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worn and tattered map
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 5 stones
Uses: 1
Appraised Cost: 0 Kronars
0 Lirums
0 Dokoras
0 LTBpoints
0 Tickets
0 Scrips
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Wizened goblin leaning on a cane (2), Wizened goblin leaning on a cane (1), Tricky Treats (2), Treasure map/Prizes, Taisidon Safari 420 Game Prizes, Taisidon 417 raffles, Seastar Curios, Rectangular black leather case embossed with a seven-pointed star, Random creature drop, Premium raffles, Item:Worn and tattered map, Hollow Eve Festival 432 Raffle Center, Hollow Eve Festival 428 Raffle Center, Hollow Eve Festival 410 Auction, Hollow Eve 425 Raffle Center... further results

Usage and example

Map markings are unique to each map; below is one example.

  • RUB:You smooth some of the wrinkles on the map as you pore over it, searching for meaning.
  • TURN: You rotate the tattered map, examining it from a different perspective.
  • READ: The map has a large 'X' marked in the middle of it. Near the marking, you can see several dotted lines forming a square. Contour lines drawn along the map indicate that the destination is located near sea level, and a simple sketch of several buildings surrounds the 'X'. Straight lines have been drawn from the center, pointing north and southwest. From other markings on the map, you guess that the destination is directly east of here. Judging by your surrounding environment, you will find the treasure in this province.
    [If you think you've found the treasure, you can STUDY the map to see.]
  • STUDY: Used to claim the treasure when you are on the correct spot. Otherwise, will display the map description as with READ.

Meaning of Markings

Note that if properly set up, the maps will not lead to any premium or guild/race-restricted areas.

Note that this data seems to be pulled from the environmental settings of the room it's in. As it seems to be an automated system, it should be possible to determine which each means.


  • you can see wavy blue lines.: Underwater/in water?
  • you can see a sketch of the opening of a cavern.: It is underground or in a cave.
  • you can see several dotted lines forming a square.: No specific type.


  • indicate that the destination is located near sea level,: Indicates a rough idea of what elevation.


  • a simple sketch of several buildings surrounds the 'X'.: In a town or ?possibly building?.
  • snow-peaked mountains are drawn next to the 'X'.: In mountainous area.
  • the mouth of a cavern surrounds the 'X'.: ?
  • large angular boulders surround the 'X'.: ?
  • a drawing of two farm plots surrounds the 'X'.: In a farming area.
  • a filled box surrounds the 'X'.: ?
  • a sketch of a grassy plateau is drawn above the 'X'.: ?
  • simple sketches of deciduous trees surround the 'X'.: ?
  • swamp grass is drawn around the 'X'.: ?
  • long grass is drawn around the 'X'.: ?
  • small bushes with pointy leaves are drawn near the 'X': ?
  • empty space surrounds the 'X': Means the area does not possess any of the other possible environment types.


  • Straight lines have been drawn from the center, pointing: These are the exits to the room. Note that UP, DOWN, OUT and any GO or CLIMB exits would not be listed.

Relative Location

  • the destination is <direction> of here.: This is based on the Zone Map, though it should be noted that the player-made Ranik maps are not always correct in relation to each other.
  • you guess that the destination is somewhere nearby.: You are in the same zone, which may or may not provide any information.

Possible Contents




delicately woven nightweaver-silk sling dyed to a dusky shade of blue and dotted with brilliant crystalline stars
sturdy crystalline globes


blue wool captain's coat with braided silver epaulettes
braided suede belt with an oval buckle engraved with the image of a skull and crossbones
navy blue captain's hat with braided gold trim
bottle of fresh milk
corned beef sandwich on dark rye bread
fresh carrot
snow pear
sugared duck cookie decorated with yellow icing
wedge of chevre cheese


pearl-handled dagger with a golden lion's head pommel





red key
rich chocolate tobacco

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