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Jomay Maveinelei
Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Relatives: Jimohe (brother)

Jomay Maveinelei was the leader of the Imperial Healers' Guild during the reign of Empress Surleerik (337-330 BL) who, along with sixteen others, was convicted of trying to kill the Empress, as well as other assorted crimes. Later assisted the Outcast and Goblin armies in retaking Shard.


An Elf born with no ears or nose, a midwife had to cut open slits for nostrils and ears after her birth. She was abused by her father. Her elder brother (by ten years), Jimohe, was an accomplished assassin. At the age of fifteen, Jomay ran away from home to Throne City and was taken in by the Imperial Healers' Guild.

At the age of about fifty, she was last person to see Khalo Chene Niedave Jataid alive at Gaendar Academy. He was the second in command of the guild and one of the most brilliant researchers of the time. He died of insect bites (purple hives), Jomay's specialty. She was saddened by it, maintaining that it was not her fault despite some suspicion.

Shortly after, she rose quickly to Lotok then Khalo in charge of research. Predecessor as head of guild was Grungrin, who died of old age.

Shortly thereafter, a group called Liva'anneg spread an insect, ristan'dia, all over the countryside. It caused deformities of many kinds and killed hundreds. Jomay, with her rather distinctive features, was recognized as one of those spreading it. Some claimed goblins were helping to spread it, implying an alliance with the Goblin Lords.

Three months later, Jomay and sixteen others were found bound and gagged in a cave from which Jimohe had been seen fleeing. Jomay claimed that Jimohe had done it. Jomay was executed unto walking, but it was shortly thereafter discovered that she had shifted Jimohe to look like her.

Recent Events

Recently had a contract with Goblin King. The Goblin King didn't like it, but he was afraid to defy Jomay. The contract was completed and Grishnok and the King were rewarded. Was trying to kill Edenlaen? Velmix owed her a favor?

Jomay doesn't want her face seen. She has incredible shifting abilities, including the ability to Force Shift.

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