouds form in the blackness between, bubbling outward from the inky darkness into smoky tendrils that flail and grasp, seemingly toward you.  One by one they absorb the points of light, clearing the sky of stars.  Relief washes over you as the vision abruptly ends.
|sub= |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/16/2010|vision= Your vision blurs.  As it comes back to focus, you have a bird's eye view of a massive keep.  Workers mill about the area chopping trees, shaping stone, and laying a cobble road.  Seated within the center of the clearing is a lone albino blood wolf, his gaze carefully surveying the nearly completed work.  As he turns his muzzle upward toward you the vision abruptly ends.
|sub=Ulf'Hara Keep, Vorclaf |rep=True}}
{{visions|date=10/16/2010|vision= A barely perceptible shadowy aura clings to your skin, energizing you with a sense of safety and well-being.  It does not last long, however, as an unwelcome searing light rends apart your aura.  The loss stabs your heart with daggers of dull, numbing pain.
{{visions|date=10/16/2010|vision= You find yourself buried vertically in some sort of thick mud, your limbs immobile and your eyelids heavy with exhaustion.  A twilight-hued frog leaps in front of your face and fixes you with a bug-eyed, whimsical stare.  The vision ripples away from your mind.
{{visions|date=10/16/2010|vision= You see a cyan snake that is slithering across a floor of irregularly interlocked black and white tiles.  It pauses briefly, then multiplies into three snakes that look identical to their parent.  Your viewpoint elevates as the new snakes move on in different paths that oddly follow the tile patterns, each one trifurcating again.  The scene blurs away before you can discern the overarching mosaic that was beginning to show.
{{visions|date=10/15/2010|vision= The threads of fate billow into an expansive fog in which the only visible thing is the silhouette of a man seated on an elaborately sculpted platinum chair.  Your mind's eye is so distant from him, however, that you cannot make out his shadowed face.  From the flashy bolero he is humming, he seems happy in spite of the dreary surroundings.
{{visions|date=10/14/2010|vision= You find yourself staring at your reflection in a mirror, which slowly darkens into a pitch-black ersatz.  Noticing there is no mirror anymore, you reach out with a hesitant hand to touch the creature.  The coldness of its skin makes you jerk your hand back and ends the vision.
|sub=Dunshade: Echo of Tears|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=09/23/2010|vision= Your vision comes to rest on a merchant spreading his wares gloomwood table.  In the middle of the table you see a pedestal of bluefire velvet.  Fine metallic threads used in the warp of the fabric catch the light, causing an illusion resembling blue lightning crackling across its surface.  Rare gems rest on the surface of the velvet including haze sapphires, night diamonds, and cloud rubies.  Surrounding the pedestal are bolts of Elven snowlace, duchess satin, lava samite, and starlight velvet.  The merchant shifts a bolt of fabric, allowing you to catch a glimpse of bolts of mana engraved into the surface of the table. Your vision returns to normal.
|sub=Hollow Eve 2010|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=09/23/2010|vision= Your vision attempts to focus on an endless void, but soon your head aches as your eyes fail to find a point to rest upon.  You become aware of a rhythmic pulsing somewhere in the shifting nothingness, eventually settling to a steady drip, drip, drip.  A small point appears, then another and another.  Your vision returns to normal before any of the spots gets close enough for you to recognize its shape or form.
{{visions|date=09/23/2010|vision= The world spins around you, finally settling on a priestess raising her arms at an altar.  Clad in an oceanmist satin robe embroidered with bolts of mana, she holds a dusk rose in one hand and a chalice made of haralum in the other.  A small smile appears on her lips as your vision returns to normal.
|sub= Morlaena|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=09/06/2010|vision= Your vision flashes black without warning.  Darkness surrounds you.  As you draw an uneasy breath, mud and water flow quickly into your mouth and nose, clogging your airways.  You blink rapidly as you attempt to pull yourself to fresh air and continued life.  You feel the unbearable weight on your chest move toward your neck, like hands wrapping themselves around you in a tight embrace.  Just as you start to lose all hope your vision snaps back to normal.
{{visions|date=09/05/2010|vision= You hear steel clashing against steel!  Turning around, you see two figures: both the size and build of a Human male and both clad head to toe in identical, bare steel plate.  Each fights with an identical bastard sword and wards their opponent away with identical shields which bear no crests.
Unsurprisingly, the fighters are evenly matched.  What few blows are not parried or batted away fail to penetrate their armor.  Only as the fight goes on do you notice a distinction between the two: one radiates a sense of... wrongness, a detectable repugnance that can only be described in terms of spiritual or moral worth.
{{visions|date=09/05/2010|vision= Your vision sharply blurs, leaving indistinct whorls of color in front of you.  When you recover, two animals stand in front of you.  One is a prime example of a lion, while standing near its front paws is a tensed mongoose.  Moments pass, and then...
...nothing happens.  There is no intuitive meaning; no sense of power or destiny.  The two animals stare at you, and you could almost fancy they are disappointed.  The lion turns its back to you and walks away, the mongoose scampering after him.
|sub=Chadatru, Rutilor|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=Between 8/31/2010 and 09/05/2010|vision= As your vision clears you find yourself in a large theater. A stage magician, clad in a dark robe adorned with lightning bolts of mana,  holds the crowd's rapt attention.  The magician summons you to the stage  and places a dove in your outstretched hand, then covers the bird with an iridescent cloth.  Suddenly the illusionist produces a knife and slashes at the cloth which explodes in a flash of light.  The crowd gasps in amazement as the bird and one of your fingers have vanished.  The magician raises his hands high above his head, basking in the cheers of the crowd as you make your way back to your seat.  The audience is still cheering as your vision returns to normal. 
{{visions|date=08/31/2010|vision= Your vision blurs.  As it comes back to focus, you have a bird's eye view of the foundation of a massive keep.  Workers mill about the area chopping trees, shaping stone, and laying a cobble road.  Seated within the center of the clearing is a lone albino blood wolf, his gaze carefully surveying the work in progress.  As he turns his muzzle upward toward you the vision abruptly ends.
|sub=Ulf'Hara Keep, Vorclaf|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/31/2010|vision= Your vision blurs.  As it comes back to focus, you have a bird's eye view of the foundation of a massive keep.  Workers mill about the area chopping trees, shaping stone, and laying a cobble road.  Seated within the center of the clearing is a lone albino blood wolf, his gaze carefully surveying the work in progress.  As he turns his muzzle upward toward you the vision abruptly ends.
{{visions|date=08/31/2010|vision= You see an elderly Human farmer, hoe in hand, working in a garden.  A pillar of fire and sunlight erupts some feet behind him, a screaming flame that somehow that does not consume the vegetation beneath it.  The sunlight brightens and dims rhythmicly, while the crackle of the flame transforms into a polyphonic voice.
"They need to die."
The Old Man replies nonchalantly, "Everybody dies."
While it has no body language to speak of, you intuit that the flame is not amused.  An awkward silence holds until the Old Man speaks again, "Can you do anything about the demon?"
"Then you have a very serious problem.  Good luck with that."  With that, the Old Man returns his attention to his vegetables.
|sub=Old Man, The Hunger|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=08/20/2010|vision= You grow lightheaded, feeling almost giddy.  The world around you becomes gradually more blurry, images and forms trailing behind their actual location as you turn to inspect them.  Somewhere beneath the euphoric sensation you are aware of a power surging through you, giving you pause for a moment as you inspect yourself.  Your body, rippling with musculature you previously did not possess, inspires you to utilize this amazing strength.  Head rising to survey your surroundings once more, it becomes immediately apparent to you what must be done.  Your knuckles tighten and a grim smile crosses your face as the vision fades.
{{visions|date=08/14/2010|vision= The world changes in a rush of color and sound, your body swiftly replaced by a muscular form rippling with excess energy.  Cackling maniacally you charge forward through a landscape that was not there moments before, sending waves of cracking, dark purple energy after fleeing silhouettes -- hapless fools too slow to escape your might.  A sharp sensation of agony lances through your body, returning you painfully to your senses.  Looking down you see a barbed metal spade jutting out of your chest and feel your body fall forward, the intoxicated sensation drifting away.  A sound of galloping hooves rushes past you before the vision fades.
{{visions|date=08/13/2010|vision= Raucous laughter rings in your ears, a middle-aged human woman coalescing in your vision.  She slaps at her knee, then takes a mighty swig from a tarnished silver belt flask.  The woman leans close to a slight figure, offering the flask.  The figure raises a bloody hand and shakes its head, declining.  The human woman looks disappointed, then takes another gulp, the reek of cheap liquor permeating the area.  As the figure lowers its hand, you notice a plain silver ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' guild adorning the smallest finger.  The human woman corks her flask, determination glinting in her eyes, and the vision goes black.
{{visions|date=08/01/2010|vision=  As your vision twists you see an ancient shaman seated in what appears to be a sandstone cave, its walls glittering with embedded gems.  Around him is scattered the detritus of failed experiments.  In one hand he holds a pale runestone as he uses a broken arrow to dig a gem from the wall of the cave.  You notice a small leather pack at his feet as something within it begins to stir.  The shaman nudges the pack gently with his foot and says "Quiet my friend.  Soon you shall feast, and all will tremble at the precision of our terrible magic.  As your vision returns to normal you hear the shaman chortling softly.
{{visions|date=08/01/2010|vision=  A young girl, slight and frail, with wispy hair, stands in front of a small cottage.  A bird lands on her finger and whistles inquiringly at her.  She responds with another whistle, and the bird nods its head and flies away.  The girl cocks her head oddly and turns to look at you, and the vision fades.
{{visions|date=05/31/2010|vision=Your vision blurs, obscured by blades of tall grass, and you realize that you are pressed flat on the ground, hiding in the weeds.  You turn your head and see billows of dust rising from a dirt road.  Through the grey haze, you see a seemingly endless parade of combat boots and wagon wheels.  A pebble is kicked at your head, and your involuntary flinch causes the nearest pair of boots to stop.  As they turn toward your hiding place, your vision fades.
{{visions|date=05/22/2010|vision=You stand at the edge of a forest, watching a boy in a clearing drop rocks into a pond.  He seems to see something and leans closer to the water.  With lightning speed, a pair of scaly arms reaches up to grab him around the neck, pulling him in.  As the ripples subside on the pond, the vision fades.
{{visions|date=05/22/2010|vision=Your vision wavers, and you see the silhouette of a tall figure with bowed head and shackled hands, standing before a magistrate.  Someone leans over and whispers into the magistrate's ear, slipping him a jingling pouch.  The magistrate smiles thinly and gestures for the shackled man to be taken away.  The man's shackles break and he begins uttering a terrible incantation.  As the air crackles with gathering mana, your vision fades.
{{visions|date=05/14/2010|vision=A Dwarven miner stands in a cavern beside a pile of tools and spent torches.  As he raises his sputtering lantern high, the glitter of precious jewels sparkles from the walls.  At that moment, the lantern goes out, plunging the cavern into total darkness.  The vision fades.
{{visions|date=05/14/2010|vision=You walk on a path, keeping your eyes on the sharp, broken cobblestones beneath your feet.  Something draws your gaze upward to a ruined tower silhouetted against the sky.  The sight feels new to you, yet there is still something familiar about the place.  Just as you feel you can put your finger on it, the vision fades.
{{visions|date=04/27/2010|vision=Colors and shapes dance in the fringes of your vision, constantly evading your focus.  Your prophetic connection feels unusually languid as the images sputter in and out of existence.  Gradually a single image comes to dominate your senses -- a gleaming white tower under assault by the elusive imagery.
{{visions|date=04/27/2010|vision=You suddenly find yourself standing in a vast wheat field, a sharpened scythe in your hand.  As you swing the blade through a tall growth of ready-to-harvest stalks a large squad of ogres stomps into the area.  They ignore you as they begin harvesting the same field you're working, stuffing the grain haphazardly into teh sacks tied to their waists.  Just as you turn to run one of them takes notice and begins lumbering in your direction...
|sub=Ogre, Naarg|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=04/27/2010|vision=You are suddenly flying high above a familiar well.  Wind blowing freely against your face, you slowly circle the small hamlet.  Screams echo all around you as a horde of trolls made of stone and tree hastily grab food and supplies from the homes, and even the hands, of nearby villagers.  As your gaze turns south you see the horde moving slowly through the fields, filling sacks as they go.
|sub=Rock Troll|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=04/27/2010|vision=A sextet of incongruous scarecrows stands on a hill in the middle of strange, blasted lands.  They are bound with leaping arcs of energy to each other and to a squat iron curtain before them.  Each pulse of the arcs elicits sprays of reddish black blood from both the figures and the iron, painting the air.  As the sun rises behind the wall, the brilliant rays make you avert your eyes from the poignant scene.
{{visions|date=04/27/2010|vision=Your foresight paints the world with the color of a tropical blue sea, alit with glorious sunlight refracting from the surface.  A small white jellyfish sways gracefully in the waters, perhaps a mysterious dance to the songs of Eluned.  Your vision changes angle, and you see that the cute jellyfish is gliding closely over the deck of a shipwreck.  It approaches a humanoid body, bloated by now, and swiftly disappears into its mouth with a watery slurp.  As the corpse begins to squirm, the sea scene flakes all around you.
|sub=Drowned Ones|rep=True}}
{{visions|date=04/25/2010|vision=You see a weary Human priestess leaning on a rickety shovel, smiling at something behind you despite her sorry appearance.  Her once-regal caftan is smeared with dirt, her hands are scuffed, and locks of greying hair have escaped her elaborate, gold-clasped braid.  After a while, she blinks slowly and turns her unbroken smile to you.  You suddenly realize you are holding an orb in your hand, its glass emitting a wavering glow.
{{visions|date=04/20/2010|vision=You find yourself standing on the edge of a bottomless pit, dressed in a flowing white robe.  Your hands are bound behind your back with a silken rope, and the muted cheers from a crowd screaming for sacrifice make it nearly impossible to think.  Strangely, you find this perfectly natural and right -- It is your fate, your destiny, your desire to become a small part of something so much larger than yourself.  The cheers of the crowd are at a near fervor, and a surreal sense of peace comes over you, quieting your heart.  You take the step forward, willingly leaping from the precipice and plunging toward your final death.
{{visions|date=04/19/2010|vision=You find yourself sitting at the base of a hill made entirely of shattered glass.  Picking up one of the pieces, you see that a faded script is etched on it in Gamgweth, though the words are far too faded to make out.  The pieces range from miniscule to about the size of a handspan, each one with writing in a different language.  Looking around, you see that more giant heaps of glass stretch all the way to the horizon, which ends in complete darkness.  The night sky above is covered with stormclouds, and a bolt of lightning streaks down to hit one of the disarrayed piles and washing the vision away from your sight.
{{visions|date=04/19/2010|vision=You see a pack of tawny brown coyotes racing across the desert in pursuit of some hapless Human.  Tongues lolling out of their mouths, they catch up to the man with a wild celerity that alarms your subconscious.  A sudden dust devil erodes the vision away from you.
{{visions|date=04/09/2010|vision=The world is deconstructed into grey, tan and brown particles as your mind is drawn along a multi-stranded cord of fate.
You crouch in the shadows behind a group of dark-skinned, withered Elves who are in counsel with a vaporous apparition of white and yellow.  Though some have the hint of defiant pride in their eyes, they all maintain a respectful bearing toward her.
Tapping her chin with a finger, a particularly vexed-looking crone says, "He is too young."  The elderly man next to her nods thoughtfully.
The spirit smiles.  "We have had younger."
"So be it."
The ghostly woman raises a single hand placidly, making a benevolent gesture.  Her form begins to fade, dematerializing until nothing but a faint mist is left, the scent of fresh herbs rising to meet your nostrils.
{{visions|date=04/08/2010|vision=Exuding an air of authority and displeasure, a stern Dwarven woman with tightly pulled-up hair stares down at a bowl of gruel.  She then launches into a thorough tongue-lashing which you hardly understand, but someone else mumbles, "Y-yes, Mistress."  White-robed novices scurry behind her as the Dwarf storms out.
{{visions|date=04/01/2010|vision=You find yourself in a spherical prison of glass, alight with such a powerful white glow that it is impossible to glimpse the outside.  The light, for all its benign glamor, is annulling the very air you breathe.  You fall to your knees in suffocation, but there is no reprieve or mercy.  As you rest your dying hands on the warm glass wall, it blackens like the onrushing thunderclouds of a storm and explodes into a cloud of noxious-smelling dust!
{{visions|date=03/28/2010|vision=Prophecy grips your mind, filling it with a stormy scene.  Rain pounds the ground around you as a second glow appears directly overhead.  The glow builds in intensity, a hellish inferno surpassing even the sun as it plummets towards the horizon.  With the impact, the sky goes red and the foretelling releases your senses before the shockwave reaches you.
Reality suddenly ripples.  As it stills, you find yourself standing on the deck of a ship.  The crew hurries at their tasks, oblivious to your presence.  Your gaze is drawn towards the horizon where a small fleet of ships sails in formation with your own.  Though shark fins swim escort to each of the ships, their crews seem unaware of their presence.  The world flickers red as the vision fades.
Something seems wrong with the world, though long moments pass before you are able to place it - reality has taken on a slightly red tinge.  As comprehension fills you, the red quickly deepens casting everything in bloody hues.  The world explodes around you in a flash of white light.  Sight slowly returns, the unnatural hues banished, but a sensation of foreboding remains nestled in your mind.
Lighting strikes at you, hundreds of bolts slamming into the ground at once.  Debris fills the air as you are tossed like a rag doll, ozone and smoke filling your nostrils.  Crumpled and in a daze, you blink rapidly trying to restore vision to your abused eyes.  Searing echoes of the lighting strikes slowly fade, only to be replaced by thick blood oozing down your face.  Try as you might to clear your eyes, only the blood-red remains.  Without warning another bolt strikes at you, shattering the trance-like vision.
You are stunned!
You collapse from the intensity of the vision!
The world around you vanishes as you find yourself under inky waters.  You savor the air in your lungs as you are caught up in the angry waves and hammered against unseen debris.  Sweet breath is crushed from your body, though you managed to escape any broken bones.  Its as if Drogor himself has seen fit to punish you for venturing into his waters.  The vision is ripped from your mind as the waves close in once more.
Pain builds in your chest and your connection to Fate shudders.  Disoriented, you find yourself again tumbling breathless in salty waters.  Resisting the urge to surrender, you manage to draw in a half breath as the current pulls you under once more.  Hands and feet grow heavy, weighing you down more than helping you fight.  Every beat of your heart pounds against your skin, a sharp contrast to the spreading numbness in your limbs.  A lingering sense of mortality perches in the back of your mind as the world returns to normal.
Your life lingers onward, unwilling to extinguish itself, but no longer able to stand the pain.  It seems the suffering can continue no longer, yet does.  When Aldauth’s cruel hand finally snuffs out your life, the foretelling ends with it, and you are thankful.
You are stunned!
You collapse from the intensity of the vision!
Sea spray splashes over you as the image of a tanned Kaldar with tight red dreadlocks fills your mind.  His muscular build is evident beneath his white silk shirt and grey breeches.  Your sight doubles and blurs as future and present juxtapose - muscle melts from him, his features turn gaunt, and his clothing is torn to rags.  A haunted, but determined, look fills his dark eyes as a distant cry rips the vision from your mind.
Your eyes water, tears forming without apparent cause or motivation.  Blinking to clear them away, you find yourself looking up through sea water towards the shining sun.  Oddly, you have no trouble breathing and find yourself at peace until the first bloated body drifts into view.  Countless more follow, their lifeless eyes gazing towards you, empty.  Black and bloated, they blot out the sun, the vision passing with the final ray of light.
You are stunned!
|sub=Estate Holder Trading Fleet 397|rep=False}}
{{visions|date=01/05/2010|vision= Glare spots appear in your eyes, accompanying the sense that something is in motion in the heavens.
Another flash of light partially blinds you, leaving your sight changed in its wake. A translucent obelisk stands before you, easily over a hundred feet tall. Four huge jewels adorn its square, tapered crown: a ruby, a sapphire, a topaz and a pearl. Light seems to twist and churn rapidly beneath its surface, triggering within the vision a profound sense of malice. Then the screaming starts.
Bolts of surreal, silver fire shoot upward from the obelisk's four gems and arc back down, falling from the heavens like rain. Each bolt explodes upon contact, carving blasted holes in the otherwise smooth, grey plain; smooth, grey and occupied. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of figures are running for their lives, appearing as little more than indistinct silhouettes against the bright bombardment.
The only figure you can focus on amidst the bright explosions and flying debris is a Human man with pale skin, red hair and a slender frame. Seemingly unhindered by the chaos at his feet, he bares his teeth in rage and walks toward the monstrous obelisk. Your vision is engulfed in white when an explosion cuts into the ground between your point of view and the Human, severing the vision.
|sub= Pelag ai Aldam, sorcery|rep=False}}

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This list includes visions from the Moon mage event prediction ability.

Also included are spontaneous visions experienced without the use of the PREDICT command. These latter visions can be experienced by any moon mage as long as they're logged into the game environment when the vision is distributed. Generally these visions signal incipient invasions or immediate developments in an ongoing event or storyline.

Moon mage visions stem directly from their prophetic link to the Plane of Probability and connection to Fate.

Revisiting previous portents can at times yield insight into the meaning of new prophesies.

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