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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-05-11
Game Date of Event: 449-02-05
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay, I think it's about time to get started."

Karthor grins at Gwenddolyn.

Gwenddolyn chuckles.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Vaerek smiles at Zalinyar.

Ryeka rubs her nose.

Gwenddolyn says, "I prefer the full scale battle healing."

Karthor smiles.

Jaelia whispers something to Onara.

You say, "Thank you all for joining me here this evening. We've got a number of new visions to go over, some of them disturbing, some of them confusing."

Valynn looks at Tirost, obviously trying not to grin.

Karthor ponders.

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

Jaelia whispers something to Onara.

Navesi says, "Some of them disturbing AND confusing."

Tirost smiles at Valynn.

Ryeka blinks.

Zalinyar rubs her hands together.

Jaelia asks Navesi, "Do you think some of the Visions might even be a bit Haunting?"

Karthor asks, "It's rare fer 'em not to be at least one o' those, eh?"

Karthor chuckles.

You say, "Based on what I've reviewed so far, I don't have any particular order in which to go over them, so I think I'll just pick one and we can go from there."

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Navesi begins chortling at Jaelia.

You say, "So for the first one..."

Belzor bows to Ayrell.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully.

Ezathiel places his hands on his thighs and bows deeply at the waist towards Ayrell, holding the position for a moment before returning upright.

You say, "I watched as a jeweler carefully expanded a gold ring around a mandrel with gentle hammer taps. The jeweler then placed a gem setting atop the band and carefully nudged a tiny bead of solder into place. Under a serene flame, I watched as the metal shimmered and dripped between the joinery, bonding the ring and the setting. The jeweler carefully polished the work, leaving a seamless sheen."

Belzor quietly says to Ayrell, "Good to see you, milady."

Ezathiel smiles at Ayrell.

Ayrell smiles at Ezathiel.

Navesi hugs Ayrell, getting a smile in return.

You say, "Fireflies danced above, and reaching upward, the jeweler plucked one from the air and set the gently pulsing yellow-green light into the gem setting, bending the prongs over the firefly and locking it in place. The jeweler inspected the glowing ring, nodded in approval, and the vision faded."

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to Ezathiel.

Ayrell hugs Navesi, who wraps her arms around Ayrell with a warm smile.

Ayrell smiles at Belzor.

Tirost bows to Ayrell.

Ryeka blinks.

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to Tirost.

Ryeka shivers suddenly, seeming less secure.

Tirost smiles at Ayrell.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Sofina asks, "You've talked about fireflies before, right?"

You say, "Fireflies have appeared in a few visions somewhat recently, though aside from that it's hard to say how those visions might be related."

Ayrell smiles at Tirost.

Sofina nods to you.

Gwenddolyn says, "Seems to be some enchantment of jewelry making."

Gwenddolyn says, "That might be intersting."

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at you.

Ryeka nods.

Valynn folds her arms across her chest.

Gwenddolyn says, "No telling what they could do."

You say, "Yes, some sort of enchanted ring does seem to be the most direct possibility."

Sofina says, "Someone learned some sort of enchantment breakthrough and perhaps going to share their knowledge perhaps."

Sofina shrugs.

Ezathiel softly says, "Maybe some sort of life imbuement since it used a live organism."

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Navesi says, "Or light. Though we already have that."

Ryeka asks, "A light source?"

Valynn quietly says, "Or imprisonment since the firefly is now trapped as part of the ring."

Ryeka nods.

Ezathiel shrugs.

Anuril nods to Valynn.

Tirost asks you, "I recall the vision in which the fireflies seemed to move in a pattern, pulse, but then pass away. Perhaps they represent a source of power?"

Gwenddolyn rummages about her person, looking for something.

Gwenddolyn gets a carved gaethzen firefly from inside a platinum-hued haversack.

Gwenddolyn glances at a carved gaethzen firefly.

You say, "If there are related, it could be that the previous vision of fireflies in a forest that clumped together, glowed very brightly, and then died was a more crude form of something that has now been refined, represented by the jeweler."

Tirost takes a sip of his scotch.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

Gwenddolyn says, "Perhaps a firefly that flies but is really spying."

Karthor says, "Might be a bit of a longshot, but when Ambent ascended there were some fireflies left behind. Didn't manage to get my hands on one, but it wouldn't be the strangest thing fer there to be some sort o' connection."

Gwenddolyn says, "Like a flying shadewatch mirror."

Navesi asks, "Ambent?"

Tirost gazes at Karthor.

Valynn gazes at Karthor.

Tirost lets out a long, contemplative breath.

Valynn raises an eyebrow.

Karthor asks Navesi, "Trylaine's granddaughter, if that name rings any bells?"

You notice a russet lynx sniff at Ayrell for a moment.

Navesi shakes her head.

Belzor glances at a russet lynx.

Navesi asks, "Tell the story?"

Belzor pets his russet lynx.

Valynn nods in agreement.

Belzor scratches his russet lynx.

Valynn smiles at Karthor.

Allye grins at Karthor.

Tirost pets his storm-grey cat.

Gwenddolyn says, "The only survivor from timothy's grove."

Karthor says, "Right, well Ambent was one o' the victims o' the Sicle Grove disaster."

Gwenddolyn says, "The only child that survived."

Ezathiel gazes at Karthor.

Valynn gets a well-worn notebook covered in soft green suede from inside her forest-green baladrana.

Valynn jots down some notes.

Gwenddolyn says, "She is still alive last I heard."

Karthor says, "She was instrumental in the resolution o' that Adan'f plot regardin' the Consumption outbrake an eternity or three ago."

Tirost grins at Karthor.

Valynn opens her crafting satchel.

Ryeka grins at Karthor, her dimples flashing into view.

Navesi asks, "And what of this ascension with fireflies?"

Karthor says to Gwenddolyn, "In some sense, maybe? She sort...well, ascended's the best word I can come up with."

Gwenddolyn says, "Hmm."

Valynn jots down some notes.

Valynn quietly asks, "As in rose above the ground and disappeared?"

Tirost asks Karthor, "Was she an Empath?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Yes she was one of the orphans, no telling who her parents were."

Karthor says, "Afraid I don't know much more about it than that, despite havin' watched it happen. Apparently it's some sort of impossibly esoteric application of Empathy."

Karthor nods to Tirost.

Valynn jots down some notes.

Navesi gives a slight nod.

Navesi asks, "When was this?"

Valynn quietly says to herself, "Interesting."

Karthor says, "Methinks Annael speculated on her bein' a "guardian" afterwad."

Karthor clears his throat.

Ezathiel squints.

Tirost softly says to Valynn, "Interesting Indeed."

Valynn jots down some notes.

Karthor says, "A little while after contact with Forfedhdar was reestablished. It'a...not recent."

Jaelia takes a sip of her tea.

Navesi nods.

Valynn nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Ryeka nods.

Elizzibiana says, "Very long time back."

Valynn quietly says, "Well before when I arrived."

Karthor says, "But...fireflies."

Karthor chuckles.

Valynn nods to Karthor.

Jaelia bows her head and chants catechisms.

You say, "Anyway, at least there is nothing particularly ominous about this vision. Unless you're a firefly, I suppose."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Valynn grins at you.

Karthor nods in agreement.

Allye grins at you.

You say, "I can't say as much about the next vision."

Ezathiel chuckles at you!

Tirost chuckles at you!

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

You say, "A horn bellowed a long warning in the distance, and I watched a line of nearby trees rustle and die. Crumbling to rot and brittle splinters, a path of decay marked the approach of a large slug-like creature with mottled flesh walking on six fat stumpy legs. Ambling from the forest, the vile creature waddled into a nearby clearing and turned a proboscis towards me, sniffing the air. The proboscis quivered and split lengthwise, peeling back along five-fold symmetry, and unfurled around a black orb. The orb rippled and shed swirling ash, and I fled as the vision faded."

Ryeka frowns.

Jaelia frowns solemnly.

Karthor narrows his eyes.

Gwenddolyn says, "A devourer."

A pained expression crosses Ezathiel's face.

Valynn blanches.

You say, "That does seem like it might represent a specific creature. Possibly something extraplanar in nature, from that orb."

Gwenddolyn says, "What it devours is what the real question is."

Jaelia nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Tirost frowns.

Jaelia asks, "May it be something that might emerge from one of the Shards that fell from the Nascent?"

Karthor says, "If it's causin' that rot, maybe some fireflies need to be brought to bear."

Karthor appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Jaelia asks, "Or a pollution of an area that causes that change to something?"

Sofina says, "I've recently seen something similar to that, but it by no means has anything to do with this vision though."

Valynn looks at Karthor, obviously trying not to grin.

Tirost glances at Sofina.

Ezathiel gazes at Sofina.

Valynn gazes at Sofina.

Tirost asks Sofina, "Where did you see it, and what was it?"

Gwenddolyn asks, "Well where the rot is progressing is another question, is it going beyond the Lost Grounds?"

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

Sofina quietly says, "More like created..."

Sofina nods to Tirost.

Ryeka nods to Sofina.

Valynn frowns.

You say to Gwenddolyn, "The rot looked to be even more thorough than most of what you'd find in the Dark Hand."

Tirost asks Sofina, "A type of risen?"

Sofina nods to Tirost.

Gwenddolyn says, "That sounds horrid."

Valynn jots down some notes.

Sofina gets a perfect worm fetish from inside her wyvern skull.

Sofina puts her fetish in her wyvern skull.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Valynn jots down some notes.

Jaelia says, "I had really hoped we would be further along in studies regarding the Empath's Vela'tohr spell and maybe its additional potential, but they already seem very reluctant to be on tainted ground and alien group and extra planar ground. Or some versions of those."

Tirost says, "I wonder what the black orb is, or might represent..."

Jaelia asks, "Death, Void?"

You say, "I suppose there's some small solace in the thing being quite slow, but that does mean it's probably sturdy enough to not worry much about its defenses."

Tirost nods to Jaelia.

Gwenddolyn says, "The horn bellowing sounds like the horn on the battlements on Corik's Wall."

Belzor glances at a russet lynx.

Belzor pets his russet lynx.

You say, "It could also be the creature's call."

Ryeka says, "That's what I tought- from the wall."

Belzor gazes at you.

Valynn ponders.

Onara smiles at Jaelia, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Gwenddolyn says, "It was a warning horn."

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

Jaelia grins at Onara.

Gwenddolyn says, "Like we blow on the wall."

Ryeka bows her head and chants a prayer.

Gwenddolyn asks, "So what other places besides Corik's Wall has a warning horn?"

Gerasen slides the sleeves of his kimono over his hands with a small graceful movement before crossing his arms before him, hands tucked in opposite sleeves.

Karthor ponders.

Tirost asks Gwenddolyn, "Perhaps the creature comes from the Black Hand?"

Sofina says, "I keep hearing a horn on the Selgotha River, but never see anything."

Belzor gazes at Sofina.

Ezathiel tugs at the tip of his beard distractedly.

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

Valynn quietly says, "There are a few towers on the river in Haven and across the river near where crocs can be found. I don't remember if they have any sort of warning instrument other than fire."

Gwenddolyn says, "They have bells."

You say, "It could also be a person just carrying a horn, for signaling in battle."

Valynn shrugs.

Gwenddolyn says, "That you ring, I was up there."

Anuril nods to you.

Valynn nods to you.

Valynn nods to Gwenddolyn.

Ezathiel gazes down at the floor.

Ezathiel ponders.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Ezathiel shifts his weight.

Ryeka says, "It seems to me that the horns Corik's Wall uses had to come from somewhere."

Ryeka asks, "So who makes them?"

Valynn nods to Ryeka.

Gwenddolyn says, "That was put there back when it was built centuries ago."

Zyros says, "Corik."

Valynn jots down some notes.

Belzor ponders.

Gwenddolyn says, "The horn is part of the emerald knight quest training, how to use it."

Tirost takes a sip of his scotch.

Gwenddolyn says, "You fail if you can't figure it out."

Navesi waves the zingana wand through a complicated series of gestures. A tall frosty glass of Black and White martini wrapped in a crisp newssheet appears in her left hand!

Elizzibiana takes a sip of her ambrosia.

Urbaj says, "Hengwild and Dupre's forest warden crews have horns that sound during the invasions they monitor."

Ryeka nods to Urbaj.

You say, "Anyway, it's not entirely clear from what I could see in the vision, put it seems possible that the orb is in some way used to create a beam of decay ahead of the creature."

Ezathiel nods.

Jaelia asks, "Is it possible any of those creatures could relate to Euldath?"

Valynn nods to you.

Jaelia asks, "From the Visions?"

Ezathiel gazes at Jaelia.

Gwenddolyn says, "Perhaps the orb stores the taint and they take it somewhere to release it."

Vaerek shakes his head at Gwenddolyn.

Gwenddolyn says, "Like a sickness."

Jaelia says to Ezathiel, "The warnings over the Essence of the Void and the Void Cult of Merelew get more serious every Hallow Eve."

Karthor says, "Beam of decay...yer right, that is a rather unpleasant thought."

Navesi asks, "Euldath?"

Ryeka ponders.

Karthor twitches.

Vaerek says, "'taint right."

Ezathiel nods to Jaelia.

Zyros groans.

Jaelia exclaims, "That is food for thought for later, thank you!"

Valynn grins at Jaelia.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Valynn quietly says to Jaelia, "You might need help cleaning altars."

Ezathiel removes a tinted monocle from his right eye.

You say, "The next vision is also disturbing, though certainly different."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ezathiel gets a soft chamois cloth with golden trim from inside his rucksack.

Sofina glances at a pot.

Jaelia nods at Valynn, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ryeka peers quizzically at you.

Valynn gazes at you.

You say, "I found myself wading through stagnant, murky water, the muddy bottom sucking at my feet with every step as I felt mud and sedge grass roots squelch between my toes. Persistent calls of frogs and crickets filled my ears as I struggled to move forward. As I passed a bank of trees, I heard a soft weeping. Following the noise, I came upon a twisted willow tree. A man was embedded in the trunk, roots winding around and through his torso, and he reached for me. The vision faded."

(Ezathiel idly cleans his monocle, deep in thought.)

Ezathiel attaches a tinted monocle to his right eye.

Jaelia whispers something to Valynn.

Elizzibiana winces.

Ryeka blinks.

Ryeka exclaims, "Ow!"

Karthor scratches his head.

Onara rubs her neck.

Valynn clears her throat.

Tirost furrows his brow.

Karthor says, "Eaten by a tree? Yeesh."

Ezathiel raises an eyebrow.

Gwenddolyn says, "A swamp willow."

Valynn quietly says, "Reminds me of where the fendryads live."

You say, "I don't have any particular hard evidence, but I did just recall Anmuva speaking about the intruders that the Kather had to 'deal with'..."

Gwenddolyn asks, "So the taint makes the plants and trees become devourers too?"

Ryeka says, "And the Zaulfang."

Ezathiel softly asks, "Teleportation magic gone awry?"

Navesi shudders.

Valynn nods at Ryeka, obviously agreeing with her views.

Belzor peers quizzically at Ezathiel.

(Jaelia begins a counting meditation of tapping each finger in succession against her thumb repeatedly as she begins to focus her attention.)

Sofina says to Ezathiel, "Sounds the most logical."

Ezathiel looks at Belzor and shrugs.

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

Valynn looks at Ezathiel and jots down some notes.

Ryeka says, "And there is a small swampy area between immediately south of Shard and Darkling wood."

Gwenddolyn says, "Dont climb any trees there."

Karthor asks, "That doesn't sound like the sort o' thing anyone'd have any business survivin'. So how's he reachin' out?"

Gwenddolyn chortles softly at some secret joke.

Karthor scratches his head.

You say, "I believe Arnuthrum island itself is supposed to be quite nice, although of course nobody is supposed to go there, so I don't think there's many accurate acounts of it."

Onara glances up at the sky.

Tirost asks you, "The Kather imprison intruders in trees?"

You say, "It doesn't seem likely to be the Dark Hand here, at least, since there's lots of live frogs and insects."

Gwenddolyn says, "That sounds more like up near riverhaven."

Ryeka nods to Gwenddolyn.

You say to Tirost, "Maybe. Anmuva certainly knows a great deal of Life magic."

Valynn quietly says, "In the Gwenalion Fens, there is a grove where rangers learn a beseech."

Belzor gazes at Valynn.

Valynn quietly says, "The beseech turns our skin to bark."

Ezathiel glances at Valynn.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Anuril raises an eyebrow in Valynn's direction.

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

Jaelia says, "That is an interesting reversal of that skill. That could be a thing."

Tirost nods to you.

Belzor blinks.

Belzor sniffs at a porcelain cup of steaming fragrant black coffee.

Jaelia says, "Turning people into bark of trees or just imprisoned in trees and bark?>."

Valynn nods to Jaelia.

Belzor frowns at a porcelain cup of steaming fragrant black coffee.

Jaelia nods to Valynn.

Jaelia says, "Interesting."

Valynn ponders.

You say, "Might be imprisonment, might simply be a rather drawn out execution."

Gwenddolyn says, "So instead of beseech the wind, it is beseech the tree."

Tirost scratches his storm-grey cat.

Ryeka ponders.

Valynn glances at Gwenddolyn.

You say, "The roots did go through his body in places."

Ryeka frowns.

Valynn quietly says, "No, it's petrify."

Gwenddolyn winces.

Gwenddolyn says, "Ahh I see."

Anuril asks, "Alright so, giant slug monster - burn it with fire. Sad tree man - burn it with fire. What else have you got, Miskton?"

Anuril smirks.

Karthor says, "Sounds like a capable tree, at any rate. Maybe it can halt the advance o' slug-thing."

Ezathiel chuckles at Anuril.

Tirost looks at Anuril, obviously trying not to grin.

Valynn looks at Anuril, obviously trying not to grin.

Ezathiel softly says, "Fire...the answer to all things."

Gwenddolyn says, "We can just send zali to go burn everything down."

Anuril gives Ezathiel a slight nod.

Karthor chuckles.

Ryeka chuckles.

Tirost quietly says to Anuril, "You are a true Warrior Mage, my friend."

Zalinyar beams at Gwenddolyn!

Anuril chortles softly at some secret joke.

Gwenddolyn winks at Zalinyar.

Belzor smiles at Anuril.

Jaelia grins at Anuril.

You say, "The next vision... also features things that could be dealt with using fire, actually."

Karthor chuckles.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

Anuril sighs.

Gwenddolyn says, "Oh zali is going to be happier."

Navesi shivers slightly as she takes a leisurely sip of her martini.

Ryeka grins, revealing her dimples.

You say, "I sensed a headache forming and watched the heavy traffic of a busy market. A robed figure calmly walked over to a woman haggling with a vendor over a sack of turmeric and interrupted to inquire about the price of cinnamon. The vendor quickly cited a price, and the robed figure nodded and continued walking. The vendor shrugged and returned to the exchange with the woman, but she appeared lost in thought. Replacing the sack of turmeric, she selected a bundle of cinnamon sticks and paid the vendor. The robed figure vanished into the crowd, and the vision faded."

You ask, "Well, I'm not sure fire would help the headache. But toasting cinnamon sticks?"

You nod.

Ezathiel blinks.

Ryeka blinks.

Ezathiel chuckles.

Karthor chuckles.

Ryeka exclaims, "Odd!"

Tirost smiles at you.

Belzor says, "Great for tea."

Belzor nods.

Tirost says to Belzor, "And in coffee."

Belzor smiles at Tirost.

Ryeka says, "And apple tarts."

You say, "Definitely strange. Maybe the robed figure is in the employee of cinnamon wholesalers."

Ryeka winks.

Tirost smiles.

Jaelia snickers.

Belzor matter-of-factly says to Tirost, "Definitely coffee."

Valynn jots down some notes.

Tirost nods at Belzor, obviously agreeing with his views.

Zalinyar asks, "New whiskey flavor?"

Zalinyar ponders.

Valynn quietly says to herself, "Seems he helpeed change the vendor's mind."

Belzor takes a sip of his coffee.

You say, "The headache is probably important to the vision in some way, though, which means there is probably something sinister happening that's not immediately obvious."

Sofina says, "Sounds like some sort of mind manipulation."

Ezathiel nods to Sofina.

Zyros nods to Zalinyar.

Valynn nods.

Karthor says, "No color to the robe, eh? these things seem to like usin' colors to mean somethin'."

Elizzibiana says, "Woman changed her mind, not the vendor."

Anuril nods to Elizzibiana.

Ryeka ponders.

Tirost says to you, "The strangest aspect of hte vision seems to be the ability of the robed figure to influence the woman who had been haggling over tumeric, to immediately buy cinnamon."

Valynn nods at Elizzibiana, obviously agreeing with her views.

You nod to Tirost.

Elizzibiana nods to Tirost.

Zalinyar nods to Tirost.

Zalinyar says, "Mind control."

Sofina says, "The headache part perhaps you resisted whatever the robed figured tried to do."

Valynn rubs her right eye.

Ezathiel softly says, "Nothing immediately malevolent in this vision."

Ryeka says, "Possible."

Ryeka nods.

Ryeka says, "Adan'f shadow mages are rather fond of spells of that sort."

You say, "The end game of mentally manipulating someone into purchasing one spice over another does seem odd, though. Unless you have an interest in the cultivation or importing of that spice, anyway."

Ezathiel nods to you.

Ezathiel shrugs.

Sofina says, "Why use your own coin when you can mentally manipulate someone into spending their own for you."

Sofina smirks.

Anuril says to you, "It could be a practice run of a spell or ability you mean to use on a more important choice later."

You nod to Anuril.

Ryeka nods to Anuril.

Ezathiel softly says to himself, "Ah."

Ryeka nods to Sofina.

Tirost takes a sip of his scotch.

Urbaj says, "Felt like something that would fit right into the trader Noematic spellbook. But that might just be me being preoccupied with traderly things."

Valynn grins at Urbaj.

Ryeka grins at Urbaj, her dimples flashing into view.

Valynn quietly asks, "But can you imagine if that sort of power was in the ability of evil?"

Valynn shrugs.

Ezathiel shudders.

Valynn nods at Ezathiel, obviously agreeing with his views.

Vaerek says, "Hypnotize could be used that way."

Gwenddolyn says, "Good luck trying to change my mind."

You say, "It did also appear to take effect with great subtlety, though I don't know what the woman was thinking as it happened."

Ryeka winks at Gwenddolyn.

Tirost says to Urbaj, "Traders using magic to manipulate the minds of customers has suddenly made me reconsider the degree of ominousness of this vision..."

Zalinyar grins at Gwenddolyn, her dimples flashing into view.

Valynn grins at Tirost.

Anuril smirks at Tirost.

Valynn jots down some notes.

You say, "And then the final vision for this evening... already involves quite a bit of fire."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Ezathiel gazes at you.

You say, "And the return of some symbolism that we've seen a great deal of, although not in the very recent past."

You say, "Everything flickered, the fabric of reality rent, and I saw a wrecked armada locked in frigid waters, frozen in place as smoke-winged creatures tore the sky with crystal fire. A massive figure clad in golden plate stood next to the helm of a galleon and hefted a spear. The spear flared with blinding light, and the figure roared, heaving the spear into the sky. It streaked into the dark clouds, disappearing, and all was quiet."

You say, "The sky exploded, a blanket of rippling, sundering light cascading in all directions downward to the horizon. The smoke-winged creatures ignited as a swarm, burning, scattered into fine ash, and the armada was buffeted by sharp winds, the sails tearing, masts snapping, decks burning. The vision faded."

Ryeka blinks.

Ryeka rubs her eyes.

Ryeka exclaims, "Wow!"

Ezathiel raises an eyebrow.

Gwenddolyn says, "Sounds like the bulwark again, involving guardians."

Karthor says, "Ah, gold-plate-guy's back."

Tirost nods to Gwenddolyn.

Valynn covers her mouth with her hand.

You say, "More... collateral damage from one of the figures in golden plate than we've seen in the past, though."

Tirost frowns thoughtfully.

Valynn frets.

Navesi takes a sip of her martini.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

You say, "Possibly such a dire threat that there was no option to hold back."

Jaelia says, "That is horrifying. We really need to take out ships to sea and get groups to begin divitionations prayers and other calculations to see if we can locate those shard where they fell or anything out that way."

Jaelia says, "Don't know if that is related, but that is still terrifying."

Gwenddolyn says, "Just where you want to be when it happens, on that boat."

Gwenddolyn winks at Jaelia.

Ryeka ponders.

Jaelia says to Gwenddolyn, "Multiple boats, everywhere out to sea."

Ezathiel softly says, "Strange, no markings on the boats."

Valynn looks at Ezathiel and jots down some notes.

Karthor asks, "He didn't sacrifice himself with a grin that time, eh?"

You say to Karthor, "When you've got a spear that can blow up the sky, I guess you don't need to jump headlong into the claws yourself."

Gwenddolyn says, "Grey winged creatures."

Tirost says to you, "We spoke privately of this before, but some part of me continues to feel that the golden armored warriors are Heralds. The appear and act similar to the way Paladins do in previous visions, and only Paladins could activate Sanyu Aes."

Karthor nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Ryeka ponders.

Ezathiel glances at Tirost.

Valynn nods at Jaelia, obviously agreeing with her views.

Navesi asks Tirost, "Heralds, as in the guardians of magic?"

Tirost nods to Navesi.

Gwenddolyn says, "If the gods are having them intervene, it can't be good."

Gwenddolyn nods to Navesi.

You ask Tirost, "We still know so very little about the Bulwark, so who knows what powers might be involved with it?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Yes the guardians I mentioned earlier."

Tirost says to you, "Well said."

Karthor asks Navesi, "Hm, magic HAS been a bit, er, angry lately. Think that could be related?"

Navesi frowns thoughtfully.

Ryeka ponders.

Valynn quietly says, "Sometimes out of control."

Gwenddolyn says, "Seems likely, as the mana is getting more corrupted lately."

Jaelia says to Gwenddolyn, "I Don't know that the Immortals are requesting them to intervene this time. I think they are working from one End, the Immortals from another, and together they meet in the middle and accomplish something beneficial if it all rolls correctly. Or that was my take from the Karthor, I read things wrong always. Better with Divine messages."

Valynn nods to Karthor.

Tirost says to Navesi, "It it a stretch I cannot completely justify, but the Bulwark and the Heralds seem to have a common goal of maintaining the laws of our reality."

Navesi says, "Personally, I don't think the gold-clad are Heralds. But Heralds could certainly be involved in the violence within magic, I suppose."

Anuril says, "If paladins could invoke the bulwark at will, without the sanyu aes, that would certainly be helpful when facing demons."

Ryeka says, "When I was magically preparing to visit the adan'f earlier, my spells were fairly- quiet."

Gwenddolyn says, "They are either guardians or the original seven paladins, and others who have gone missing."

You say, "With all the oddness with magic, I do find it odd that I haven't seen anything in visions that really leaps out at me as being related... Makes me feel like I might be missing something."

Ryeka nods.

Navesi nods to you.

Tirost nods to you.

Karthor strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Ezathiel furrows his brow.

Navesi says, "A shame that our experiment yielded no results, too."

Valynn nods at Navesi, obviously agreeing with her views.

Jaelia asks, "Sometimes it takes a few tries?"

Gwenddolyn says, "Well, there are more visions to come yet."

Tirost says to you, "I long thought the oddness with magic would resolve with the Involuted Passage, but it has not."

Navesi says, "Mazrian suggested that the next step may be to commune with Meraud. Naturally a Cleric would need to take the lead on that."

Navesi nods at Tirost, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tirost gazes thoughtfully at Navesi.

Gwenddolyn says, "Meraud last intervened with a paladin, Vorclaf."

Karthor says, "He does seem like rather the expert on such matters. There're worse ideas, fer sure."

Navesi says, "They appear to be either unrelated, or perhaps the Unknown caused the further unraveling of mana before we stopped it."

Jaelia says, "OH gooses, I do need to follow up with him."

Tirost asks Navesi, "Seeking guidance from Meraud is excellent idea. I could reach out to Khaelyn, perhaps?"

Navesi nods to Tirost.

Ryeka ponders.

Navesi says, "Yes. Excellent. Do you know how to plan a time and place for such things? I imagine if you do it, people will come."

Ezerak whispers something to Ayrell.

Ezathiel nods in agreement.

You ask, "And that covers the visions that I had to discuss this evening. Does anybody have anything else they wish to bring up?"

Ayrell nods to Ezerak.

Navesi asks, "Mother Jaelia, do you believe you could participate in calling to Meraud?"

You say, "Well then, thank you all for coming, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening."

You smile.

Ryeka says, "I could make a bunch of Wolf Beads, if it will help with drawing Meraud's attention."

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.

Ezerak takes his rightful place beside Ayrell.

Tirost praises Ryeka.

Navesi nods to Ryeka.

Valynn smiles at you.

Ezathiel places his hands on his thighs and bows deeply at the waist towards you, holding the position for a moment before returning upright.

Zalinyar asks, "Anyone else been hearing ringing in their ears?"

Navesi says, "A very good idea."

Gwenddolyn says, "Jaelia brought up a really good point, finding the fallen shards. It reminds me of when shards from Grazhir were being searched for."

Ezathiel pleasantly says to you, "Thank you."

Tirost nods at Navesi, obviously agreeing with her views.

Vaerek says to you, "Thank you for all of this."

You put your journal in your scholar's valise.

Vaerek nods to you.