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The Knife's Edge
Event Guildfest 398
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Miscellaneous shops, Necromancer shops
Restrictions Necromancer
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Knife's Edge, Front Room]
Crafted from burnished cedar, this small room has a just-built smell to it, and the plain boards making up the walls look as if they were freshly nailed. Four standing braziers light the room, one placed in each corner and lit with a pale orange glow. Crafted more for function than appearance, a narrow door leads into another area, while an alcove off to the side is blocked off by a simple white curtain. You also see a cedarwood knife stand with some stuff on it and a long counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

a cedarwood knife stand
Item Price Done
knife 625   !!
acid-etched iron knife with a leather-wrapped hilt 3,125   
small steel knife 1,875   DG
gleaming gold-plated knife studded with small diamond-cut rubies 10,000   
dark steel ritual knife with a sharply hooked tip 2,750   
polished silver knife with blackened symbols branded into the hilt 3,750   !!
bronze-plated knife adorned with crystals along the narrow crossguard 3,125   
A small note (on the stand) reads: "These knives are designed to be worn on the upper arm and will work for performing rituals."
a long counter
Item Price Done
small knife 1,250   DG
keenly honed ritual knife crafed from blackened steel 2,500   
simple iron knife 1,875   !!
twisted iron knife set with a bloodstone in its pommel 6,250   !!
sharply serrated knife with a black leather hilt 2,500   
finely polished knife etched with deep grooves down the blade 3,125   !!
dark steel knife with a wire-wrapped hilt 2,500   
A small note (on the counter) reads: "These knives are designed to be worn on the thigh and will work for performing rituals."

Through the Door:

[The Knife's Edge, Back Room]
Set up with deliberate care, this storage area is carefully lined from wall to wall in lush red carpeting. Several paintings cover the walls, each of them depicting a very abstract and random pattern of brushstrokes. Gaethzen orbs decorate the ceiling in short rows, providing plenty of light, and a small door leads back to the front room. You also see a fine marble table with some stuff on it and a rosewood counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

a fine marble table
Item Price Done
engraved ritual knife crafted from black steel 12,500   
straight iron knife with a brown leather hilt 1,750   No
small knife 1,250   !!
slender silver knife with a blackened steel crossguard 2,500   
highly polished steel knife etched with a single blooming rose 5,000   
small copper-plated knife set with a single moonstone in the pommel 18,750   
small silver knife engraved with an open eye 1,875   
A small note (on the table) reads: "These knives are designed to be worn strapped to one wrist and will work for performing rituals."

a rosewood counter
Item Price Done
nightsilk duffel bag secured with slender leather straps 37,500   
oiled leather backpack tooled with the image of a white mouse 2,500   !!
slender mistsilk sack shadow-embroidered with tiny flowers - (can hold pyramids) 6,250   
spidersilk traveler's pack dyed with shifting hues of red and black 25,000   
sturdy leather case edged with a pattern of complex geometric lines 3,750   !!
simple leather sack tooled with faded leaves filled with silver leaf 3,750   !!
white cotton arm pouch embroidered with a small lily 1,250   !!

Through the Curtain

[The Knife's Edge, Alcove]
Cramped and with barely enough room for shoppers to move, this small alcove is packed full of boxes and crates. Wares are spread out underneath a single lantern, which flickers in the windowless alcove. A half-unrolled red carpet lines the floor, looking like it was accidentally placed, stopping just before a plain white curtain. You also see a polished silverwillow table with some stuff on it and a flamewood wardrobe.
Obvious exits: none.

a silverwillow table
Item Price Done
silver-edged bronze knife etched with small wisps of smoke 1,375   
small steel knife 1,500   
elegant diamondique knife with a clear crystal handle 50,000   
bronze-plated ritual knife with a black leather hilt 3,187   No
finely honed steel knife adorned with a cabochon sapphire on the crossguard 6,250   
whimsical copper knife engraved with a row of blueberries down the blade 1,875   No
polished silver knife engraved with an ivy leaf pattern 1,250   No
A small note reads: "These knives are designed to be worn strapped to one ankle and will work for performing rituals."
a flamewood wardrobe
Item Price Done
nightmare-black leather robe tooled with faded symbols on the hems 13,750   
simple brown robe 2,000   !!
deep purple damask robe stitched with a repeating pattern of open eyes 15,000   No
blood-red spidersilk robe edged with a pattern of green flames 8,750   No
pitch-black satin robe embroidered with golden roses on the sleeves 25,000   
plain brown monk's robe with a high collar 2,500   !!
simple linen robe with belled sleeves 2,250   !!