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Leilond Sootherin
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


Birth Name: Unknown
Date of Birth: 12th day of Skullcleaver 338AV
Hobbies: Training, sparring and playing instruments
Dislikes: Alcohol and lazy Bards
Weapons: Dual mirror blades and various thrown weapons

  • Leilond was the first Transcendent Bard to arise since the guild's reinstitution.
  • Leilond's original hair color was platinum, of which he shifted before joining the Bard Guild.
  • Leilond's favorite Enchante is Chorus of Madmen, and his favorite spell is Will of Winter.
  • Leilond was Mentor in dueling to Terra and Ariya.


Leilond Face.jpg

You see Leilond Sootherin, Shadow of Elanthia, an Elf.

Leilond has pointed ears and thick-lashed viridian eyes. His deep purple hair is long and fine, and is worn loose. He has fair skin and a brawny build.
He is average height for a Elf.
Branded into the skin of his back is a shadowy dragon with wings unfurled to touch his shoulders.

As of April 2021: You see Heartless Leilond Napier, an Elf. Leilond has a haggard face with a jagged scars curving up from the corners of the mouth, pointed ears and dark circles under sunken viridian eyes. His pale ichor-green hair is limply hanging to the shoulders and lank and greasy, and is worn arranged in pigtails. He has a sickly pallor upon pale skin and a deceptively whipcord-thin build.

He is wearing a flowing duelist's white longcoat without sleeves, a triple strapped chest baldric, a fitted mesh lorica of chaotically-angled links, a multi-slotted black leather sword belt with silver inlays, a wrapped sana'ati wood sheath with simple ties, a rune-inscribed utility pouch, a tied receptacle, some fitted black leather fighting pants and a pair of lithe combat boots with interlocking metal shin guards. IMAGE


Due to much of his training Leilond enjoys testing his skill against others--Especially against opponents that present insurmountable challenges. He prizes himself in and is very confident with his vocal ability and the power of his Enchantes, so much so that one could almost call him arrogant.

Leilond fallen.jpg

Surely Leilond is almost always training and when he's not improving his fighting technique he's usually spending time focusing his mind through instrument practice. Though he is a member of the Bard guild he has no deeper connection to instruments other than for improving his own mental ability in combat, as he believes a fight is much akin to the melody of a song. For Leilond, physical and mental prowess are along the road to enlightenment.

History of a Fallen Bard

Leilond never knew the faces of his true parents. He was separated from them upon birth by the Dragon Priests, branded and raised in servitude to the World Dragon. He grew up as nothing more than property and at first feelings of sadness and self-loathing filled his entire existence; however, quickly those feelings decayed into anger and hatred towards the world and especially towards the Dragon Priests. One particularly bright day brought an enlightened Bard by the name of Kilke upon the cage-confined child, unbeknown to the Dragon Priests. The Bard returned later that night dressed as a beautiful woman and, using his cunning to trick the Dragon Priests, rescued the boy. Kilke bestowed the name "Leilond" upon the boy named after a dragon from one of his various song renditions.

Leilond followed Kilke over the many years despite the Bard's insane rambling; however, it became apparent to Kilke that Leilond had developed a separate personality to mask his complete and utter hatred of the world. Kilke was forced to disband Leilond for fear of his own destruction but Leilond was not alone for long. That very same day Annalyse so graciously adopted the young elf into her family and eventually Leilond was met by Daresacorei who he eventually married. Unfortunately the threads of fate would not smile long for Leilond. A few days after the ceremony Leilond's wife fell into a deathly sleep and departed the world to walk the starry road. This violently upset Leilond which gave his other personality the opportunity to tear through the rift within his clouded emotions and his eyes faded to a shade of stormy grey. Remembering all the times past where he had been too weak to influence anything Leilond turned to seek only additional power to the point of obsession. He became distant from his family and made friends very sparingly, typically only with those also driven by power. His light personality remained dominant; however, his darker and more unnerving personality managed to escape on more than a few occasions.

On one cold Winter evening Leilond challenged and was soundly defeated by two fierce fighters by the names of Mazrian and Galren. Fully astonished by the amount of strength they each possessed Leilond vowed to become stronger at any cost. It was this corruption of Leilond's desire for power that took over him at that point. He shut out even those friends who he held dear to his heart in order to focus solely on his training. It wasn't until Leilond's closest friend Catleena expressed a deep sorrow towards him because of his strange and cold behavior that he went off on his own to meditate. After three months of meditation Leilond managed to break the bonds of his insanity and returned again to how he once was.

Eventually, Leilond grew to have a wide circle of friends across Kermoria. Satisfied with his work, Leilond decided it was time to bid farewell and left to traverse other lands in search of new adventures and a deeper understanding of the world.

Leilond Scenery.jpg

Rumor has it that he headed south beyond the borders of Ilithi past Corik's Wall, though some claim to have spotted him within the lands of Kermoria since his departure.