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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Kilora's Weaponry (Ranik Map 99)
Type: shopowner
Relatives: Martrem (husband)

Master Smith Kilora owns Kilora's Weaponry and is married to Martrem.


Kilora is a young Elven woman with tanned skin and light brown hair streaked with shades of gold. Her hair is arranged in thin braids decorated with colorful beads and black feathers. She wears a supple deerskin tunic laced along the front with rawhide thongs, and some snug deerskin leggings. Always in motion, she glides gracefully around the forge supervising the work of several apprentices and journeymen.

Recall History

Bringing to mind a conversation with some townsfolk, you recall that Master Smith Kilora, a Wind Elf, is married to the Gor'Tog armorer, Martrem. Kilora was banished from her clan for marrying the Gor'Tog, and rarely sees her people any longer. While she remains young, her husband grows steadily older and older. Your knowledge of regional customs tells you that when he dies, she'll face a choice -- whether to remain on Surlaenis, or return to her clan, freed of the marriage bond that caused her casting out.