Joint Moot 438

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This event was held on 28 Dolefaren the Brigantine, of 438 AV (July 22, 2021). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


"A distant howl seems to drift from somewhere nearby as you hear the voice of a crier. "The Tavern Troupe Performing Order and the Sfek Vauns Arotru Pack are hosting a Moot to celebrate Rakash and Prydaen cultures! You should follow us to Wolf Clan, west of Crossing. It's going to be great!" With that, the crier travels into the distance, repeating his announcement."


[Wolf Clan Home, Small Clearing]
A beautiful clearing has seemingly been formed naturally in the middle of dense trees and brush. The edges of the clearing look to be a barrier as sturdy as a wall yet unseen. Lush grass bends softly with any stirring of the wind, and the occasional blue or red flower pop up giving splashing color to the green carpet. In the middle a small stone pool has been built giving various birds of the area a water source for bathing and ridding of thirst.


a white stonewear flask adorned with historic reliefs

Motifs of apple branches entwine around small images of from the western pantheon and also encircling the central images on both sides of the vessel, dividing the story of the reliefs into two parts. On one side, the Rakash and Prydaen reach out to each other, exhausted in their attempt to escape some unseen evil, while on the other side, both races revel in joyous harmony together.

Catering by Allye

In the wolfskin pouch you see a Sunfall Hub jelly doughnut, some black raspberries, a dish of baked autumn vegetables, some marinated venison medallions, a copperhead viper, a fan-tailed warbler, a slice of red apple, a glass of milky tea, a flagon of Prydaen bloodwyne and some Katamba's eclipse.

Schedule of Performances

  • Siendra
  • Ahmir
  • Allye
  • Hondashi
  • Vixonia
  • Atvus
  • Lokior
  • Tirost
  • Trivia
  • Parting Toast

Log of Event

Joint Moot 438

Bonus Post-Moot Discussion

The following log includes doughnuts gone wrong, family drama, and emotional talk of the West. Read at your own risk.

After Moot Discussion