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Lalbot Porthage
Status: Unknown
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Relatives: Faysien Porthage (wife), Trenthal Porthage (son)

Lalbot Porthage is the current owner of Dunshade Manor, and involved in the quest Dunshade: Echo of Tears.


A stern-looking man sits at the desk, busily working on some papers. He gathers them up when he notices you looking at them.

Conversation Topics

  • DOG: "I should've never given in to that mutt." Lalbot shakes his head.
  • DUNSHADE: Lalbot stops what he's doing and stares closely at you. "What business of that is yours?"
  • PAPERS: Lalbot gruffly says, "They're none of your business, thats all you need to know."
  • SON: Lalbot's face brightens a bit, "He's gonna be a trader just like his father. His mother takes care of him, I wish she wouldn't let him wander the streets like she does. He'll end up being one of them tree huggers."

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Glancing suspiciously around, Lalbot covers his papers nonchalantly.
  • "It won't be long now," mumbles Lalbot as he sorts through his papers.
  • Lalbot cracks his knuckles.