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Jousting is a sport played by mounted warriors. Currently, the only form of jousting is tilting, the object of which is to unhorse one's opponent by riding toward him at high speed and striking him with a lance.

Requirements and Equipment

Minimum Requirements

All adventurers can joust provided that they have the proper training and equipment. Below is a list of the bare minimum training and equipment that are needed to joust:

  • Ownership of a horse
  • Knowledge of basic horsemanship (taught by any stablemaster)
  • A lance (a pike or halberd)
  • A shield (held in left hand)*
  • Plate armor on the torso and head*

If a jouster is not wearing plate armor and holding a shield, he is likely to panic and leap off of his horse at the moment before impact.

Recommended Equipment and Training

Lance: Blunted lances are available at some arenas. Although a regular lance can be used, you should avoid using lances that you don't want to lose. (Lances often break during jousts.)

Armor: Plate armor must be worn on the torso and head. Jousters should also consider wearing plate armor on the rest of their bodies.

Tack and Barding: Most jousters use a saddle and bridle to assist with their balance, positioning, and control over the horse. (Unless you are trained to ride bareback, you must use a saddle.) The mechanics do not require a saddle or barding, but if you want a more realistic experience, equip your horse with plate barding, and ride in a saddle.

Additional Training: Anyone who is at least 40th circle can learn how to joust more effectively, but the teacher must be a Paladin who is at least 50th circle. Horses can also be taught to perform better in jousts by Rangers.


Arena Location Lances Sold Price of Lances
Zoluren Royal Mews Crossing: North Turnpike halberd 62 Kronars
Paladins' Guild, Jousting Arena Crossing: Paladins' Guild pike and halberd 62 Kronars
Apostle Headquarters, Jousting Arena Crossing: Apostle Headquarters
Baronial Tournament Arena Therenborough pike and halberd 150 Lirums
El'Bain's Stop, Estate Holder Club, Jousting Arena El'Bain's Stop

Jousting Syntax

To initiate the challenge, you must SIGNAL HORSE JOUST <player>, and the other player will automatically be told how to respond. He has 30 seconds to agree, and if he does, the joust will begin ten seconds later.

Some training fields and jousting areas include quintains to facilitate jousting practice. To use them, just GO QUINTAIN while mounted on your horse and holding your lance.

Tournament Rules and Scoring

Individual tournaments may vary, but in general, participants are required to use the same lances (sold at the arena), and magic is forbidden.

Tournament brackets are often divided by circle. However, this can lead to unexpected results, because most people do not train pikes or halberds as rigorously as they train their primary weapon.


Each round is called a "pass." Participants will continue to joust until one person earns a designated number of points. The winning point total is often 5; during those tournaments, a jouster who unhorses his opponent automatically wins.

Points Outcome
5 points opponent is unhorsed
3 points lance impacts opponent's head
2 points lance breaks on opponent's torso
1 point lance breaks on opponent's shield

In many tournaments, if one participant leaps off the horse before impact, it is scored the same as an unhorsing. Many tournament organizers are not forgiving of mistakes caused by being improperly equipped.

Mechanics of Success

Factors that affect success in jousting:

  • Skill with polearms
  • Skill with shields
  • Offensive and defensive stances (For best results, allocate 100 points each to shield block skill and offensive skill.)
  • Whether the jouster has been taught to joust by a Paladin
  • Whether the horse has been taught to perform in a joust by a Ranger
  • Strength, Reflex, and Agility (not yet verified)
  • Hindrance (not yet verified)
  • Encumbrance/burden (not yet verified)
  • Horse's gait (not yet verified)

Participation by Empaths

Empaths can participate in jousts without experiencing empathic shock.

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