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Status: Dead
Aliases: the Archer
Guild: Ranger
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Associates: Lanival, Arhat

Ranger and, some say, daughter of Huntress Sable. Follower of Kuniyo. Brought justice to traitors of the Empire with her silvered bow. May have been a lover of Arhat. Her last target, an Elven warlord, died, but she was never seen again. She has become a saint of sorts for Rangers.


Therenborough Statue

Found in the foyer of Ibec Hall in Theren:

Lirisa, the great archer of justice, stands proudly and defiantly upon her pedestal. Many tales have been told about the feats of the Human woman, and from those tales have sprung myths about her role in the terrible wars leading to the Imperial Collapse. Never did Lirisa sway from the defense of innocents, and she stands ready with bronze bow to defend them still.