Kertigen's commune

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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Kertigen's commune
Requirements: ​8th Circle, Quest
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: commune / theurgy
Description: Kertigen's power imbues a weapon with a supreme blessing for use against the Undead.
Effect: bless weapon
Messaging: You whisper a prayer over the <weapon>. Slowly, and then more rapidly, a warm glow surrounds the weapon, consuming it in furious fire. When it fades, the <weapon> is covered in a fine white powder that wipes off easily.


  • It provides a more powerful bonus against undead and cursed than Bless
  • If the commune is used on an unblessed weapon, Bless can then be cast on the weapon for an additional pool of 'regular' blessed strikes.
  • Kertigen's powerful blessings will be used first.
  • It can be performed on others, though it is more powerful in the hands of a Cleric or Paladin.
  • Paladins enjoy the same level of power bestowed from the commune as Clerics.
  • Using the Kertigen commune on oneself will now bless brawling attacks. Like self-cast Bless, this has a duration instead of strike charges.
  • Usage:
SPRINKLE Holy oil on <weapon/person>
(If your target is another person, they must be holding an unblessed weapon.)
COMMUNE Kertigen
  • PERCEIVE <weapon> to distinguish bless type and strike count. (Does not cost devotion.)
Perceiving the <weapon> is blessed signifies the Bless spell.
Strike messaging for bless is brilliant silver light.
Perceiving the <weapon> is powerfully blessed signifies Kertigen's commune.
Strike messaging for Kertigen's commune is holy white light.

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