Mojo Regeneration

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Mojo Regeneration is an ability that periodically pulses and restores a portion of a Bard's Mojo. This ability is most commonly found on magical jewelry.

They are typically turned on and off by using the ATMOSPHERE command.


Every 60 seconds, the item will pulse, and during that pulse if the wearer's Mojo is less than 100%, the item will restore 1% of their maximum pool.

The atmospheric item must be turned on and worn to be effective. This can be checked by using the ATMOSPHERE LIST command.

The effect stacks with other regeneration items.


Coruscating Firulfian crystal txistu trimmed in electrified goldfyreItem:Cloudlake leather pack with an Imperial quartz set in Maiden's marble
Aesthene's Close 445/Raffle
Knotted songsilk wristlet dangling a Syrin's heart musical noteAesthene's Close 445/Vault
Aesthene's Close 441/Vault

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