Left ForeLeg - Table

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Left ForeLeg - Table
Event Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Crafting shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Baby Metal Arachnid, Left ForeLeg]
Beveled gears run to the huge joint in the spider's leg, the corridor dead-ending at a sealed manhole. The walls form a nearly perfect vertical from the metal floor, which is bolted to a platform above a tangle of machinery. Thick ichor-like oil puddles in one corner, dripping from a leaky pipe in the ceiling. You also see a wooden table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
red sack - Contains : some straight iron pins 300 tickets   No
azure sack - Contains : a massive packet of deed claim forms 250 tickets   No
turquoise sack - Contains : a jade-handled forging hammer with a triskele etched into its head 10,000 tickets   No
scarlet sack - Contains : some box-jaw tongs etched with a menacing brine shark 10,000 tickets   No
burgundy sack - Contains : a simple shovel with a leather-wrapped handle 10,000 tickets   No
beige sack - Contains : a stout pickaxe with a shark-shaped lacewood grip 10,000 tickets   No
teal sack - Contains : a twisted stirring rod with a shark-shaped handle 10,000 tickets   No
nomlas sack - Contains : some stout pliers engraved with a trio of images 10,000 tickets   No
salmon sack - Contains : some stout metal chisels stamped with a shark 10,000 tickets   No
orange sack - Contains : some thick rifflers with a smudged design 10,000 tickets   !!
maroon sack - Contains : a double-sided rasp with an elongated handle 10,000 tickets   No
grey sack - Contains : a slender bone saw with a reinforced angled handle 10,000 tickets   No
tan sack - Contains : some slender sewing needles with a tiny blemish in the metal 10,000 tickets   No
purple sack - Contains : a notched yardstick fitted with a leather carrying cord 10,000 tickets   No
blue sack - Contains : some slender knitting needles with icesteel heads 10,000 tickets   No
brown sack - Contains : some thick scissors with a flat base 10,000 tickets   No
aquamarine sack - Contains : a bone-handled hide scraper wrapped with leather cord 10,000 tickets   No
black sack - Contains : a slender awl with a thick cocobolo handle 10,000 tickets   No
yellow sack - Contains : a black marble mortar with a series of brine sharks carved about the rim 10,000 tickets   No
cyan sack - Contains : a black marble pestle with silver veining 10,000 tickets   No
magenta sack - Contains : a large blackened stone bowl banded in silver 10,000 tickets   No
green sack - Contains : a fine-meshed sieve with a sturdy anli handle 10,000 tickets   DG
A notecard reads:
"Due to incompetent help, high quality tools to assist you in your crafting have been stuffed inside these sacks. I advise you OPEN each sack to check its contents and reference the COLOR of the sack when attempting any purchases. Refunds are NOT permitted; we are not responsible for your hasty decisions!
The AZURE sack contains a packet of 500 deed claim forms.