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A repository for changes to the Moon Mage guild under DragonRealms 3.0.


Predictions have undergone a significant rewrite.

Visions now work with ALIGN.

Align split ??

Align transmogrify allows the conversion of one prediction pool into another. Considered extremely hard to do. (465 Astrology was not enough to use it)


Prediction tools have been rewritten so that they are more standardized, though charts, bowls, prisms, and tokka are not updated.

Tools can now be ANALYZEd for more information.

Each tool will have a different strength. For example, mirrors have an unexplained affinity for curses. Further details have not been released.


It is now possible to perceive the mana available for Teleological Sorcery, which will not only tell you the amount of mana available for Teleologic spells but will also tell you the remaining duration of any previously cast Teleologic spells.

PERCEIVE MANA will perceive all book's mana, with corresponding RT and experience as if each one was perceived separately.


Teleological Sorcery spells (SET, TF, SOD, and TV) now properly use the correct mix of mana types.

Teleologic Sorcery spells now also give Teleologic Corruption when used. This affects the prediction abilities of Moon Mages.

Stellar mana no longer exists, though the book still does. All Stellar magic spells instead use another book as base, varying by spell.

Teleological Sorcery spells are made easier by Astrology, and may teach Astrology on a sufficiently powerful cast.

See Moon Mage Spells 3.0.


Moon mages now have an enhanced sensitivety to moon rise times. This is noticed through the PERCEIVE <MOON> command which will now display the degrees below the horizon the moon is.

RECALL <heavenly body> released. Reference tool that does not teach or contest Scholarship.

  • This includes the very helpful RECALL HEAVENS GRAZHIR which will tell the mage all of the Grazhir shard names that he/she has memorized in the Astral Travel system.

Circle Requirements

Scholarship and Astrology are hard reqs.
Thievery is a restricted skill.

1st Magic4456718
2nd Magic4445615
3rd Magic3445513
4th Magic2345513
5th Magic0334513
6th Magic0334513
7th Magic0033410
1st Survival2334513
2nd Survival2334410
3rd Survival2233410
4th Survival222338
5th Survival022338
1st Lore2334513
2nd Lore2233410
3rd Lore122338

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