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Event Name: Vision Meeting
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2021-11-13
Game Date of Event: 440-01-06
Point of View: Miskton
You say, "Okay! Thank you all for coming. I think it is about time that we get started."

You say, "A number of visions to go over, some of which I have spoken to a number of people about before."

You say, "I suppose I should start with some of the more straightforward seeming ones that have been seen over the past several weeks."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "I found myself crushed by dark waters, a faint glimmer above the only sign of the surface. Far below, numerous brilliant blue lights began to rise, luminescent orbs wrung around massive structures of shell and coral. A massive form swam around the rising city, armored plates groaning as the leviathan undulated through the waters. The vision faded."

You say, "I think most of us have probably spent enough time on Andreshlew to have a good idea what that one was about."

You grin.

Hanryu nods.

Allye grins at you.

Allye nods to you.

Apollys says, "Well, yes, and no."

You ask Apollys, "A question as to the leviathan, or something else?"

Apollys says, "The mention of a leviathan is interesting, in regards to the visions some of us have had since Andreshlew's appearance."

Apollys nods.

You nod.

Apollys says, "I have nothing to offer on it, other than I am trying to corner one of the Merelew for a talk regarding it."

You say, "They work with the Merelew for various purposes, including the raising of the island. I believe there may be a ripplegate outside of Crossing's northeast gate that leads to a viewing platform atop one flying in the sky near the island."

Apollys asks, "I'll not sidetrack the talks now with Andreshlew talk, but perhaps at the end we can discuss those?"

You nod to Apollys.

Apollys nods.

You say, "The next two visions appear to be about the near future of two people who figured prominently in the events surrounding the assault on Basalt Isle."

You say, "A cold wind blasted against my face, and I smelled the briny tang of the ocean. The gentle rocking of the floor beneath me piqued my curiosity, causing me to cast a quick glance over the railing. An endless expanse of open air surrounded the vessel, fluffy clouds lazily drifting far below. A Gnome leaned over the prow, one hand gripping a taut line, the other held wide, feeling the flow of the air whipping and snapping. She faced the sun, and took a deep breath and seemed to relax."

You say, "She turned to me, her right eye steely grey and her left eye billowing with no-color flames and malevolence, and she smirked. She smoothly swung around the line, and extended her hand to me in invitation. The vision faded."

Aislynn blinks.

Aislynn frets.

Aislynn quietly says something in S'Kra.

Derulao ponders.

Aislynn clicks her claws together.

Ikevindy ponders.

You say, "It would seem that Srinoja did successfully take control of the airship. And has been... affected by her time under Sivroch's control."

Khhsath asks Aislynn something in S'Kra.

Aislynn nods to Khhsath.

Etasia frowns.

Darkewolff frowns.

Allye angles her ears forward in curiosity.

Apollys says, "You think she's becoming less affected? The vision seems to have some implication of that."

You say, "Certainly less than she had been before the activation of the Sanyu Aes, at least."

Apollys nods to you.

You say, "Though having mentioned Sivroch and the Sanyu Aes... It seems that while she has suffered some long term effects, they are not as significant as the plan might have hoped for."

You say, "My prophetic senses chaotically howled with a deafening wrongness, and I found myself wandering a massive cavern of stone and bone. Tapestries of writhing shadow hung from the ceiling, depicting slowly shifting scenes of massacre -- a fist squeezing the fire from a star, a boot crushing a city, a maw of countless smaller mouths consuming an ocean. Blue fire slowly crackled in reverse from wrought-iron sconces, casting an unsettling light that illuminated but did not reveal. An empty throne sat at the end of the cavern, and I felt something begin to scrape through my mind, sorting my memories and laughing at my growing panic. A strong hand grasped my shoulder and spun me around, and I found myself face to face with the once-woman, one of her five eyes missing, the other four twinkling with delight. "You will learn soon of our fire," she said, and began to laugh around a maw of needle-like teeth."

You say, "The vision faded."

Aislynn frowns at you.

Ikevindy ponders.

Elizzibiana looks at you and sighs.

Etasia raises an eyebrow.

You say, "The mention of "our fire" certainly sounds like a matter of holding a grudge. Which is rather to be expected."

Elizzibiana nods to you.

Aislynn quietly asks, "The... Ehh, the no-color thing.. That was more Jeihrem, than Sivroch, wasn't it? Or am I remembering wrong?"

Aislynn ponders.

You ask, "I think the location was within Jeihrem's lair. I believe I've heard mention of him having a throne?"

Elizzibiana nods to you.

Khhsath asks, "People in visions. Your enemies?"

You say, "The fact that he was not on it might mean something, though."

You nod to Khhsath.

You ask, "Well, Sivroch, at least. Srinoja... probably, though I suppose not as malicious, at least?"

Etasia asks, "I got caught in his statue on Basalt. That would be without color yes?"

Xelten says, "Surely one of his minions will be unable to resist telling us all about how his absence is a boon, if we give it but a moment."

Etasia blinks.

Etasia shrugs.

You say, "The remaining two visions that have been seen in the recent past both play into some of the visions I've seen tonight."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Let's see... I suppose I'll start with the ones that seem related to Zengmodaleth."

You say, "My mouth filled with the taste of copper, and I found myself walking along a factory or production facility, the esoteric machines performing complex actions around glowing white materials to produce geometric shapes and hissing components. As each part was produced, it slid down a long narrow ramp to be delivered deeper into the facility. A swarm of custodians tended to the machines, though it was unclear to what purpose. As one, the custodians froze in place and turned to face me as they emitted a loud screech. Several suddenly began to shake and slam together with a maelstrom of electricity and flashing light, and a humanoid figure made of writhing lightning emerged and strode forward. The vision faded."

Hanryu strokes his beard in thoughtful contemplation.

You say, "The figure made of lightning seems likely to be a selrek, as they have been spotted emerging from some of the custodians."

You say, "It's unclear exactly what their relationship with them is, but it does seem likely to be tied into their erratic behavior."

You say, "And then this evening I saw another vision with custodians."

Hanryu says, "The critters in the plane of electricity can be agressive."

You say, "My mouth filled with the taste of copper, and I found myself standing next to a tall figure in a black robe gazing upward at a torrential lightning storm. As green and white energies crackled and lashed across the skies, whipping whirling balls of furious energy and discharging immense coronal hazes across the electrified air, the figure sighed. A custodian approached, flickering red, blue, green, red,and the figure nodded. Turning, the figure strode into a wall of writing electricity, disappearing from view, and the storm continued as the vision faded."

Aislynn frowns.

You say, "My guess would be that the figure is the Lord of the Void, Daervlan."

You say, "He seems the most likely person to be interacting with the custodians, at least."

Apollys ponders.

Apollys says, "My only input is wooden weapons."

Apollys shrugs.

Hanryu asks, "Has there been word from this Void Lord since the rift opened?"

You say, "The red, blue, green, red patten of lights might also be helpful as another clue in attempting to communicate with the custodians."

You say, "There's been some indirect word from him by way of the scholar Uryutis, though I'm not sure when he was last heard from."

Hanryu gives a slight nod.

You say, "The other vision..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "I saw a child playing in the surf, digging a wide basin and lining up various shells and debris. The tide began to rise, and the child scrambled to build a large retaining wall to keep the waters at bay, but the waves pummeled the sandy heap and broke through to the basin. As the space flooded, strange vines burbled up from the sand and began whipping about. The child stepped back in fear, but the waters continued to spill outward, working their way north up the beach."

You say, "As the child fled, he glanced over his shoulder and saw a man squatting in the surf, examining the flooding basin. Crisscrossed in scars, the man shouted madly to himself and angrily grasped the vines with his bare hands. As the man's blood spilled into the basin, the child began to scream, and the vision faded."

You say, "I've talked to several people about this, and the thought is that it may have something to do with the activity in the Dark Hand."

You gaze off to the south.

Apollys gives a slight nod.

Apollys says, "I had heard of this. Portents of the Hand spilling over the Wall."

You say, "With the retaining wall being Corik's Wall, and the flood and vines representing the taint of the Dark Hand."

Hanryu ponders.

You say, "The identity of the scarred figure had been less clear. Ideas had been tossed about, with the possibility that he represented the Emerald Knights in general, or some such."

You say, "After the latest vision, though, I have had a different thought..."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

Apollys raises an eyebrow in your direction.

You say, "Everything felt lighter, and I found myself falling towards the sky. As I spun through the air, I caught a glimpse of twisted trees and muddy swamp water raining upward with me. After a disorienting moment, I slammed into hard-packed dirt and roots. As the dirty water sprayed across my face, I awkwardly found my balance and stood, the inverted horizon wreaking havoc on my inner ear, and took stock of my surroundings."

You say, "I stood below a floating mound of dirt and root, slightly above the tree-line below me. Tentatively making my way to the side of the mound, the view was exceptionally odd, and though I was pressed towards the floating mound, I could not shake the feeling that I was falling."

You say, "Suddenly, I heard a grunt and turned to see a man covered in scars. Screaming, he was wrapped in a glistening net of coiling tendrils, which interlaced across his muscles in sparkling white light, and he rushed forward. I tripped backwards, and the vision faded."

Elizzibiana ponders.

You say, "This seems to link the vision of the flood moving up the beach to previous visions of an island floating into the air, which was already thought to perhaps be related to the Dark Hand."

Apollys slowly says, "That is interesting."

You ask, "And in this case the man seems to not just be fighting the vines, but wrapped up in them. Controlled by them, maddened by them?"

You say, "The thought that came to mind was that note that was found, about the Gorbesh in the Dark Hand."

You say, "That something in there is apparently affecting them."

Apollys says, "I wonder."

Apollys ponders.

Etasia asks you, "Is she not also bound by the band somehow?"

You say, "Of course, the man in the vision did not actually attack me, necessarily. He rushed toward me, but the vision faded before he reached me."

You ask Etasia, "I'm sorry?"

Etasia asks you, "She had a band on, perhaps bound by a pact of sorts through the band she is wearing?"

Etasia asks you, "Minor but maybe something?"

Apollys furrows his brow.

Etasia says to you, "Beyond the evil that lives in there."

You nod.

Apollys says to you, "There was a suggestion made by one of the Knights accompanying the Truthseekers one night, that put a thought into my head regarding Syal."

You ask Apollys, "Oh?"

Apollys says to you, "Syal himself was an accomplished smith, along with, ah... that Dwarf. Whose name escapes me."

Apollys says, "Bear with me here, it's perhaps relevant."

Etasia raises an eyebrow in Apollys's direction.

Apollys waves his hand distractedly.

Apollys asks, "The Knight, Hebion, suggested an idea that somehow, Syal discovered a way to create an armor out of soulstone. A kind of... reverse-Y'Shai, you're familiar?"

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Apollys says, "I wonder if that net of light, the tendrils, aren't some allusion to that. To being protected by Syal's armor, made of the stone that Paladins are so intertwined with."

Apollys says, "And if the man isn't Syal himself, never having actually perished, but instead spending these centuries fighting whatever it is that corrupts the Hand."

You say, "Hmm."

Apollys says, "Or, at the very least, perhaps my other theories are true, and Beren took up his mantle."

You say, "The white light did seem a bit odd for something that was itself from the Dark Hand, so a different origin could be possible."

Apollys nods to you.

Aislynn ponders.

You say, "I can't say if this figure has anything to do with the one who was seen in earlier visions of things floating... The man throwing a rock that refused to fall was dressed in rags, and it couldn't be seen if he was covered ins cars."

Apollys says, "I don't believe there is anything light or holy that originates from the Hand. Not for the past hundreds of years. But, being that the search for holy men of strength takes us there, there is evidence of... things."

Zalinyar says, "The light could represent the bond the paladins made and the tendrils the dark Hand. Or the vision as a whole could help us understand the bonding.I'll have to think on that one."

Hanryu quietly says, "Gotta run."

You say, "I have not yet had a chance to send this latest vision to the Emerald Knights, but I will include a note that they might do well to consult the Truthseekers."

Etasia grins at Apollys, her dimples flashing into view.

Apollys nods to you.

You say, "Any clues as to what exactly they might end up facing from the Hand may be useful."

Apollys says, "Perhaps that is wise. Seek out Rileos or Elurora."

You say, "The next two visions seem fairly different, but I'm wondering if they might both refer to the phenomenon known as The Bulwark."

You say, "It is not something I have a great deal of understanding of, but from what little I do know, it seems like it might tie into visions that have been seen for some time of figures in golden plate."

You turn a page in your astronomer's journal.

You say, "Everything flickered, the fabric of reality rent, and a miasmatic wind reeking of rot and solvent billowed across my face. The ground erupted into a mass of yowling multi-limbed bodies, skittering with fin and tentacle. The mass rushed forward in vile joy. A massive figure in golden plate grabbed my hand and pulled me behind a shield line, a row of golden plate-clad figures bracing against interlocking shields and pointing long spears forward. A moment later, the mass struck the shield wall, which did not yield. As the air filled with the sounds of combat, one by one, the shield bearers began to fall, the line tightening and curling back to protect me, until it was a ring, and still the mass continued the onslaught."

You say, "One of the figures grunted as a tentacle lashed across his helm. He turned a bloodied face to me and grinned in the brief moment before he was pulled into the mass and torn to pieces. The vision faded."

You blanch.

A brief, high-pitched trill escapes Aislynn's throat as she fidgets worriedly.

You say, "Sorry, just remembering that was a bit unsettling."

Zalinyar blinks.

Asherasa's tail undulates in an agitated fashion.

Derulao slowly empties his lungs.

Elizzibiana says, "Never good when warriors have to form into a ring, death stand."

Khhsath says, "He dies well."

Aislynn nods at Elizzibiana, obviously agreeing with her views.

You say, "Figures in golden plate have been seen in a number of visions, standing against various creatures with lots of limbs, claws and teeth."

Xelten says, "Depends on which direction the ring faces, naturally."

Apollys gives a slight nod.

Aislynn gazes at Khhsath.

Apollys says, "There is a reason the Emerald Knights call for paladins and rangers. There are no groups I'd rather have protecting my hide, Paladins in particular."

Aislynn quietly says, "Why in the world are they shown in golden plate? Gold makes such useless armor."

Aislynn scowls.

Zalinyar says, "Gold could be referring to status."

Apollys says to Aislynn, "The color of their attunement, I believe? A holy light."

You say, "To my understanding, the Bulwark is a cosmic force of some sort that helps to block out entities from planes that are not meant to touch ours. And has a relationship of some sort to the souls of Paladins."

You say, "And the functioning of the Sanyu Aes interacted with it in some way."

Apollys says, "Besides, sometimes fashion is half the battle."

Apollys appears to be trying hard not to grin.

You say, "So if it is the case that these figures represent that... it would seem we have more extraplanar threats on the way."

A pained expression crosses Aislynn's face.

Aislynn clicks her claws together.

You say, "The next vision has... several odd elements to it, but I think it may be somewhat related."

Etasia blinks.

You say, "With a hammering blow, I felt the air torn from my chest as I was thrown high into the sky, the curve of Elanthia falling away as I flailed madly to orient myself. I screamed past the moons, which wept in mourning as they danced along their altered orbits, I screamed past the planets, which whispered and laughed and sneered. The heat and roar of the sun grew cold as it shrank to a pinpoint, and soon I had no sense of movement as I was surrounded by darkness. The stars burned bright, and strange shapes moved in the spaces between. I heard it, a voice in the distance, repeating a command, a refusal, and just as I began to make sense of the repeated words, everything darkened, and the vision faded."

Apollys raises an eyebrow.

You say, "That voice in the distance, the command and refusal... Seems similar to the experience of the beacon in previous visions, which seemed to be related to the Sanyu Aes, and thus the Bulwark."

Asherasa's tail cautiously lifts into a kind of "U" shape.

Apollys asks, "This voice, this entity, whatever the source, you think perhaps it's guarding us from something, refusing it entry?"

You say, "Assuming I'm correct about it representing the Bulwark, yes."

Apollys nods.

Apollys gazes upward.

Apollys quietly says to himself, "Need a bigger axe."

Aislynn clicks her claws together.

You say, "Also, I should say, the experience of that vision was... quite thrilling."

Etasia smiles at you, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Apollys asks, "Not often you fly amongst the moons and sun?"

You nod.

You say, "And certainly not at such speed."

Apollys says, "I was launched out of a trebuchet once."

Apollys looks at you and shrugs.

You grin.

Etasia appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ikevindy chuckles.

Xelten says, "Just outside what can be seen, from beyond the voice, the Dragon's angry mother waits."

Xelten waggles his fingers mystically at you! Ooh! Scary!

You say, "And then I have one more vision to discuss this evening, which seems like it draws back to a somewhat less grand scale."

You say, "I found myself in a circular tent, lit with brightly burning braziers. The tent was swelteringly hot and reeked of sage and cedar, sweat and wet dog, metal oil and tanned leather. A ring of men and women knelt on the bare earth, their naked bodies glistening with sweat, their heavily muscled and scarred figures indicative of a life of fighting and challenge. At the center of the ring, a child stood, head bowed and hands clasped before him. He spoke softly of a time before the trappings of the tribe, a time of primal connection to the land. He brandished a knife, and cut a thin, winding line along his forearm, letting the blood flow down his fingers onto the dirt. The men and women rose and stepped forward, reaching to touch the child's face and shoulders, and the vision faded."

Apollys raises an eyebrow.

Zalinyar ponders.

Etasia winces.

You say, "Not a specific ritual I'm aware of, though the fact that the child is of some importance to the members of the... tribe? seems clear."

Apollys slowly says, "That's nearly as disturbing as outer-worldly flight and rings of dying Paladins."

You say, "A religious ceremony of some sort, perhaps."

Xelten says, "There is a reason Shadow Clan has to live outside of civilized society."

Ikevindy ponders.

Khhsath asks Apollys, "This is wrong to you?"

You say, "Possibly members of one of the clans, though of course there were, ah, not many identifying articles on any of the people in the vision. Aside from being muscular and scarred."

Apollys says to Khhsath, "I have never seen a child willing to carve themselves, under any circumstances."

Asherasa's eyes darken with thought, and her tail grows very still.

Xelten says, "New to Shard, then? There is an entire House for that."

Zalinyar asks, "Where would those smells associate? Knife cllan?"

Khhsath shakes his head.

Apollys asks Xelten, "Which House would that be?"

Xelten says, "The Steel Dove."

You say, "I have a bit of a recollection of another vision that involved a ceremony surrounding a child, though it seemed rather darker in nature. I've not been able to dig it up from my notes yet, though."

Asherasa says, "The child does act in reverence to Hav'roth, spilling blood upon the dirt."

Apollys says, "Hm. I'll need to be more thorough in my research on the matter, then. It's not something I've encountered."

Xelten says, "It is a vision, though. So the thought of a child is relative. Something new, rather than a young person."

Xelten cocks his head at you.

Khhsath says to Apollys, "Strong people. You could learn."

You nod to Xelten.

Apollys says to Khhsath, "My strength comes from a place other than the blood of children."

Etasia nods to you.

Elizzibiana says, "Could be Kaldars, or even Gorbesh. I wouldnt put it past Gorbesh."

Apollys nods to Elizzibiana.

Derulao says, "Makes me think of a coming of age ceremony perhaps."

Etasia says, "There is word the Gorbesh are on the move from the South."

Elizzibiana nods to Derulao.

You say, "That covers the visions I had to discuss this evening. But if anybody wants to bring up the visions related to the Merelew, I would be interested in hearing them. I have not experienced one myself, though I did experience some that sound similar, the last time Andreshlew rose."

Khhsath says to Apollys, "The people I do not know. I think the child becomes strong. People become stronger."

Elizzibiana chortles softly at some secret joke.

Apollys says to Khhsath, "Bloodletting isn't something I've ever thought to associate with growing strength. Surely, there are better ways. I've become strong, without the need for such rituals."

Khhsath says to you, "The fish people, I have visions."

Aislynn quietly exclaims to you, "I don't have them all copied down, unfortunately, and I'm not prepared to.. huzzah!"

Aislynn beams at Khhsath!

Elizzibiana says, "Another and I got a fishy vision to. I am far from holy roller or god worshipper but she is."

Elizzibiana says, "Your mouth fills with brine, and a thick bed of coral spans before you. Before your eyes, the coral begins to turn a sickly black, expelling long strands of mucus and purple sand. A school of fish approaches, and with sharp broad mouths begin to eat chunks of the reef. Some twitch violently and die, a similar black rot spreading over their brilliant scales as they drift along the current. Where they land, scuttling scavengers emerge from cover and begin to pick the dead fish apart. The vision fades."

Elizzibiana says, "I got another while she slept but I do not have it offhand."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Zalinyar says, "Your mouth fills with brine, and your vision goes completely dark. Gradually, shadows and flickers of light dance before you, the faint shimmer of the branching nervous system of a kneeling Merelew man. A dull glow backlights the figure, casting bizarre reflections and distortions off the partial form before you. Looking around, you see the nerve bundles of your arm spreading into your webbed hand, holding a billowing black knife. The man begs mercy, but you step forward and slice open his throat, watching as the nerves around the wound flare, then slowly dim. Suddenly, the man's brain and heart erupt with brilliance, and you find yourself rapturously drinking in the light. The experience fades."

Apollys says, "The spreading rot, the light-wielding creature summoned by a Merelew, the visions from the viewpoint of what we think is a leviathan. The corpse in the water. The elves trading... something."

Apollys furrows his brow.

Apollys says, "There were a few, at least."

Apollys gives a slight nod.

Aislynn quietly says, "We were discussing, and speculating about the very last of the visions... that, perhaps, the thing in the deeps was the same thing hooting and clicking at rangers in the trees."

Khhsath says, "Says better than I can."

Aislynn quietly says, "I found myself floating in pelagic darkness, crushed by the oppressive weight of water. I had only the slightly sense of up and down, and the water was completely still. Slowly a pressure built below, and two boney spears rose from the depths. Branching with sharp bends, the spears bifurcate and grew, becoming five, seven, thirteen, twenty two. A forest of jagged horns passed before me, and a row of double-slit eyes opened, gleaming as they scrutinized me. I was surrounded by a series of hoots and clicks, an amused howl, and the vision faded."

Asherasa shudders.

Zalinyar smiles at Khhsath, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

You say, "It's possible these visions may be some form of communication from the leviathans. I believe I remember hearing last time the Merelew were around that the leviathans engage in psychic communication."

Zalinyar asks Khhsath, "Did you get the same vision?"

Khhsath nods.

Zalinyar says, "I had another one too."

Zalinyar says, "Your mouth fills with brine, and your vision ripples like water. You watch a team of Merelew gently guide a whale along a bay, navigating some shallow outcroppings. The whale is bound in a comfortable harness of sharkskin leather padded with seasilk, and a long trailing wraps around a massive container studded with tightly wrapped balloons to maintain neutral buoyancy. As they reach a comfortable position, the Merelew teamsters stop the whale and detach its load. They begin inflating additional balloons on the container to float it to the surface, where a large oared tug awaits. Chatting with the Elven crew, the Merelew return to the depths with oilskin wrapped packages of lumber, foodstuffs, and metals. Securing the load to the whale, the team passes back out into the ocean depths, and the vision fades."

Elizzibiana says, "Ahh, found it."

Ayrell says, "Yes, I recall we all received similar visions to these when last the island had risen."

Aislynn quietly says, "We would love to know what's in that massive container."

Aislynn nods in agreement.

Elizzibiana says, "While I worship Ushnish it is indictive of Hav'roth."

Elizzibiana chuckles.

Etasia grins at Aislynn, her dimples flashing into view.

Zalinyar says, "That one seems to me that the merlew are happy with the trade with us mainlanders."

Aislynn quietly says to Ayrell, "There are definitely some new ones, depicting eyeless Voidgazers."

Ayrell nods to Aislynn.

Ayrell says, "Yes, of course. I was merely commenting that this phenomenon occurred before as well."

Apollys says, "The factions that I've met have all been exceedingly kind and generous. I don't believe them to be deceptive at all, and I would very much like to have a conversation with as many of them as I can. However, as I understand it, I have not yet met all the factions."

Elizzibiana says, "Obviously there is still the one sect of Merelow who are not happy with us."

Elizzibiana says, "Merelew, sorry."

Apollys says, "I do have a concern, with being shown visions of the Merelew partaking in what would appear to be at least mistakes, if not outright nefarious acts, and any rising resentment that may turn in to."

Elizzibiana mumbles something under her breath.

You say, "I think people are hopefully understanding of the differences between the factions of the Merelew, even if they don't get all the details. Certainly, they have incentive to make people understand that the Void Gazers are acting on their own."

Asherasa's eyes darken with thought, and her tail grows very still.

You say, "As they've been causing more trouble than just unsettling visions."

Apollys nods.

Elizzibiana nods to you.

Elizzibiana asks, "They've ramped up their attacks more this time, havent they?"

You say, "Well, if there's nothing else, then thank oyu all for coming."

Xelten nods to you.

Zalinyar smiles at you, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Ayrell smiles at you.

You say, "I can provide a moongate back to Crossing, for those looking to head that way."

Apollys says, "A pleasure as always, no matter how disturbing, Scholar."

Apollys snaps to attention and hails you with a crisp hand salute.

Etasia says to you, "Thank ye."

Ayrell curtsies gracefully to you.

You carefully mark your place and close your astronomer's journal, securing the clasp.

Asherasa says to you, "Thank you for sharing these strange tidings."

You put your journal in your scholar's valise.

Ayrell says to you, "Thank you for the enlightening discussion, as always."

Elizzibiana says to you, "If you could, appreciate it."

Derulao says, "This has been illuminating and thought-provoking."

Zalinyar exclaims, "Yes please, and as always, thank you for holding this meeting. I do enjoy them very much!"

You say, "My pleasure, as always. Even when the visions themselves are less than pleasant."