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Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male

Attack on Moon Mage Council

Several members of the Moon Mage Council were killed or put into comas when he attacked one of their meetings (Sept 2001). This was done at Lasarhhtha's request. The attack on the Council was made possible by a Grazhir shard and a magical necromantic disease. Was later trapped and killed in Crossings by vengeful Moon Mages.

What happened to the council members:

Delusions of being Divyaush

Thought he was Divyaush. Would say, "I'm Divyaush. Everyone likes my welkin."

Mistletoad attacks

Lechsu was previously responsible for plague attacks using mistletoads. Is sometimes confused with Gwindahl, who was responsible for a rat plague attack.


Was killed in late August of 2000. Taramaine, Kreich, Stavro and others attacked him, with Stavro eventually killing Lechsu.


Title: Vetanzoh Race: Elf