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ItemSource isRare item
Anklet of interlocked lightning bolts surrounding tiny cambrinth cloudsGriniel's Cottagetrue
Antler-handled carving knife etched with bolts of fractured lightningThorkim Family Farm 429/Pig Mazetrue
Armor:Black gauntlets trimmed in platinumtrue
Armor:Blackened chain armor patterned with a cascade of silver lightning boltsWar and Craft (1)War and Craft (2)true
Armor:Blackened full double leathers painted with lightning bolts surrounding a shrewGriniel's Cottagefalse
Armor:Blackened leather hood edged with a row of lightning boltsGriniel's Cottagefalse
Armor:Darkened hauberk accented with bright silver lightning boltsIt's Elementaltrue
Armor:Ebony mail interwoven with golden steelsilk links forming a cascade of lightning boltsElahkti's Metal Arts (2)Elahkti's Metal Arts (1)true
Armor:Golden suit of lamellar plate engraved with a figure hurling lightning from its handsWar and Craft (1)War and Craft (2)true
Armor:Night-black jousting plate streaked with bolts of lightningAcaph's Acquisitionsfalse
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