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Class: unknown
Look: the Jolas
Rooms: 6
Captain: Tevel
Fare: None
Route: Hara'jaal

Like the Kree'la, the Jolas has the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The arrival time of the Jolas is estimated and can be significantly off due to pirates, weather conditions, mutinies, sea monsters and other sundries not mentioned. The owners of the Jolas can not be held responsible for being off in such estimations.


  • Travels between Hara'jaal and M'riss.
  • Approximate travel time from one location to the other is fifteen roisan (15 minutes)
  • Docks for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Captained by Tevel.
  • Jolas is Elven for Minnow.


[The Jolas, Bowsprit]
Flecks of foam spray through the air when the Jolas cuts through the waves. The bowsprit is a precarious perch, with little more than the forestay to hold onto. A careless move might send a person plunging into the sea -- and into the path of the ship -- but the reward of shinnying out on the spar is an exhilarating ride skimming over the wavetops like a gull in flight.
Ship paths: aft.

[The Jolas, Fore Deck]
Grease spewed from the galley stove's chimney has made a section of the deck just aft of the foremast dull and sticky. A nearby mop and pail testifies to some seaman's good intentions, but neither sailor nor soap is in immediate evidence. The foremast is square-rigged and keel stepped. Aloft, a pair of feet dangle off the small platform of the foretop, no doubt attached to either a passenger or sailor who has found a prime spot to take in the view.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Jolas, Main Deck]
Two grates bracket the capstan and main companion way. A variety of debris -- rags, some crumpled paper, esturi fruit rinds, and bits of bent metal -- have been dropped in the space behind some kegs lashed to the bulwarks. The companion way is barred with a metal lattice screen to prevent passengers from going below.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Jolas, Main Deck]
The square-rigged main mast, also keel stepped into the deck, dominates the area. Shrouds rising from the chain wale on the hull secure the mast firmly in place, connecting just below the main top. The ratlines are frayed, and it is obvious the deck hasn't felt the business side of a scrub brush in some time. A worn tarp has been slung between two tall stacks of wooden crates forming a crude leanto where passengers can find some protection from foul weather.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Jolas, Tarp Leanto]
Cedar shavings litter the deck, but even their sweet scent isn't enough to drive out the odor. The smell is terrible -- must, grilled sardines, and tar -- but at least the lean-to offers a respite from the weather. The tarp is nailed to the top of two stacks of wooden crates which form the walls, and hangs down to create a back wall.
Ship paths: out.

  • The leanto is considered indoors but has windows allowing observations of the sky.
  • Changes in direction of the Jolas cannot be seen from inside the leanto, and appear as a blank line.

[The Jolas, Quarter Deck]
Captain Tevel's pacing has left a scuffed circle around the ship's wheel. Several gulls pecking at a scattering of bread crumbs are careful to stay out of reach of a large celpeze chained to a heavy eye-bolt sunk into the planking behind the captain. Just past the captain, a companion ladder leads to the aft deck. Currently, a sign stating no entry, and the celpeze, discourage passengers from venturing up the ladder to the stern. You also see Captain Tevel and a large wooden wheel.
Ship paths: forward.

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