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|MapNumber      = 1d
|MapNumber      = 1d
|Province        = Zoluren
|Province        = Zoluren
|Town            = Crossing
|Town            = The Crossing
|Owner          = Silvyrfrost
|Owner          = Silvyrfrost
|NumRooms        = 1
|NumRooms        = 1

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Keg Alcove, Crossing Bards' Guild
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1d
Owner Silvyrfrost
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars
  • Note, You don't have to be a Bard to shop here, but you do need a Bard to get you in the portal in the Crossing Bard's Guild.

[Bards' Guild, Keg Alcove]
Three oversized oak kegs fill the alcove, leaving barely enough room to reach a curious-looking cupboard on the back wall. Broken tankards lie carelessly discarded in the corners, and damp stains spot the carpet around each keg, mute reproach to the housekeeping skills of the residents.
You also see the conservatory.
Obvious exits: none.

On a pale keg
Item Price Done
Must have tankard,horn, or other item to fill from keg.
spiced rum 75   DG
On a stout keg
Item Price Done
Must have tankard,horn, or other item to fill from keg.
dark ale 50   
On a wine-stained keg
Item Price Done
Must have tankard,horn, or other item to fill from keg.
mulled wine 65   
On the mahogany cupboard
Item Price Done
Crossing Bard Guild chocolate fund -- keep away from Macfrae.
You turn the cupboard, to view a different selection of treats.
Stock Rotates.
almond chocolate drops 100   No
almond chocolate fudge 100   No
banana and chocolate fritter 100   No
chocolate almond brittle 100   No
chocolate and nut terrine 100   No
chocolate butter cookie 100   No
chocolate caramel cookie 100   No
chocolate caramel puff 100   
chocolate cherry cheesecake 100   No
chocolate cherry-walnut bar 100   No
chocolate chunk cookie 100   No
chocolate chunk macaroon 100   No
chocolate covered cherries 100   
chocolate custard tartlet 100   
chocolate fudge cookie 100   No
chocolate honey-almond crunch 100   No
chocolate meringue 100   No
chocolate milk 100   DG
chocolate mint cookie 100   No
chocolate mocha cheesecake 100   No
chocolate nougat squares 100   No
chocolate oatmeal cookie 100   No
chocolate pecan praline 100   No
chocolate raspberry cake 100   No
chocolate rum caramel cake 100   No
chocolate toffee 100   No
chocolate triple-layer cake 100   No
cocoa and almond truffle 100   No
cocoa and caramel truffle 100   No
cocoa and toffee cookie 100   No
cocoa gingersnap 100   No
dark chocolate cremes 100   No
double chocolate trifle 100   
hot chocolate 100   DG
iced chocolate 100   No
iced chocolate cupcake 100   No
luscious chocolate souffle 100   No
milk chocolate cremes 100   No
orange and chocolate mousse 100   No
pecan and chocolate tartlet 100   No
rich chocolate brownie 100   No
rich chocolate caramels 100   No
rich chocolate mousse 100   
rich fudge truffle 100   No
triple chocolate parfait 100