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Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Jelstad Theren was the Imperial Governor of Therengia that became the first Baron of Therengia after aiding Lanival against Teiro during the Resistance War.


235 BL Governor Jelstad of Therengia joins with Lanival
234 BL --Teiro suffers a defeat in the Battle of the Segoltha
234 BL --Uthmor becomes General of Lanival's army
232 BL --Ka'len dies in an ambush
232 BL --Shard is completed
231 BL --Lanival is captured by Teiro's troops
231 BL --Nissa gives herself up to free Lanival. She is executed.
231 BL --The Battle of the Spine takes place. Teiro dies, ending the Resistance War
230 BL --The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar).
230 BL --Construction begins on the Crossing.
230 BL --Reign of Prince Blaeduan Guemos of Zoluren begins
230 BL --Governor Jelstad Theren of Therengia takes the title of Baron
229 BL --The Hounds of Rutilor is established
228 BL --King Ruahhgi of Ratha creates the Merchant Council
227 BL --The Merchant Council establishes the Trade Calendar, reenabling accurate recordkeeping
224 BL The modern-day Empath Guild is established
225 BL --Muspar'i is completed
225 BL --Reign of Queen Shorka of Velaka begins
210 BL --Borrugar Steadfoot disappears
208 BL --The Dragon Priests begin constructing a temple near Wyvern Mountain
205 BL --Sh'kial is killed
205 BL --Dzree becomes the High Priestess of the World Dragon
203 BL --The Dragon Priests begin raiding mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia
203 BL --Baron Jelstad dies
203 BL --Reign of Baron Bamiec Theren begins

From The History of Therengia

Therenborough was far from Throne City, and unable to do much in the wars that followed. The capital was lost to the armies of Teiro, and other Imperial provinces began to fall. A warrior appeared from seemingly nowhere to combat the crazed Elven Voice. When it became apparent that the Empire had been destroyed beyond repair, the Baron Jelstad Theren sent troops to aid the young Lanival, determined that it was a far better choice than allowing the warlord to have his way with the chaotic remains of the Imperial lands. The Baron's decision was encouraged by a mysterious advisor known as Shorka. This woman reinforced the northern army with a battalion of S'Kra Mur.

Lanival was victorious, and divided the Imperial lands into five provinces, one of which became modern day Therengia. Seemingly, a new golden age had begun, much like the early years of the Empire. That illusion was shattered as the Dragon Priests emerged in the south and began a new war. Most of the southern lands were lost seemingly overnight; Riverhaven itself fell soon after Zoluren. From there, the Dragon Priests marched northward. East of Therenborough, a small fort was constructed by the Priests. The Baron led his guard to this keep, and battled with the invaders. It soon became a killing field, with countless dead on both sides. In the end, though, the Baron retreated to the Great Keep, beaten and besieged. Eventually, the siege was successful. The Baron and most of those left in the Keep used the hidden tunnels and passageways beneath the city to escape, and they took shelter with the gypsy tribes in Therengia's Borderforts.