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Kajikun Shadow-Stalker
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

He is Death Dealer Kajikun Shadow-Stalker, Smuggler of Elanthia, a Human.
He has black eyes. He has brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn arranged in a mohawk.
He has a set of tiny blood rubies accenting vicious battle scars that mar shadowy black skin.
A sparkling bloodstone shaped like twin crossed daggers rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He is in his prime.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black leather highwayman's hat with a braided band, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a dull serpent earcuff, a dull serpent earcuff, an ornate anlora-avtoma nose stud, a witchclaw torque with basilisk teeth tips, a fuligin oilskin greatcoat, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a diamond-encrusted badge stamped "Wound Thief", a flashy gold pin engraved with the words "Never Buy, Only Liberate", a defaced cameo with a blackened silver backing, a lightweight smuggler's crossbow with a makeshift tin boltplate, a darkstone Tongue-of-Huldah spear, a heavy ruazin wool duffel bag, a shadow-hued broadcloth assassin's backpack, a large cambrinth viper, some blackened steel elbow spikes, a crude knife fashioned from a chitinous blade spider barb, a broad silver ring inset with cambrinth belladonna blossoms, a satinwood ring encrusted with sunstones in the pattern of a vial of poison, a gold ring, a black leather belt, a lumpy bundle, a red gem pouch, a lockpick ring, a soft black leather lootsack clasped by a tiny golden padlock, a smuggler's sheath wrapped in thin strips of nightsilk, some fitted viper-skin pants with a bronzed fang buckle, an assassin's thigh pouch with steelsilk ties, a close-fitting smuggler's quiver of dull nightsilk, some steel knee spikes, an embossed leather band with braided tie straps, an embossed leather band with braided tie straps and a pair of black leather highwayman's riding boots.


Kajikun arrived in the Crossing like many do, looking for adventure. He wandered the streets day and night looking for a guild that fit right. As many do, he fell in with the wrong crowd and joined the Brotherhood. Once inside the Thief Guild he quickly began to soak in all that he was taught. One lessen he learned that opened his eyes was "Thieves will use any and every skill they have available to stay alive." Using this advice Kajikun infiltrated the Ranger Guild to learn to manipulate the ways of Life Magic in an attempt to increase his survival rate. As he began learning about how Rangers use Life Magic it quickly became apparent that they would not be able to teach him the skills he was looking for, so he kept looking.

After every hunting trip he would visit the Empath Guild to be healed before returning to his night job as a Thief. He soon realized that the Empaths, the ones he has been getting healed time and time again from, are experts in keeping themselves alive and have exactly the skills he was looking for. He distanced himself from the Ranger Guild and joined the Empaths. An unexpected consequence of joining the guild to learn their secrets was that he was required to learn the Empathy skill. Now remember Kajikun is a Thief, sitting around a knitting circle humming masterful concertos waiting for patients to order him to heal them is not his idea of a good time. In order for him to be able to learn the Empathy skill and not go insane from having to sit in a Puff Circle waiting for people to finish their hunting trips he took the learning to them. He started in the Shipyard taking wounds of new adventurers, most never saw him. Once he learned enough of the Empathy skill he was taught how to Perceive Walk which didn't require patience. He used this skill to case shops before going on stealing runs for many circles. He continued to train his Thief skills and was able to keep himself alive even in extreme battles when everything went down hill. He started climbing the construct hunting ladder and has just finished his training as a Death Dealer.

Stats & Skills
Circle 91
Strength 40 Agility 42 Intelligence 45 Wisdom 45
Stamina 50 Reflex 40 Discipline 50 Charisma 40
Shield Usage 264 Light Armor 245 Chain Armor 229 Brigandine 238
Plate Armor 222 Defending 254
Parry Ability 182 Small Edged 231 Large Edged 150 Twohanded Edged 150
Small Blunt 141 Large Blunt 144 Twohanded Blunt 122 Slings 78
Bows 104 Crossbows 103 Staves 132 Polearms 115
Light Thrown 156 Heavy Thrown 103 Brawling 176 Offhand Weapon 70
Melee Mastery 290 Missile Mastery 207
Life Magic 591 Attunement 401 Arcana 219 Targeted Magic 236
Augmentation 325 Debilitation 237 Utility 542 Warding 174
Sorcery 136
Evasion 269 Athletics 177 Perception 319 Stealth 275
Locksmithing 282 Thievery 246 First Aid 310 Outdoorsmanship 292
Skinning 248
Forging 171 Engineering 55 Outfitting 98 Alchemy 145
Enchanting 0 Scholarship 472 Mechanical Lore Appraisal 343
Performance 18 Engineering 55 Empathy 509