Item:Melted tallow

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melted tallow
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 1 stones
Metal: Unknown
Uses: 8
Appraised Cost: 250 Kronars
200 Lirums
180.4 Dokoras
0.25 LTBpoints
0.25 Tickets
0.25 Scrips
  • This item is related to a creation process that is not part of the updated crafting systems.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Candle mold
That is much too hot for you to mess with!
  • If you poured the tallow onto the ground, it will eventually disappear without cooling.
  • You can POUR the mold into one of your larger worn containers, such as a backpack, where it will remain melted tallow indefinitely (BUG submitted Sept 2018). To use, take a secondary smaller container, such as a Jar, to FILL JAR WITH TALLOW, where the tallow will then turn into liquid wax.
>fill beak with tallow
You fill your glass beaker with some liquid wax.