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Repairman Mhhrval
Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Outfitting Society (Muspar'i) (Ranik Map 47)
Type: shopowner
  • Repairs and stores crafting tools in the Muspar'i Outfitting Society.


Dressed in colorful silk robes, the S'Kra Mur man busies himself with repairing a variety of tools on a nearby workbench. Noticing your gaze, he nods politely before returning to his work.


  • ASK MHHRVAL ABOUT MHHRVAL: Repairman Mhhrval smiles and says, "The Drough family hired me straight off the farm. I was always smarter than my brothers, but Asemath wouldn't take me. The Droughs helped me take the skills I learned at home and use them to keep everything working great."