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Pelt potion
Look: The bottle has a yellow label and a picture of a smiling Dwarf. Under the picture, it says:
               Twelvetoes' Pelt Potion
   A high-quality solution of tanning salts guaranteed
    to produce handsome furs from pelts of all types.
     ** Use on skins or hides is NOT recommended **
Core Noun: potion
Weight: 10 stones
Uses: 20
Appraised Cost: 2,187 Kronars
Special Properties:
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Shalan's Peltry, Kharlan's Tanning Supplies, Gudthar's Tannery, Froissart's Tannery, Falken's Tannery (obsolete), Enfermine's Dry Goods, Aesry Surlaenis'a, Tanning Supplies

Old tanning salts and the new crafting system

Pelt potions and leather lotions served as curing reagents for pelts, skins, and hides in the old crafting system. Although these items have been updated and expanded in the new crafting system, the old tanning salts are still functional, despite being sold alongside many other supplies which are not.

Leather lotions purchased from tanneries may still be used for curing by simply LOOKing at them after buying. You will receive the message

Something appears different about the lotion, perhaps try doing that again.

Afterwards, the item's name will be the same, but the LOOK text will be removed, and the item will have become functionally identical to standard, society-purchased tanning lotion. Note that this does, in fact, mean that skins and hides may be tanned using pelt potions, and pelts may be tanned using leather lotions; thus, Twelvetoes' disclaimer is obsolete.