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Marcul McRee
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Jiah, Kaelie


You see Philosopher Marcul McRee-Rhyian, Arcane Researcher of the House of the Silver Star, an Elothean Moon Mage.
He has tilted almond-shaped milky blue eyes. His silver-streaked snow-white hair is very long and fine, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a narrow black satin ribbon.
He has blue-veined skin.
A glistening star-shaped chalcedony rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He has a long, narrow, evenly trimmed mustache that falls to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a narrow goatee twisted into a long braid.
He has a tattoo of six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons on his wrist.

He is wearing a silver eyebrow ring accented with three tiny moon-colored gems, a flowing midnight-hued cloak with a deep hood, a resplendent silvery moonsilk robe with trailing floor-length sleeves, a silver knotwork wedding band and an albredine crystal ring.


Fields of Study: Astrology, History
Devotion: Meraud
Heritage: House of the Silver Star
Birthplace: Shard, Ilithi
Guild: Moon Mage - Progeny of Tezirah.
Known Apprentices: Xzean, Jaesyn, Cirie

Public Involvements

350 - Sent to Zoluren to Study as a Moon Mage.
351 - Began investigative work on Mirror Wraith Prophecy
352 - Founded small network of information gatherers known as the Keepers.
354 - Aided defenders of Zoluren against the Gorbesh.
357 - Welcomed Rakash and Prydaen refugees in Crossings.
357 - Began study of Sorcery and it's connection to the Web of Fate.
359 - Marcul and the Keepers supported defense movements, helping to hold back Lord Sorrow as he advanced on the Crossings.
360 - Present at Prince Belirendrick III's assassination at the DiSilveron Ball.
361 - Supported Khaman as he is appointment to Moon Mage Council.
362 - Glimpsed Tezirah briefly when she appearanced via the Taisgath Obelisk.
363 - Present for the deaths of Sorrow and Prayk.
363 - Temporarily assigned to Therengia, under Baron Jeladric IV, just before he invades Zoluren.
364 - Marcul falls into shadow. Some suspect this is an due to his affinity for sorcerous and necromantic magics.
408 - [spring] Marcul awakens from darkness at the Empath's guild, Crossings.
408 - [summer] - Present at the naming of Grazhir shard Vellano at Fang Cove.
408 - [winter] - Joined Vela'tohr Militia as a scout.
409 - Shopped several places at Guildfest 409.
412 - Shopped even more places at Guildfest 412.

Notes: It is suspected that Marcul supported Ralel during the L'Karm movements.
He is also a former member of The Lorethew Mentor Society.

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