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==Current officers==
==Current officers==
*Leader: [[Nideaya]]
*Leader: [[Tathalus]]
*Treasurer: Linue
*Treasurer: Linue
*Event Coordinator: Tallen
*Event Coordinator: Tallen

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators

The stated purpose of The Locksmith Union is to provide locations where locksmiths can practice their trade for their fellow adventurers.

Locksmith Union Logo designed by Azaal Daak'tor

Current officers

  • Leader: Tathalus
  • Treasurer: Linue
  • Event Coordinator: Tallen
  • Archivist: Aedineus
City Representatives
  • Crossing: Nebby
  • Riverhaven/Rossman's: Filled
  • Theren, Lang and it's western territories: Filled
  • Qi: Akudyn
  • Shard/Forfedhdar: Pazohn

Affirmed Members

Ajathaer, Alesea, Alisyn, Amaci, Annalyse, Arandrowse, Arcticdark, Arianah, Artdel, Aspet, Azillatem, Bedlight, Caale, Caehys, Carvalhal, Chozen, Codiax, Coulin, Craetos, Crobin, Cyiarriah, Danoryiel, Darkewolff, Darkgaze, Dartwin, Deaglan, Deassimus, Deeter, Derenth, Deztra, Doarte, Drevid, Dronic, Druesyillia, Ehrendyl, Eldrich, Elizondo, Enrahn, Enwah, Erixx, Evermore, Evyls, Eyrc, Fariden, Firekiller, Fizzicle, Fyrusa, Gags, Gandoft, Gidien, Glynnes, Govahgn, Grisela, Gybrush, Hammerfist, Hangren, Ipkin, Ishtok, Izykial, Jaelles, Jalika, Jenealle, Jilette, Jiol, Jobian, Joehaynus, Joshuan, Jostak, Julenne, Kaeta, Kara, Kartaan, Kekahuna, Kelyan, Kharansea, Khhriv, Khohan, Kintryn, Kionsun, Kirchov, Kkeno, Kraelyst, Kyloin, Lagury, Larhea, Larhea, Linden, Loeth, Lythalar, Maatrim, Mahe, Malgore, Mallitek, Mattreem, Meantermel, Meeanda, Mendicant, Miir, Mujaki, Myzteke, Naomee, Nebby, Nideaya, Nitali, Nithaven, Oberom, Osires, Pazohn, Psyanide, Puddy, Purruna, Pythea, Raeyshactos, Ramiyah, Redheart, Regalorn, Repoh, Reznov, Rgamato, Rhodium, Rickman, Rikimari, Ritsum, Roodie, Rumplefoot, Saiyana, Sameesh, Sandspray, Sanne, Schreck, Schvartzgonif, Scrounger, Serindifity, Silvanus, Sinestar, Siobhannic, Sissie, Slavis, Slital, Sneak, Sneeky, Squeam, Svennis, Syrreneo, Taliath, Tallen, Tathalus, Teebone, Teel, Teranavi, Teyl, Thady, Thalamarr, Thallie, Theale, Thinkdark, Tolena, Tonaktie, Travisius, Tyrrus, Ungara, Vaila, Veela, Vequ, Vylencia, Whistling, Wyntia, Wyspe, Xinge, Zhunni, Zillk, Zyyn

Retired & Respected Locksmith Union Members

These Members are seen in all respect and light of the Union as their time with our Community was valued and enjoyed.

As Listed

Mahone, Walcar, Shannodoah, Dyamond, Zamn, Kyodan


Union Rules & Government

  • Requirements are 150 ranks in Lockpicking and a confirming vote of a minimum of three yah. Older bylaw required a 100 ranks or to be guilded circle 10.
  • LSU offers a minionship for would-be members that do not meet the requirements. They are encouraged to hang around, attending meetings, and attend events.
  • Any position can be questioned and a vote can be called for. A tally will be taken and arrangements will be made, to the result.
  • Sustaining vote to open the meeting and Sustaining vote to close the meeting.
  • This is a Player ran Organization, there in by, laws can be changed and modified.
  • Votes are held in a yah or nay, fashion.
  • Monthly meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of every month at 9 pm eastern time, at the Crossing, Pond.


  • The Locksmith Union was founded on November 16th, 2001 by Kraelyst the Hand, who remained its leader until Jilette succeeded him on March 1, 2008. The founding was made public through the production of the first ever Box Raffle (details below).
  • During the summer of 2002 the general public was immersed in a conflict regarding lockpick prices which resulted in blame being misdirected at The Locksmith Union for fixing prices. The confusion arose because one of the Union's few rules was that its members could not sell lockpicks for less than 4 gold per master or 1 platinum per grandmaster. People hostile to the Union or Thieves or locksmiths in general began intentionally underselling lockpicks by large amounts or giving lockpicks away for free. Many locksmiths (some in the Union and some not) took retribution on people who continued to purposefully undersell lockpicks. The Locksmith Union published a statement that it was not involved with enforcing prices on non-members and did not condone nor condemn the independent acts of its members.
  • Lockpick prices have continued to remain stable at approximately 4 gold per master and 1 plat per grandmaster despite the pricing conflict and despite the fact that The Locksmith Union dropped minimum lockpick prices from its member rules in 2005.
  • In January 2003 The Locksmith Union became the first non-Official player organization to receive a group badge (a gleaming animite key) and an affiliation post-title "of The Locksmith Union." This was made possible by Product Manager Solomon and Senior GameMaster Jeremael who transferred the badge mechanics over from The Fallen where they were being used for the warring organizations.
  • In May 2003 The Locksmith Union was granted its own Simutronics Forums avatar, which was designed by Union member Azaal Daak'tor.
  • In January 2004 the first "City Reps" were named. These individuals were to coordinate efforts and act as a leader for members in their region. They included:
    • Crossing Rep: Vaetle Loeion
    • Riverhaven Rep: Mackes Cultellus
    • Langenfirth Rep: Walcar Walcars
    • Shard Rep: Silverfly Wasarbus
  • In December 2004 Jilette Darkkwidow was selected as the new box raffle chairman to replace Kraelyst who had done the previous three raffles. Jilette organized the 2006 Box Raffle and the 2007 Box Raffle, which was the first to be held in a wedding area so as to be easily accessible from all major cities.
  • On March 1, 2008 Kraelyst announced that Jilette Darkkwidow would succeed him has leader of the Locksmith Union.
  • In late 2008 Jilette due to Real Life reasons stopped Playing Dragonrealms, leaving a leadership vacume in the Union, and due to the Union's rules it cannot induct new members until a new leader is chosen.
  • October 2010 The Locksmith Union met with the Orders GM to talk about choosing a new leader. Candidates were asked to email the GM and answer questions, the outcome of which, she would choose a new leader. However, no Leader has been selected as of yet, and the Union still remains in a state of stagnation.
  • November 2010 Shannodoah named new leader of the Union. Shannodoah would somewhat soon there after step down from leadership of the Locksmith Union. Though he would key as his first new member Arandrowse. Druesyllia soon thereafter took over Leadership of the Locksmith Union, including returning the popular Box Raffles! She stepped down from leadership handing the leadership over to Arandrowse in May 2016.
  • December 2016 A vote was called for by Nebby for the removal of Arandrowse as leader of the Union. A No-faith is leadership vote was taken and concluded that Arandrowse was to step down from his role. Nideaya was voted in as Acting-Leader until an official vote could occur.
  • January 2017 Nideaya was voted in a Leader of the Locksmith Union. Akudyn would be voted in as an Officer representing the Islands. Nebby would be voted in next as Officer representing the Zoluren area. Tallen as Event Coordinator. Linue was also voted in as Treasurer. Aedineus would contribute voted in as Scrolls and Records.
  • January 2018 Pazohn voted in as Officer representing Shard.
  • August 2019 A vote was called for by Tathalus for the removal of Nideaya as leader of the Union. A No-Faith vote was taken and it was decided that Nideaya (who had been absent from several recent meetings) was to step down. Tathalus was voted Leader of the Locksmith Union.

Box raffle

The Box Raffle is an event hosted by The Locksmith Union every year or two years. Its purpose is to raise awareness and goodwill for The Locksmith Union. To receive entries into the raffle a person brings boxes to a designated location to be open by members of The Locksmith Union. Each box opened is worth one entry in the raffle up to a maximum number of entries. An additional limited number of entries can be obtained by purchasing master or grandmaster lockpicks from Union members at or above the standard price. The entry phase of the raffle typically lasts for 2 to 3 non-stop days. Hundreds of items and thousands of platinums are given away as prizes.

Other events

The Locksmith Union has organized and participated in many other events including regular group raids on the Throne City Museum, an exploration of the Penal Colony on M'riss, and the Locksmith Union's anniversary party in 2007.